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Biko Post Ooooooo! (Translation Please?)

Thelma Biko postuzienu ihe na blog gi. Since Thursday, ihe nkea dikwa egwu. Amam na onwere ike idi busy mana weputatunu obere oge Biko. Ifu otu m si emepe blog gi ka onwee ihe m debere ebe ahu. Every minute, every second. Adim edekarikwa comment mgbe obuna mana m na Agu mgbe obuna. Blog gi na akasim obi. Ara Thelma thinks na agbam mana I no send.  Daalu rinne



So it's almost 1am on Monday and I open my mailbox for the first time since Thursday. I'd just finished saying my prayers. Yes, most people say midnight is a great time to pray and if there's ever a time I've needed God to hear me loud and clear, it's now. Among the things that are going on in my life in which I feel like I really need some kind of divine intervention, one has got to be Thelma Thinks. 

So earlier I listed out all the things I need from my creator, I had to marshal each one out and hash them out with Him individually, it's that serious! One was "Please rekindle the fire I had for Thelma Thinks". 

I will like to come clean. Yes sometimes I have no time to post. However these days it seems I've become so tired and uninspired and even when I'm flooded with ideas for a post or prose, I cannot bring myself to write, I just think "Why waste your time? Who cares what you have to write anyways?" and with that I move on to other things. 

Last night I went out with a friend and hungrily devoured comments on some of my favourite blogs. My friend looked at me and said "Continue reading other blogs when you've not even opened your own. If like you, they were not posting would you have anything to read on their blog? It's the same way people feel when they open your blog and see nothing new. You're really killing people's vibes". 

I just rolled my eyes and said its not that serious biko... Yet in the last few days I've got calls, mails and messages asking why I'm not posting, so I knew that contrary to what I thought, some people do care. 

I believe God answers prayers so I'm very optimistic. 

That said, there are some changes I would like to make. I'd like to change the name of the blog. I have a few ideas but haven't decided on any yet. I'm also tempted to make it more "mainstream" and less personal, so I hope you won't resent me if it starts to look like your regular gossip blog. In the alternative and better yet, I would love it if I had (regular) contributors (another reason I'd like to change the blog's name). 

The Lady has been awesome in this regard and I'm hoping more people would come on board. I would love to have persons who contribute on politics, relationships, fiction, opinion pieces, sex, current affairs, personal experiences and just about anything else. I feel like the blog has grown beyond me and my personal views and tales. If I have people willing to do so regularly, I wouldn't mind paying a few of them on a monthly basis if necessary, but that's to be discussed if and when they come on board. 

For now, I just want to shallout to Eby for this beautiful mail that I'm scared to read for fear that I may not completely decipher. 

Any of the igbo brethren in the house willing to help me translate? Please do oooo!

Meanwhile, how are y'all doing? Tell me o jare. 


  1. The reason some of us come here is because of thelma's "personal touch"...
    Don't be tempted to go mainstream.. Your blog will just get boring and will probably be successful into the shadow of more popular gossip blogs.. We love what u do... We love ur personal touch... We love ur personal stories... We love reading ur prose with our hearts in our mouths waiting for "the twist" that is so characteristic of Thelma... We(I) love what u do... And we love u *wiping the tear off my eye and going back into macho mode*

  2. Translation: Thelma, please post something on your blog. Since Thursday, this is a serious matter. I know you may be busy, but please make a little time. If you see how I open your blog as if I kept something there. Every minute, every second. I don't always comment, but I always read. Your blog consoles me. I'm crazy about Thelma thinks but I don't care. Thank you very much.
    On a more serious note though, Thelma, please come back.

    1. Enyemaka nailed it, word for word. Every translation was complete back to back. Hehe...Tee beta take ya time ooh.

  3. "Thelma please Post something on your Blog. Since Thursday, this is very serious. I know that you're really busy but bring out small time abeg. If you see the way I open your Blog and find nothing ehn. Every minute, every second. I keep dropping comments all over the place but I don't ever see them. Your Blog de sweet my belle. Thelma's blog de scatter my head I no send. Thanks nne".

  4. Maybe u should look for ways to make money from ur blog/blogging... money is a great motivator. You will know it's very serious, and u will have strength n inspiration by fire by force..

  5. Err, now which one should I believe now? Enyemaka's or memphis'?

    Does she 'keep dropping comments all over' or 'I don't always comment'? Lol

    Anyway, it's your blog dear and we are your fans. There is a reason why we are, don't lose that. I think the suggestion of bringing in writers is a welcome development.

    1. Enyemaka is correct, Memphis needs to read it again.

    2. Enyemaka nailed it. What did I read? Lol.

  6. I can understand how you feel... this blog will take alot of your time and its not like its putting serious money in your pocket.

    1) Continue doing it just because....
    2) Main stream? As in like another gossip blog? Do we really need another gossip blog? Do we really need another copy and paste blog. What you are doing is harder than being a gossip blog. All gossip blogs do is copy and paste. One of the reasons people come here is because...sometime we are tired of the celebrity gossip and just want some funny normal life discussion.
    3) Yea. If people contribute write ups it might help you. But make sure you dont change the Thelma feel to the write ups. So make sure you review and edit properly every write up.

    At the end of the day.... if you have to drop this blog to attend to other important things in your life. Its ok. Just make sure you let us know. Dont just disappear.

    Would have helped with some write ups, but Im lazy.


  7. The interpreters did a good job. I commend them. Nwando, just like Eby, I am addicted to Thelma Thinks. And coming here everyday has become a constant ritual. If I read the Bible the way I read posts here, I would have become a Bible scholar.

    If you can recall, I called you some days back. I was worried. I need to know you were fine. You said you were at a noisy place and promised to call back. You never did. It's ok. Adult life can be crazy.

    Biko, ejoor, mbok, bring back the spirit. It may be difficult but try. #BringBackOurThelma. For a lot of us, this Blog is therapeutic.

    P.S: I am ready to become a contributor just for this Blog to flourish. Jisie ike ezigbo mmadu.

  8. yassss....Memphis nailed it...nnaa daalu o....Thelma suwakwa Igbo ooooo.....lolz


  9. Your name is Nwando and can'nt read and understand Igbo? Odimmna....

  10. Are you not Nwa'for Igbo?

  11. We love your blog, change is always constant but if you start with all them kardashian clan news, oyo for you.

  12. If there is any reason why most of us come to Thelma thinks it's because of the personal feel. The fact that you can express yourself whichever way, the fact that you know that you aren't alone, the fact that you can laugh it all out.
    The suggestion of adding contributors is a nice one though.
    Please whatever you do at the end don't make it a gossip blog.

  13. I totally understand that feeling of "who cares?" but please, I care. I care when you don't post. I open this blog at least 2 times a day, everyday, post or no post. I will also pray that God brings back the fire.

    And please, I beg you in God's name, don't start blogging about gossip. Since I started reading your blog last year, LIB lost its appeal to me. I didn't get it when Kabuoy used to rave about Thelma Thinks then but now I do. Reading your personal experiences with men, women, perfect strangers, old friends, exes, mumsie, nephews, etc is what has kept me here. Just knowing that someone other than myself also goes through some of these things. That personal touch is what gives TTB its flavour.

    I'm very well, thank you. I hope you are too?

  14. I know I'd read anything you post and even comment. Don't just lock down our blog, oo Nne?

  15. I came late for the translation ... and am I the only one that wants TTB hot seat back?!?

    1. No, you are not the only one. Wish it would come out soon.

    2. Nope, me too! As soon as they put Steele on that seat like this, the seat vamoosed!

  16. I want TTB hot seat back!!!!! Iyanu

  17. Thelma, though I don't comment often, but your blog is an inspiration to me, I love your style of writing and I do not want you to go the normal style of a gossip blog, because the uniqueness of your blog was what kept me here in the first place and makes me refresh for new stories.

    I also feel blog visitors should contribute also on their personal experiences and send it to you for publishing,of course as anonymous, this will help your drive.

    Kudos to you, may God bless your hard work.

  18. OK first, I love TTB for everything that it is.
    But, I don't comment here for some reasons;
    1) Thelma seems not to have space for new people in her blog. She just recognizes a group of persons and they are all that matter to her. Dats not good for a blogger #mythoughts! Pls don't crucify me.
    2)most times it seems everyone here agrees to Thelma's view point and when you think otherwise pple begin to throw tantrums at you.
    3) #phew, this one is gonna get me in so much trouble but am gonna say it anyways#.... I just feel most people here do over "sabi sabi" with their long epistles as comments and all.
    4) that said! Pls Thelma, do not become a "regular blogger" . Yes! It will create more traffic but it will loose the uniqueness. Work on this "unique blog" the traffic and plenty money will come.
    Ermmm, Memphis, sunshine, kabouy et al pls u pple should not kill me . tnx

    1. Lol. You sound like a newbie (please don't crucify me for my oversabi assumption).

      1) Thelma has space for everyone, she just doesn't warm up to Anonymouses.
      2)That's the main reason I assumed you're a newbie. You're wrong about this.
      3)This one is funny. You want everyone to be dropping single clause comments? Any fun in that?

      Don't stop commenting. Crucifixion seldom happens here, and try to get an ID so Thelma can give you wet kisses. :D

    2. Yeah I seem to agree with number 1

  19. Thelma Biko nuuu do not go mainstream o! I know I stopped commenting but I'm still a silent follower /stalker! Refreshing your page and not seeing new posts doesn't help my mood sometimes (uve become somewhat of an imaginary friend/big sister).
    Anyhow, just trust God that everything good will come (including inspiration for the blog)
    Baby lawyer
    P/s: I hope my comment agrees to post ooo


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