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In Defense Of The Naija Delta Avengers.

It's been a few days since the Niger Delta avengers tweeted that something big was/is about to happen which would shake the world. 

After Reading this post on Bella Naija I saw a few comments which I thought very interesting. It's easy to look at militants as ignorant nuisances who have no better use for their time. But as vicious as the actions of this particular group of militants are, one can help but rethink before aspersions are casted. 

Read below;

"Government should go into talks with these guys. Things are getting out of hand. 

Some of their points are legitimate. Buhari should have learnt from Yaradua by letting the sleeping dog lie.

Slashing their amnesty, returning student previously studying abroad, chasing Kingsley Kuku, Tompolo, holding on to Nnamdi, Akpobolokemi, etc despite court granting them bail is dictatorial, negating Maritime university, were purely dust raising. We also complained on his lopsided appointment even Shiek Gumi told Buhari that if he doesn’t like them, don’t love their oil!
Buhari is old enough to be diplomatic but No. 

Why take their contract first and now beg them to accept it? Why call them 5%? Why the threat to deal with them like Boko Haram whilst herdsmen who took so many lives will be dealt with silently? 

I don’t even know how much oil we are able to explore to fund the budget neither is Buhari bothered.
Ibe Kachikwu has a better knowledge of the Niger Delta and I hope he will be allowed to act!"

"For the record, I am not from Niger Delta but am a fair loving individual, I will always say that the sharing of Niger Delta oil money is very unfair!

It was done under military rule, under autocracy! 

70 % of oil wealth shared among the North? ?

Ask yourself how you will feel if 70% of Lagos oil wells are given to the Igbo man or Efik man, while you live in squalor and in polluted environment.
If this oil is in Kano, would an I jaw man own 70% of it? 

Let’s start talking! We need peace. Unfairness brings about chaos and inhibits progress! 

May God continue to bless Nigeria!"



  1. My 2cents: before everyone throws stones at the Avengers, just remember that there was no bombing of pipelines during the late Saro-Wiwa's struggle yet he was killed by our own Govt yet the pollution of their land and co is the same struggle Ex-militants and now Avengers are fighting for.

    Peace isn't just the absence of war,it includes fairness, equity and justice.

    And for those who support the herdsmen killings (whether foreign or fulani), I pray u have a similar encounter with them.

    Happy Democracy day...!!!

    1. Amen @ second to the last paragraph.

  2. How come all the six governors from the ND have condemned the action of these *super heroes*? How come Dickson, in reaction to their *heroic* activities, has declared total support for the military action against them? How come IYC has disassociated itself from these activities? How come they just started avenging? Their hero was moping while Shell, Chevron, Agip and the rest spilt Oil every now and then for over 3 years. The initiated UNEP report was stagnant until PMB came and revamped it. They just realized they're being marginalized because na Northerner de Aso Rock? Where were they when the Ex militants contributed to the rot and mismanagement and corruption in NIMASA?

    I'm very happy most of the admonition is coming from the same Region. Let it not look like when we talk, its like we're "defending". They should blow up everything so we can COMPLETELY diversity from Oil.

    Avengers ko, Justice league ni.

    1. Please what kind of 'Efo' did Buhari give to you. Honestly,i just want to know.

    2. Thank you Lauretta I've been asking the same question. I don't understand this Memphis.

    3. We're not talking about Buhari, we're talking about clueless people. Maybe y'all understand the grievances of these funny characters just like you understand the grievances of Boko Haram, no? I asked why they started avenging this year, seeing as the reasons for their so called vengeance didn't start today, and you're asking me about Buhari? ������. Meanwhile he's involving stakeholders and state governments in the region to address the decades long neglect there. Cleanup starts next month, NIMASA has been overhauled and Tomopolo, who has made over $150 million from there, is on the run.

      When they accepted Yar'adua's amnesty, why didn't they ask for review of Oil bloc licencing? Were the licenses issued last year? From 2008 till 2015, ex militants have enriched themselves and forgotten about the rot in the ND. When Buhari enters, Fury's *response team* starts. How convenient. Please don't try to understand me, there's nothing to understand. Let us pretend like we don't know what this is about. They should blow up everything biko.

    4. They are foreigners not Nigerians. They only adopted the name "Niger Delta Avengers" and are neither from the Niger Delta region nor from Nigeria as a whole.
      Thank God they have the decency not to focus their target on innocent and unarmed people...

    5. "...They are foreigners not Nigerians. They only adopted the name "Niger Delta Avengers" and are neither from the Niger Delta region nor from Nigeria as a whole...".

      Hahahaha. You see what I've always been saying? NEVER REFERENCE A TRIBE WHEN DISCUSSING CRIME. When you do that people get upset and tell you that the terrorists existing among us are from USA and Canada. The whole narrative changes and we forget that eliminating terrorist should be our only focus.

      I was reading some comments on a Blog about Davido's reaction to a prank. Everyone commenting condemned him and called him all sorta names. Then one comment unfortunately ended with "...Yoruba idiot..". That's how the topic changed IMMEDIATELY. It went tribal.

      We all know that the "foreign" tag narrative was because people used the prefix "Fulani". If we had maintained "Rustlers/Herdsmen", no one will be asking Yemen to come and explain what their citizens are doing here killing ours.

    6. @memphis, okay... shaking as I was reading your reply.
      @anony 12:43.. let us carry our slippers on our head and start running, we don get the reply...phew!

    7. Lol @shaking as I reading your reply? Why na? Lmao.

      After over 3 decades, finally an administration is serious about the issues of the ND and even wholeheartedly involved stakeholders and state governments. That is why there's 90% condemnation of the activities of NDA coming from there. No governor is even calling FG to dialogue. If they were showing lackluster attitude like previous admins, I would've understood. I grew up in the ND so I'm well aware of the injustice. But there's no basis for justifying these NDA actions.

    8. I was clearly being sarcastic...

    9. I'm so late to the party...

  3. The Niger Delta problem started from the very beginning when oil was found and drilling started. I would relate what went on then to the 'omo onile' people we have in Lagos to better understand things.
    My former place at Ibeju-lekki LGA has a lagoon and at some point some big companies came and said they wanted to drill sharp sand from there so they approached the omo onile people. If EIA was done I don't know. All u know is that they told the omo onile people that we want to drill sand and we would like to do something for your people, should we build your road or give you money. Omo onile replied and said give me money. This looks like what happened in the Niger Delta region then.
    The truth is such money crosses few hands and is spent on time. So they go back and ask for more repeatedly, forgetting that their source of income is getting bad with each drilling. With time the land is bad and future generations are not catered for. Nobody works again and they find both legal and illegal means to get money. If infrastructures, jobs, e.t.c are been built instead it creates another source for them to find money.
    As it is in Nigeria today, most of us are paying for sins of our fore father's.

    If the Avengers are fighting for the general good of the Niger Delta, I.e provide job, build roads et Al and they are not fighting for the government to give their group money then they are on the right path though with wrong methods. Bursting pipelines and other methods they use cause the same problems that those drilling cause to their community. I hope the government answers their plight on time so there is development in that area against the mess that place is presently in.

    1. "...If the Avengers are fighting for the general good of the Niger Delta..."

      Two of their demands:
      1) Release Nnamdi Kanu
      2) Stop chasing Tompolo

    2. Yes,companies and large corporations have duty to add to the social/corporate governance of where they operate. So if the company in ur neighborhood offered them money,roads and added jobs and they selected "jobs",does that mean they shld and wld never hv roads again?
      Paying the community elders or omoniles money doesn't mean their opportunity cost are roads and portable drinking water and electricity and co.
      Abuja,Lagos and other developed state places and capitals we not told to choose between roads and money. Let's not insult the rest of Nig esp the place where the bulk of our Foreign reserves comes from with this logic.
      And yes,it's might be now they are just realizing they are being marginalized but as they say,its when ur day breaks,thats when ur morning starts...

      And might I add. As the federal government shares FAAC to all states,all states shld inturn draw up a roaster to send people to go and clean up the Niger-Delta. It can't and shldnt be "our oil" and "their oil spill".

      All the money being looted by Abacha was from crude sale yet the land has been polluted long before him yet he had the heart to still kill Saro-Wiwa?
      Where is the love? The injustice in the Niger-Delta was just an ugly monster the FG has been poking...

    3. @Sasha bone I didn't put blame on anyone. I understand what is going on in the Niger Delta quite well because I'm into environment studies. All I was trying to say is that money to some privileged few won't solve Niger Delta's problem. I find it appalling myself that the place where the bulk of the money Nigeria spends is in shambles. In Bayelsa there is only one good road.
      I believe infrastructures, good jobs, health provisions would go a long way in solving their problems.
      I also believe that if money is been ditched out at every opportunity what would be used to build up the place to its glory.
      @Memphis I said if. I don't know their underlying motive. All I know is that those oil spills and land degradation occuring there should stop. The government for once to take up the responsibility of building up Niger Delta with or without the militants or Avengers clamouring for change.

    4. Let me just add.

      @sasha bone u wrote, "So if the company in ur neighborhood offered them money,roads and added jobs and they selected "jobs",does that mean they shld and wld never hv roads again?"

      Is it the responsibility of the companies now to provide good roads and other amenities? How abt the time you stayed under the sun and rain just to vote. Or the governors of those states are just for the titles? How about their duties to their people. The Fulani Buhari just have to take the fall. After all, he's Fulani Na... Oh sorry, I forgot we are talking about the companies not providing the 'basic infrastructures' alike. *sigh

    5. U APC folks politicize everything. From Memphis pointing at "their hero" to u referring to "Fulani Buhari". Can u all for once stop eating the Efo and look at things holistically? Since drilling commenced in the Delta,what protection did the Govt offer the people? Was PMB not part of all the "last administrations"we've had in Nig? Were there no oil spills in '83-84 or did the spilling start 5yrs ago? This is the same thing that happened during the Slave era. The kings (govt) knew the whites were buying up their people yet he allowed it happen in exchange for what? Mirror and gun powder?. FFS the slave ship was anchored at Badagry, in broad daylight. U all remember state govt in times like this yet forget it's the FG that gives oil blocks and oil drilling permissions to these companies.
      When u expect Nig to think critically, they begin to look for who to point fingers to. Who gives a fuck who's to blame? We all looking for a solution.
      Militants enriched themselves at the expense of "their" people but others (oil companies, oil block owners,etc) who enrich themselves at the expense of them are allowed to continue? It was in this same 2016 a Northern (Borno) oil magnate donated some millions of $$ to a Uni in America. At who's expense? Isn't there abject illiteracy and poverty up north? Isn't it oil money from the Delta he donated?
      There are times to play politics and this isn't one of them. Saro Wiwa didn't blow up pipelines nor enrich himself yet it was in this same Nig the FG had him killed. Who dialogue don epp? Is America,Uk not oil producing countries? Do they experience the madness we experience here in the name of oil? Return ownership of resources back to the states. Let the states be responsible for the spill and the cleanup and development.
      I don't support the actions of the Avengers but there's one language the FG understands and that's what they (Avengers) are speaking.
      As for the fulani herdsmen,what did Mr President say about them during his democracy day speech? Nothing...

    6. These people are being raped blind by the Govt economically, financially andd environmentally under the Land Use Act and they are supposed to be quiet? Nig wanna work in NNPC,Shell,Chevron,DPR, CBN and co yet no one wants to live within the creeks where all the money is being made. Abacha (Ogoni 9),Obj (levelling Odi) PMB are using force within the region to intimidate them. How rude! Are they being colonized by their own govt or what?
      It's the same govt that killed the Agric sector because of oil is the same Govt that's acting like Agriculture is a new discovery after oil.
      Now Nig are crying over no light because of pipeline bombing. Why don't we clamor for true federalism and resource control for everyone? Where has brute force brought about peace? This isn't about PMB vs Avengers, this is about the FG vs marginalized citizens.

    7. I like the idea of true federalism, each state to its own but I doubt it would happen soon. Hopefully things would get better.

    8. You said we should look at things holistically and you don't support the actions of these people. My very 1st comment, what questions did I ask? The Post is trying to analyze the grievances of these avengers and you're being generic with the whole ND issue. How many ND indigenes are either calling for dialogue or admonishing the FG for the calamity caused by these people? How many State governors in the ND have sympathized with them? How many ex militants have remotely supported their actions? How many times have you heard ND indigenes go on Facebook and Twitter to remind us of Oil bloc licensing and Saro Wiwa in a bid to sympathize with these clueless people? Even Tompolo writes letters to Buhari disassociating himself from them and calling himself "Buhari's brother". ��

      "...there's one language the FG understands and that's what they (Avengers) are speaking...".

      So it is when the FG finally decides to do something about the messed up situation in the ND that they should speak this language? I laugh in Isoko. Like I said before, thank GOD majority of the people condemning them and supporting military action against them (including the ND governors) are from the region. You're being generic with the whole issue and you're saying we're politicizing it. Lmao.

      By the way, some of Buhari's travels, which you condemn endlessly, had to do with ND pollution. #ClimateChange #ParisConference. But what's my own? He's *ajala the traveler*

    9. Quit eating the Efo nwoke m. Have u ever condemned the actions of the FG towards the people of the Niger-Delta since they started drilling there? Or are u just knowing their land is polluted?
      Everyone is quick to condemn an action but are silent as to the cause of the actions that warranted the reaction...

    10. Least I might ask,why shldnt I be generic? Are u among those who believe the Niger-Delta has no problems and all of this is as a result of PMB winning the elections? Wow...
      1) Nig isn't 5yrs old so her problems didn't start with the "last administration"
      2) When PMB was Head of state in '84,what did he do for the Niger-Delta then? Or are the sins of past heads of states and president's conveniently forgiven and forgotten because of the "last administration"?
      3) Avengers group is proof that if u don't tackle a problem from the root,ur only giving temporary solutions to a permanent problem. Another group wld likely arise in future
      4) PMB travelled to discuss pollution in the Niger-Delta with foreigners yet hasn't visited the polluted site within his own country?
      5) Yar'adua and GEJ were the only president's so far who have used dialogue and not force to handle the Niger Delta
      6) PMB just deployed 5 warships,100 gunboats, fighter jets into the Niger-Delta yet fulani herdsmen have struck again in Benue killing 10 humans (not pipelines) and we are yet to see any actions from him
      6) An attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North (according to Mr President) so in the same breath, an attack on the Avengers is an attack on the South South?

    11. 1) Nigeria's problems didn't start today, yes we all know. Is the present admin trying to solve those problems or not?
      2)When PMB was head of state in '84, someone told you he was indifferent about ND? I'm asking because you obviously know more about '84 than me.
      3)Avengers has obviously proven nothing. Ex militants and state governors are against them and even Tompolo is trying as much as possible to distance himself despite the numerous accusations and invasion at his home. Maybe you can ask Dickson and Wike why they support military invasion.
      4) PMB obviously had reason discussing pollution with foreigners. His signature is glaring at the Paris Agreement, Nigeria will benefit from the funds generated and part will be used for the cleanup starting from Ogoni...which he's visiting soon.
      5) Yes kudos to Yar'adua and GEJ. By the way, this "dialogue" made Asari develop education in another country and earned Tompolo N1 billion a month. It also bastardized NDDC, NIMASA and Min of ND. Someone has already bagged 5 years for that and the rest have cancer or are on crouches. So who dialogue epp?
      6) No action on herdsmen? I know he's failed woefully in tackling herdsmen menace, but seriously? No action? So who have the military and cops been killing and arresting so far in Kaduna, Kebbi, Taraba, Benue, and Enugu? Ghosts?
      7) That was misleading headline VERY different from the news. You can read the news and show us excerpts that relate to that headline to prove that Buhari at one time sympathized with Boko Haram.

      Please quit being generic. I like this Buhari Efo. Over sense de worry am. Lol.

    12. Lool, ur thinking is clearly one of the problems with Nig. So Tompolo earning N1billion a month (for pipeline contracts and co) is a problem? And the oil block owners,how much do they earn for just owning them and the companies who drill and pollute? How much do they earn daily? I doubt if u knw what it means to own an oil block and also the degree of damage and pollution their environment has endured over the years. U think a clean up is like hiring street sweepers?
      I thought u wld hv used the space to tell us what PMB actually did back in '84 for the ND region the same way u were quick to tell us his signature is in Paris. Clearly nothing happened then but then again Nig problems technically started 5yrs ago so it's cool.
      SS Governor's have to OPENLY condemn the activists of the Avengers because it's what they are meant to do. Tot u understood the game of politics by now.
      U asked who dialogue epp? I guess we wld also ask who brute force also epp. Don't support injustice on a people because ur advocating for "peace". God don't like ugly.
      As for PMB visiting the region,lets hope he don't cancel like he did Lagos and Cross River. Enough of the games and propaganda...

    13. Hahaha. See why I said you're being generic? What are we talking about? NDA right?

      Obviously from all your comments you've implied:
      1)That I don't know what's going on in the ND.
      2)That you obviously don't have a clue about PMB's exploits in the ND in '84.
      3)That you've not even followed up on the lackluster attitude of the last admin after the submission of the UNEP report hence your statement trying to exonerate them.
      4)That Dickson and Wike are playing politics by supporting military action because "that's what they're meant to do"? PDP governors that are 2nd only to Fayose in subbing Buhari and APC? Wonderful. LMAO.

      Maybe next Post Thelma can call for a discussion on some of this topics (recommendation from Chrisyinks), like why Diezani and her predecessors approved sale of Oil blocs to majorly non indigenes and GEJ obviously was aware. Why after the submission of UNEP in August 2011, nothing was done, even after the report said we are to use just brooms to cleanup.

      Thelma, over to you. :-)

    14. Sasha and Memphis, I'm very grateful for the history and current affairs lessons. Y'all keep the rejoinders coming... :)

    15. As usual ur playing politics with everything. Yes,I'm being generic with the issue of the ND cos this isn't about Buhari and whatever unrest is happening there didn't start with this govt but according to u,their problems either started 5yrs ago or shld hv been solved within 5yrs. Sweeping an issue under anything wldnt make it go away.

      Again u cldnt tell us what the govt did for the ND in '84,but ur quick to tell us what the last admin didn't do. It's cool.
      The Avengers just blew up Chevron tank farm despite the war ships and heavily artillery present. Who "dialogue" don epp you ask?
      According to a report I read,the clean up wld take like 30yrs so if the govt of '84 had the initiative, common sense and fairness to have started the cleanup then,u knw what? Nevermind...
      For the sake of awareness, the oil spills and pollutions vary according to areas where oil drilling outputs are heavy. Hope Mr President's visit isn't limited to the State capital or the lagos version of "VI" area pollution while ignoring the "okomaiko" areas of pollution.

    16. "...according to you,their problems either started 5yrs ago or should have been solved within 5yrs...". Because of your love for generic argument, you can't even understand what I've been saying. So please quote when I even implied the issues of the ND started or would be solved in 5 years? They wanna blow pipes when government is now serious about cleanup?

      "...Again u cldnt tell us what the govt did for the ND in '84...". Obviously because it's not related to what we're discussing. Spills started since '76, maybe I should talk about Gowon, Mohammed, OBJ, and Shagari? The report was from 2009 - 2011, submitted to GEJ. Please defend his 4 years, then I'll tell you what happened in '84 since you've agreed to be generic.

      "...For the sake of awareness...Hope Mr. President's visit isn't limited to the state capital..."

      Your last paragraph obviously proves not just to me, but the entire TTB family that you hardly ever get your own info, and when you do, think very few people know what's going on and majority don't. Who are you giving this awareness to, and with all the involvement and awareness in the entire region, all the ethnic groups putting their stake in it, you think Ogoni will be the only beneficiary? Is that what your informants tell you? That it's only Ogoni? Lmao. Since you know more than us, please tell us the cost of the entire cleanup, and tell us what Madam Amina said about funding the project.

    17. As predicted, Mr President cancelled his trip. Assassination attempt I hear. So all the war ships and gun boats can't protect him? Ok

      One minute ur limiting this to 5yrs ago, the next ur stretching it to 1976. You still haven't told us what PMB did for the ND during his 1st coming in '84 or u wanna skip that part of our history? Honestly i really wanna knw for the sake of Sunshine, general knowledge and current affairs.

      Who dialogue epp u ask? Under Yar'adua and GEJ,some projects (Amnesty,Pipeline contracts,NDDC,Maritime University, etc) were initiated by both and continued to maintain a semblance of peace within but what happened next? They all got cancelled or revoked. According to u they were scams but guess who have been scammed since oil was discovered in the Niger-Delta? The people of the Niger-Delta...

      Quit playing politics. Yesterday it was Saro-Wiwa and militants. Today it's Avengers and if things (not limited to oil spill clean up which is a ±30 yrs project) aren't sorted and corrected,another group will emerge tomorrow.

      Now about funding of the project,i hear it's a PPP arrangement. My question to u (since ur so excited about the project),was the funds for the clean up captured in the budget? Or does the FG not plan on fulfilling it's part in this?

      I guess time wld tell...

  4. In Nigeria, identifying madness is not by dressing. You need to listen to what they share. For instance; if you see someone celebrating Niger Delta Avengers; beware! That person is mad!

    1. And where on this post have you seen anyone celebrating Niger Delta Avengers?

  5. Interesting read.

    What is doing me is that, their pipe line explosion is affecting my power supply.. Im not finding it funny.



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