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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Incentive. I'm In Love...

I fell off the wagon.

I fell off the wagon and I've been trying hard to get back on. I'm not only trying to stay on my diet but to get fitter. 

This morning I woke up bright and early and hit the road. I wasn't just going to jog/brisk walk, I was going to do so to a gym about 3 kilometers away from my house. I wasn't quite sure about joining the gym because I have such a terrible history with gyms. Last month my friend registered me in what's probably the best gym in GRA Portharcourt and paid in full and I went only twice. I registered and paid at a gym along Chevron drive, Lekki, I never went. Not once. 

Today however, inspired by some people I follow on Instagram (check out @katehenshaw, and @obaaya_89fit and peep her before and after pictures) I decided to join this other gym that looks really well equipped, at least from the outside. 

So off I went and when I got there, I took the steps two at a time. I was just going to make enquiries and look around, knowing it was very unlikely I'd join yet another gym, but when I saw him I knew for certain I'd be coming back. 

Boy, is he hot! As in H.O.T hot. He was at the admin desk to attend to my enquiries and happens to be one of the trainers at the gym. He's about 6.3", cute yet chiseled face, muscular toned arms, abs and legs, his skin is caramel silky smooth and he has the most perfect set of toothpaste ad teeth I ever did see. 

Now here's the part that pushed me from crush to love. He was shy! Awwwwww. It's the sexiest thing ever that a man that hot and sexy would be shy. He could barely make eye contact and kept twiddling his fingers as he reeled out the schedule to me, with a cute stutter here and there. I wanted to grab him to me, press his head on my ample bosom and tell him everything would be fine... Save for the fact that my girls aren't exactly what romance novelists have in mind when they use the words "ample bosom". *sigh*

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, go tell it on the mountain top, I'm in love! Thelma is in love!!!

just thought you should know. 


Have a great day guys.  

Pssst, ladies come over here and tell me, you know how trainers can be very hot? Well have you ever had a romp with any of yours? Was it any good? You can tell me, I promise I won't tell...


  1. One thing I know is that a lot of trainers either date or fuck their female clients for money or gifts sha. So thelma if you're rich enough flash him greenlight

  2. Ample bossom. Hmm..


  3. Hmm, Thelma you are actually pretty.

    1. Besides who thinks alfarsi and Thelma may become an item?

    2. Tah! God forbid bad thing!

  4. The one reason why I hate the gym is 9/10 gym instructors tryna hit on me. And it is very annoying really. I always take offence, always always.

    For ur enquiries... Nah! Maybe it's just me, but I hardly get impressed, drool or wowed by a man's physique to want him. I am old fashioned. But if you are my man, then u gotta tone your arms for me sucre, just so when the going gets down, I could hold his muscular arms and ...* #turn on#nuffsaid#I started my workout programme this morning#teamfitfam.

  5. running to the nearest gym .....just maybe I can change this one pack to six

  6. LMAO hilarious ... I've not been to a gym but do they sit shirtless at the admin desk, or you saw the abs through ...

  7. Aren't u lucky? The trainer for the fit-fam group in my estate have discouraged me from anything gyming. (maybe it was a deliberate request by their husbands...)

  8. Why am I jealous? Weird...

  9. Hahahaha! I feel you Thelms. Cute guys like that aren't common and the shy ones are like a tall glass of cold water in this crazy hot

    Never been to a gym so I have no story to tell..

  10. The guy is gay.

  11. I have been fit-faming for over 6 months now. Aint working o. Im tayad. Probably due to high stress levels.

    I just want my flat stomach back .

  12. You look younger without makeup.

  13. See me grinning from ear to ear while reading.... Lol

    No gym story o....I think I need to take up this fitness ish.

  14. Rotfl..Thelma u re soooo vain. Lolz


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