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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Help, I Don't Want To Be a Grandmum at 30!

Y'know, these days the things I read on social media feel so surreal. Are there people out there actually living these realities? 

Oh well, what say you to this?

Courtesy; @joroolomofin instagram. 


  1. U really need help, unfortunately I can't help u...

  2. This child is walking a road of no redemption caused by bad parenting.
    Its not too late to lead her aright through prayers, counseling , mentorship and whatever it takes.

    She needs Jesus and a mentor or someone other than her mother to help her become a better person. I hve seen/heard worse stories that turned around for the better.

    1. Seconded! Chrisyinks

    2. Thirded, if there is anything like that. Things happening these days sometimes I wonder what life and d world is turning into.

  3. It appears she's all about herself. You have let her go astray but that's not enough for you. You want to kill her because you don't want to have a grandchild by 30. All about this 30years old lazy mother. I'm so angry, this is the best I could do without being insulting.

  4. If she don't want to be a granny at 30,she shld hv done the abortion 15yrs ago. Now she wants to compromise her daughter's womb for her selfish desire.

  5. This woman is so selfish! If she ever reads this blog, she should take Clare's advice.

  6. Another young girl forced to be a hoe so she can provide for her family.

    16years of age but a full adult by the life she has seen. I think she can make her own decision if she wants to keep it or not. Stop being self centered and let the girl be.


  7. Just negodu akpa fufu na......mctheeew!


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