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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Death Over Divorce?

When I talk now, or say divorce is an option, my married friends would be yimu-ing me and saying "you don't know what you're saying", "it's because you're not yet married", "it's not that easy" etc. I never said it's easy o! I know it's not. 

But just like a post I was reading on Lanre Olusola's blog a few days ago asked; Do you think God deserves murder/death to divorce? I learnt from said post that deaths resulting from domestic violence are a lot more common than we think, and it's always the same case. Domestic violence had been the order to the day but wifey would always stay, or leave and then go back. People would convince them to stay. Parents would turn a blind eye because they're trying to avoid the stain of divorce in the family. Religious leaders would say "God hates divorce". And most of these women would stay and endure, surely they never thought it would get that bad. It's so sad. 

For those who haven't heard about this most recent case of Ronke Bewaji Shonde, here's how Bella Naija reported it:

Ronke Bewaji Shonde, a woman in her mid-thirties, was found lifeless on the floor of her sitting room. She is believed to have been murdered by her husband, Lekan, who is now on the run.
According to reports on Nairaland, Neighbours had to forcefully open the door when their hired help came in the early hours of yesterday morning but was unable to. Upon opening the door, they found her body bruised and battered with blood seeping from her head.
As at the time of this report, the most probable cause of death was from blows received from her husband during a dispute. He later escaped leaving their children to find her body.

Ronke is also said to have suffered domestic violence in her husband’s hands for many years but chose to stay on in the marriage.


May the soul of this beautiful woman rest in peace. Amen. 

May her brute of a husband be found and Justice served à la Arowolo style. Amen.  


  1. Oh my goodness. What a waste. These children are now mothetless because of the bastard of a man.

  2. I still don't understand why men of God or family members encourage people in abusive relationships to remain there.
    The person in the abusive relationship already made a terrible mistake... Should the person die because of it?! Shouldn't the person be given a second chance?!
    This brought tears to my eyes... The picture of her lying lifeless on the floor is being circulated all over the Internet. Even that of her children.... No one deserves to die like this.... No one.
    This is really sad.

  3. Divorce is an option ohhh,I can't come and loose my life for any man,now she is gone, her kids have no one to call mummy.No matter how much a woman runs her mouth or is stubborn, is killing her the option? He killed her and locked her kids inside with her body,he left them crying and waking her up. What a wicked man

  4. Staying in an abusive relationship in this time and age has to be some sort of fetish. There's no reasonable explanation to it. The people advising you to stay aren't feeling the blows and kicks, neither is their blood being exposed from cuts and bruises as a result of the violence. It's all on you; your body, your emotions, your self esteem, and your LIFE. So those of you who want to stay put, ji si Ike, inugo? Nigerian ladies no de hear word right from time, always living dangerously.

    1. Am telling u Memphis, according to my friend's wife they attend d same Redeem parish in egbeda close to me here, she is nice to a fault and even their pastor had told her to leave and she insisted on staying because the man is loving and wouldn't let her leave with the kids,now she is gone, does it make any sense??? I just pray they find that man that calls himself her hubby.

  5. It's terrible, I was speechless after reading it on Linda ikeji's blog.

  6. I don't understand this... I don't want to understand it. I'm not ready for my anger, rage, sadness etc.

  7. Stories like this scare me to death, I have a sister in an abusive marriage who won't leave the man. I have tried my best but I don't know

  8. What's din is done. I pray she rests in peace and that there's justice as regards her death.

    What fueled intense feelings within is the children finding their mum in that state and trying to wake her up(according to what I read). Please, how do they live with this..... :( . It's bad and sad enough to know ones mum is dead but to find her lifeless at ages 4 and 6 is just......... I'm lost for words. This life!


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