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Thursday, 5 May 2016

On Omawumi... (If You Make Celebrities Your Role Models, That's On You!)

"Omawumi was razz and unintelligent in her response and reaction to the smoking and drinking issue. As a celebrity, it is not just about “selling albums”, she is also a role model with big influence on the youths. So, if smoking and drinking is bad and she is engaging in it secretly why not apply a little wit to address the question rather than throw tantrums. Any public figure must also be called out for any 'bad behaviour'."

A round of applause to Nigerian entertainers for taking their role so literally this year, y'all are indeed keeping us very entertained. Don Jazzy and Olamide, look what you started! It's like someone cannot even leave social media for five seconds without coming back to meet hot tea. Hia!

So anyways you must have figured by now that this episode is about the Omawumi interview. Specifically, her walking out on the interviewer when asked about her smoking and drinking and how she combines that with mothering. 

It's being heavily debated who was wrong and unprofessional. Was Zinnia, the interviewer, unprofessional by asking probing personal questions when she should have stuck to asking Omawumi questions about her career and music? Or was Omawumi unprofessional knowing that as a celebrity these things come with the territory, so instead of walking out she should have gracefully maintained her composure and stayed seated while also clearing the air?

In any case, I've known about Omawumi's habits for years, I've not only known but been a witness to it and that led me to believe that it wasn't exactly something she kept secret. I therefore think the reason she got upset her was because the interviewer attacked her mothering skills, #myopinion.  

But in truth I'm writing this post because comments like the one above get my goat! Our opinions on this matter are bound to vary and I'm looking forward to hearing yours. However mine is that being a celebrity or a public figure does not automatically confer one with "role model status". I honestly think it's unfair to dictate how people choose to live their lives simply because they are in an industry where they are very visible. They are not politicians, they have not claimed to be Leaders, they are not pastors or religious leaders, they have not claimed to be youth activists or anything of the sort. Why then should someone be held to a standard they have not even implied that they possess, acknowledge or value?

So here's what I think. Leave celebrities alone. Enough with that talk of you're in the public eye and the youth look up to you. Shuooo. The "public eye" is very vast and offers you a large pool from which you can pick your desired model to look up to. If for instance you've seen Chude Jideonwo yet chose to make Davido your role model, well that's on you. Don't go crying foul when Davido does something you consider not worthy of emulation, he didn't ask you for that.

So please, Omawumi is a successful singer. If there's anything she and any other entertainer owe us, it's solely perfection in their craft. If you're desperately in search of a role model among the celebrity folk then look for one with qualities that you particularly admire. It's absurd to expect all celebrities to live up to your high moral standards simply because they're on your TV screen.

And no, this is not to suggest that Omawumi and other celebrities are not good role models. They may be to some, they may not be to others. Simply allow them to be. They did not ask to be made your model of all that is prim, proper and righteous. 

And those are my thoughts, do share yours. 

...As an aside, do you see that the grass is indeed green where you water it? Some have watched the interview and said "ahn ahn, she drinks, she smokes, she even smokes weed, she has anger issues, she's uncouth, rachet and ghetto. Na this one person marry put for house?

Yet, Tbillz who's married to someone who is apparently the exactly opposite of the above, still singled out this lady above (Omawumi) as the epitome of a good wife, while he called his own rather quiet and docile wife a whore, a cheat and a neglectful spouse. 

Oh well... Just goes to show. Nobody is perfect. Nobody has it perfect. Nobody has the perfect partner. Water the grass underneath your feet and stop looking at what's behind your neighbour's fence...



  1. "...I therefore think the reason she got upset here was because the interviewer attacked her mothering skills...". Exactly my thoughts.

    Being a journalist doesn't mean you should be tactless in asking questions. Whether she's a leader or not, a celebrity or not, a role model or not, you MUST display adequate professional attitude towards your guests. Your reactions the snarls of a Chihuahua and a Rottweiler are miles apart, yet they're both DOGS. Just because Pete Edochie is an Actor doesn't mean you ask him the same sensitive questions that you know Jim Iyke will tolerate. Cynthia Morgan shared a photo of herself smoking mary while cuddling a toddler, she can tolerate such a question. Some cannot. It's the duty of the interviewer to understand his guest and prep adequately for an interview.

    1. I totally agree with you. A whole lot of our journalists are tactless and seem like amateurs in their field. Journalism is not about ing able to crack jokes or talk a lot. Its about guaging your guest's reaction, researching them before the show, speaking from a non judgemental and personal point of view... But 'Nooo'. Some journalists are just no good.

  2. I like your analogy at the end. Where you spoke about the Teebillz drama. Indeed, only last week, people were praising Oma and today...

    The presenter though! She had it coming.

  3. The interviewer goofed. You gotta respect peoples emotions. You can ask about drinking habits and parenting at the same time, you have somewhat implied that the drinking is affecting her parenting and she is a bad mother.
    She should have found an intelligent way to ask about drinking and smoking. Then maybe after other random questions then ask about parenting.

    Omawumi's response was on point. I would be upset too if it was me.


  4. The truth is that I have no problem with how Omawunmi reacted. Call them stars but there are not perfect.Please what is even wrong if she drinks and smokes? It's not like people saw her drinking and smoking while pregnant? whats up with that "how she combines that with mothering" shuu

    In her shoes I'll just say next question with a straight face. J

  5. Who knows what the presenter does? Omawunmi's reaction was very humane... smoking, drinking and parenting are totally different. Interviewer goofed big time, its about time questions are well reviewed before its asked.

  6. So between you and, who copied each other?

    See what I mean about putting your source? I can't tell you and idnewstab apart, because neither of you have cited your source. Even if you were the original author, who owns the quote you emboldened at the start in inverted commas? People can call me critical all they want, but it's kind of ridiculous to just throw posts and quotes here and there without citing. I won't even spend my time reading the post because I don't know who's talking. Take my advise if you will.

  7. I think Omawumi acted rather badly. Firstly as a celebrity your life is like the pages of an open book, your public gets to read the lines whether you like it or not. Other celebrities have been asked worse and they responded with grace and tact. Why is her own situation different? Did she agree to a pre-arranged script and then the interviewer diverted to personal issues? If it was an open interview then she should have known all topics were fair game and should have had her PR team prep the interviewer. Failing that.....


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