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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Most Beautiful Nigerian Women Are From __________

I'm sorry if I can't say all Nigerian women are equally beautiful. If I tell you I think so I'd be telling a bold faced lie. In my honest opinion some women from certain parts of our beautiful country are prettier than others. 

So I'd say these are the top three, 

1. Northern women; as in Fulani and Hausa women. 
2. Southerners; as in Efik (and Ibibio) women. 
3. Easterners; especially women from ANAMBRA state. (Hehehe I've gotta rep my state). 

With northern women way ahead in the lead. Their beauty is simply unrivaled. 

Ok, of course I believe every tribe has got very beautiful women, and every tribe has got some less attractive women. But you know what I mean. So let's hear it. 

The part of Nigeria with the most beautiful women is ________?

Ps; pls no bashing. this is just for us to have fun. not everytime buhari is bad. tomato is expensive. he broke my heart. and let's respect other's opinions. 
Photo source; stella dimoko korkus' blog. 


  1. I think Igbo girls are the most beautiful, especially the light skinned ones.

  2. Northern girls specified in number 1 above. My time at the Nigerian Law School drew me to that conclusion. I am equally of the opinion that if they ever appear in any beauty contest where 'beauty' is the only prerequisite to win the crown, no contestant from any other tribe will rival them.

    Igbo girls are next.

    Then the women from Ibibio and Efik.

    Esan girls dey fine too oo.

  3. Girls from Katsina, #1
    Girls from Enugu, #2
    Girls from Imo, #3
    Girls from Cross River #4

    The rest na jara...

  4. OK first, I love TTB for everything that it is.
    But, I don't comment here for some reasons;
    1) Thelma seems not to have space for new people in her blog. She just recognizes a group of persons and they are all that matter to her. Dats not good for a blogger #mythoughts! Pls don't crucify me.
    2)most times it seems everyone here agrees to Thelma's view point and when you think otherwise pple begin to throw tantrums at you.
    3) #phew, this one is gonna get me in so much trouble but am gonna say it anyways#.... I just feel most people here do over "sabi sabi" with their long epistles as comments and all.
    4) that said! Pls Thelma, do not become a "regular blogger" . Yes! It will create more traffic but it will loose the uniqueness. Work on this "unique blog" the traffic and plenty money will come.
    Ermmm, Memphis, sunshine, kabouy et al pls u pple should not kill me . tnx

    1. Oooooooh I typed an epistle and then it disappeared and now I'm pissed off and way too sleepy to even see straight. But I must say that there's PLENTY of space for new readers. The reason it might look otherwise is probably because I have a personal relationship with a lot of my older readers and somehow it reflects on the blog, I wasn't aware and I will be more mindful henceforth.

      Also I disagree that everyone agrees with me. Most people don't but they air their own divergent views without feeling the need to make a fuss over our dissenting opinions. I think people "throw tantrums" when someone crosses the line from constructive criticism or plainly disagreeing to cyber bullying and trolling.

      Don't worry, none of the people you mentioned above will kill you. Its possible that they even agree with you to a large extent.

      Lastly, thanks a lot. I do appreciate your comment and your points have been duly noted.

    2. I quiet agree @ anon 10:57... BTW uyime should top d list of those that shouldn't kill u, hehehe!

    3. I quiet agree @ anon 10:57... BTW Uyi should top d list of those that shouldn't kill u, hehehe!

    4. Its a blog. And we are all anonymous to each other. Just drop your comment, move on and be happy. Dont look for space or acceptance.

      + If we are all anonymous then the attacks and abuse dont really matter.

      Just have fun.


    5. Me ke?! When did I join the list of murderers?! Lool! Haba Annon... You aired your opinion without being rude or aggressive. Besides, even if you aired it any other way... I wouldn't have "killed" you. I can't remember ever commenting under alfarsi's comments Or "killing" him... :)

    6. I'm known in this blog as controversial so why would I want to kill you. I'm not uyime BTW, I'm Uyioghosa.

      I just feel no one has the right to ridicule anyone here and get away with it. If you don't agree with this then you are one of them as well. Thelma is a friend and if you attack her personality, I won't keep quiet.

      Self-respect is still a virtue. No matter the blog.

    7. Funny boy...N/B: I'll never come out here to ridicule Thelma or anyone! I'm not new on the blog, and I only agree with that comment based on wat I've noticed. So calm down

  5. Oops.. Sorry wrong post.

  6. HhHahhahaha@ps. I would say Igbo girls, Enugu and Anambra girls, they can be beautiful for the world. Lol

  7. All women are beautiful....likewise in all groups you find the less conventional beauties.

  8. My unbiased list.. Judging by looks
    2-10. Fulani
    11. Imo and SOME Anambra gehs
    12.Hausa(they are quite plain.. Tho some of them have a very "moneyed" look, and the perfume smell that follows them ehn.. Pure heaven) .
    13.other tribes

  9. Thelma! No Yoruba girls? We are very beautiful joor! More beautiful than Anambra girls sef*tongue out*

    I honestly think that the tribe with the most beautiful women is Fulani. Those babes fine die! I'm of the opinion that most people think Igbo girls are fine cos of their light skinned complexion not because they actually are.

  10. #1 Yoruba babes (Maybe because Iv been in Lagos most of my life, but the finest girls I have seen are Yoruba. Shiii... my wife is Yoruba)

    #2 Igbo babes (Not the very light ones)

    #3 Igbo babes again

    This list changes when we are rating based on best sex.


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  12. I tried as much as I could to be fair with this list ... well, here goes nothing.

    1.Anambra women
    2.Anambra women
    and lastly

    3.Anambra women 😑😑😑

  13. I came to Benin and I was scared if I was seeing witches everywhere... 80% of them are just temptations. That's after my staying in Lagos for a while.

  14. 1. Edo (Ishan) & Fulani ladies
    2. Efik/Kalabari/Igbo/
    3. Others


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