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Could It Be Me, Or... ?

Guys, I have a problem and I really need you to help me out. I would try to be as succinct as possible because otherwise I might keep you here for much longer than you had planned, and although it wouldn't bore you, as these events have been stranger and even more shocking than fiction, I would really just like to get to it and then hear your take on this because at this point I'm simply lost. The problem however is that I have difficulty going straight to the point, especially when the events that led to this present situation are very instrumental in you understanding exactly what I'm talking about. I therefore find myself struggling with what's relevant and what's not so relevant. Besides that, there's also the issue of me oversharing. What should I say and what should I leave out? How much do I share? I want to share it all, I want to come clean and unburden myself regardless of the consequences, and I will. I know I might come to regret my decisions but honestly guys, that's a risk I'm willing to take right now. Ok, so here's basically what happened. 

Errr, sorry guys I just wanted to waste a few minutes of your time. You should have figured that out by the fifth sentence. SORRYYY! 


Ok to the matter at hand. Guys, is it me or has suicide rate increased since this present administration began? 

I'm not saying one's responsible for the other but I keep hearing about suicides or attempted suicides every week, and it hit me that prior to now it wasn't this way. Then of course I began to wonder, could there be a correlation?

I was thinking I was the only one who made this observation until I heard someone else say the same today. It was then I was bold enough to actually voice my thoughts. Seriously, the suicide rate seems to have risen in the past months and one can't help but believe that it's got a lot to do with the current state of Nigeria. In all my years things have never looked so hopeless. 

Now there's news that Buhari may have finally devalued the naira. Yesterday it was that subsidy has been removed and fuel will now be sold at N145, and even though Kachikwu says in about six months prices will drop (which is very uncertain), how many Nigerians can actually cope like this for the next six months? Bear in mind that the minimum wage is still the minimum wage. Most people aren't getting bumps in their salaries right now instead there are pay cuts and even downsizing, there's still almost no light, businesses are closing down left, right and centre, even our staple foods have become very expensive... People are buying 4 tomatoes for N200 and the cost of a bag of rice has increased by some thousands, a paint bucket of garri has gone up from N400 to almost N600. EVERYTHING is more expensive, from the plantain chips you buy in traffic to the cost of clearing a container at the wharf. 

Nigeria is depressed and a lot of Nigerians along with her. 

In truth, I believe that things will eventually get better. What I however question is how many people can hang on until then? How many Nigerians can survive Nigeria right now? The poor already had it really bad when things were not so bad, how much more now that life in Nigeria is nearly unbearable for even the common man. Maybe that day has arrived. The one they said was coming when the poor would have nothing else to eat but the rich?

But even the rich are feeling the pinch too!

In any case, I'm silently rooting for Buhari. I know I laugh derisively in his face when I remember his $1=N1 boast and all the lofty promises APC made in general, none of which they have been able to keep. Still, I have faith in him. I'm sure he knows what he's doing. I'm sure things will get much better. I'm sure Nigeria will flourish in good time. 

I just hope my people will be able to subsist and survive until then. 

Guys, how are things looking at your end? 


  1. At least we've been in this democratic journey for 17 years, long enough to realize that lofty promises made by politicians, and ultimately unfulfilled, is not just a National issue but an International issue. Promises should be less of a concern to us than the effectiveness of the current administration which, sadly, has a herculean task functioning in a mono-economic system.

    Oil prices crashed from $120 to $30 in less than 20 months, we desperately needed to devalue our currency to ease the stress caused by inflation. There's a balanced advantage to disadvantage in this move but unfortunately, it came out unbalanced; double disadvantage. Naira weakened and inflation rate increased. GEJ decided further devaluation wasn't worth risking as the Oil market continued to plunge. PMB came in and sustained this sentiment of no devaluation, not with the unstable Oil market.

    I'm hoping this administration further cuts costs of governance and ultimately increases minimum wage, that is the most viable option now. We shouldn't risk any form of devaluation as it has not been in our best interest of late, but if, as rumor has it, they want to devalue, I do hope the economic team has done a perfect homework, or else our Naira will be *Zimbabwerized*.

  2. Who was it that was telling me about increase in suicide / attempted suicide? Ok, I remember.
    I think I did not quite agree with him, my stance was, information circulation and records keeping is better now,that is why it seems so.
    Though I agree times are more distressing now.

  3. Everywhere I turn, I see people who are praying daily for Buhari to fail, pple waiting for Buhari to take one step so they can scream didn't we tell you? People who never believed in his government in the first place. Those championing the *bring back our corruption course *sigh* I don't even pity anyone at this time, person wey want commit suicide should come so I can buy him sniper, it's just 50 naira. I don't pity anybody at this time coz Nigerians are very wicked, we are wicked to our own selves. We know Ramadahan is close by and tomatoes are usu expensive at this time of the year, yet we blame Buhari for the rise in tomato price. When Boko Haram were bombing north east who are the highest tomatoes producers in the country, there said there was nothing like Boko haram, that all the killings na tomato prices have have gone up and Dangote is busy buying the few ones around town at ridiculous prices leaving little for our consumption and we blame Buhari..

    Buhari removes subsidy, we the youths jump on the bandwagon to criticize the decision which is the best thing to happen to Naija at this time.
    Instead of us to hail him for having the courage
    to remove the subsidy which is for the benefit of you and I and our future generations. Sbsidy removal which is the only sure way to put to sleep the myriad demons that had invaded the
    subsidy process, sucking the blood of Nigeria, swallowing much of our needed money!

    Abeg at this period anyone who want's to die should go and die in Oshimhole's voice, even if they are all my family members.

    I'm outtie

    1. Fyi,subsidy hasn't been removed. Buhari cannt remove what he says doesn't exist. Go and read ur VP's tweets.
      No one is praying for him to fail. Unfortunately for him,hes setting himself up for failure.
      1) Because he campaigned on falsehood (which u believed hook,line and sinker),he's having challenges implement his promises.
      2) I don't think you knw how unstable Nig looks in the eye of foreign investors. We have like 3 foreign exchange rates. Officially N198,unofficialy N289 and black market is N360.
      3) since he never fails to remind the world we are all corrupt. Who wld wanna do business with corrupt people?
      4) You wanna pretend u haven't heard of the fulani herdsmen killings without any arrests or conviction for murder?
      5) For a "change" regime,can u honestly say they've been transparent? Even the budget that took forever to get signed is now taking another forever to be made public? (or don't u care it's contents?)

      You might be a Buhari fan,thats cool. But let those who love Nig be allowed to speak for or against policies that wld help or harm the nation as a whole. Nigeria is bigger than Buhari (unless the predictions of our split comes to pass)

    2. Yes I saw the tweets, but at $40 a barrel is there much of subsidy to remove?

      1- Like you really don't know that lots of pple are praying for him 2 fail right? U sabi lie sha

      3- do you know how many Fulani heardsmen are being kidnapped and killed daily by Nigerians? FYI, they are victims as well, and most of the attacks being experienced lately are represal attacks. They have been pushed to the wall, that's why they are fighting back. You pple come, kidnap, collect ransomes from them, maim them, kill their cows at will and make pepper soup, and you don't want them to fight back?

      Ain't no one saying you shouldn't speak for or against his policies, but when he does right, give credit to him, haba. Stop standing on ur toes waiting for his government to fail. It's one Nigeria, some pple'd better start thinking that or try T-Billz' style!

    3. @ Sasha bone, I love your comment!

    4. FYI.. sniper is not #50.

    5. If u knw oil is $40 why shld NNPC still also sell its fuel too for N143-N145 when it sources it's FX at the official CBN rates and still sells locally refined fuel from our refineries? What happened to the fuel figures Fashola computed during the campaign period? Aren't oil prices still low?As a true Nig these are questions you shld ask. Don't be scared...

    6. An fyi,15million voted for him (and I assume they praying for him too). Meaning if he fails,its on him not on those who voted or "praying" against him...

  4. Some people come into ur life and bring in good luck. Some do and just jinx things.
    It gets worse before it gets better. More sufferings to come...
    Like the woman in an abusive relationship always says with faith; things wld change soon...

    1. Sasha, u re bitterly pessimistic, u re one of the pple eesa is talking about forgetting dat when a president fails, the nation follows. U re talking abt d herdmen killing, go to oyo, osun, ekiti n naiboring states and ask how dey've being suffering from these pple since time immemorial.
      Nigeria is critically sick, not an acute sickness, so, treating n healing wld take a longer time. Have faith and allow urslf to have peace with d administration; use economic facts to talk and not sentiments, it allow to issues get clearer to you and wld be able to think of tactical and realistic ways around it.

    2. Only sycophants wld tell a failing leader to keep going when it's clear his wrecking the country and it's only an egotistical and wicked President who knows he's failing who still holds onto power thereby taking the whole country down with him. If u notice he's failing,pls call him out to resign honorably. Your loyalty shld be to Nig.

  5. I swear, cost of transportation has doubled! I spent 1k on transportation today, I don't even want to think about it. I don't know how I'm going to live the next few months, God help me.

    I kinda understand the rationale behind the fuel price issue but it doesn't make it any easier. A family friend went to buy tomatoes today, she picked 5 "esha" tomatoes (those tomatoes that no one wants to buy in the market cos they're too soft) today, they told her the five would cost 500naira! She left the market sharply! No stew for Kabuoy and I for the next few months..... Lol


  6. I swear, cost of transportation has doubled! I spent 1k on transportation today, I don't even want to think about it. I don't know how I'm going to live the next few months, God help me.

    I kinda understand the rationale behind the fuel price issue but it doesn't make it any easier. A family friend went to buy tomatoes today, she picked 5 "esha" tomatoes (those tomatoes that no one wants to buy in the market cos they're too soft) today, they told her the five would cost 500naira! She left the market sharply! No stew for Kabuoy and I for the next few months..... Lol


  7. I swear, cost of transportation has doubled! I spent 1k on transportation today, I don't even want to think about it. I don't know how I'm going to live the next few months, God help me.

    I kinda understand the rationale behind the fuel price issue but it doesn't make it any easier. A family friend went to buy tomatoes today, she picked 5 "esha" tomatoes (those tomatoes that no one wants to buy in the market cos they're too soft) today, they told her the five would cost 500naira! She left the market sharply! No stew for Kabuoy and I for the next few months..... Lol


  8. Na to comot this country sure pass...



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