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Monday, 2 May 2016

Just Asking...

I'm certain most of us have followed this story closely. From the scandalous posts Tbillz put up when he was having his meltdown, to the weak attempt at damage control which they quickly realized would be ridiculous; ie say his account was hacked, to Tiwa Savage's tell-all interview, to speculations about "Edible Cathering", to Tenicoco Kashamu being fingered as Edible Cathering, to all the people weighing in, both those in support of Tiwa's spilling all to those who think she should have kept it classy like BeyoncĂ© and be silent, to news that Banky W has thrown Tbillz out of his house on his mother's orders... and everything else. 

So I just stumbled on a handle by someone on Instagram who wrote out a very, rather detailed prayer for the couple. In her words "Lord I come before you to petition you in prayer and ask for your blessing on Tiwa Savage and Tbillz to come together in harmony... It is your will that marriage is for a lifetime and therefor what God has joined together, let no man separate". (Nigerians are funny sha, but let's focus). It's quite lengthy but the summary of it is that God should help them work on their marriage so that they can come back together. 

I want to know your thoughts about that interview, but more importantly, do you think Tiwa Savage and Tbillz should get back together and work on their marriage, or do you think they are better off apart?

Are ALL marriages really meant to be for a "Lifetime"?

*ok, everyone is entitled to pray for whom and what they want, but I don't get this whole idea of praying for someone else's marriage, especially someone you do not know personally and vice versa... If someone has used his/her mouth to say they want a divorce, how is it your place to be praying for them to stay together? Nigerians and misplaced priorities sha. See ehn, you saw pictures of that corn farm that herdsmen broke into and allowed their cattle to feast on till there was absolutely nothing left? I'd have thought one would have used that kind of time and energy to pray for Nigeria, our supposed leaders and those people that want to give our properties to cow.... Ok, back to the matter above*


  1. Thank u themls, how can leave my problems n pray for some one else's own, I never pray for myself finish e come person whey no know me. As for the interview, I don't think tiwa went too far, whether she gave an interview now or later, it changes nothing because her own part of the story still has to be heard, I feel they can still make it work, with God, nothing is beyond repair. Right from their wedding in dubai, I knew they wouldn't last because tj was acting like she was forced on him, while tiwa acted all mushy n emotional. God help them both. Mabel

  2. If they wanna stay married, they know what to do. If they don't wanna stay married, they know what to do.

  3. I don't think its my place to say whether or not they should stay apart, what I will say though is that if down the line, after both parties have calmed down, they can have a sit down and resolve their issues, why not?

    If they do get back together, they both need to be absolutely certain they can entrust their lives and hearts to each other again. I wish them best of luck.

  4. I couldnt waste my data on the interview. So I havent watched it.

    But I have heard about the high lights.

    The young man embarrassed Tiwa and her family. She had to defend herself. He was foolish. She had to be foolish back. In this particular situation 2 foolish acts = wisdom. I dont think it was necessary to say he is on drugs sha.


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