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Thursday, 5 May 2016

These Women Are Flaunting Their Unique Birthmarks!

My birthmark is called a hairy nevus. Its dark pigmented and extends from my right cheek to my nose. I refer to it as my beauty-mark!  I’m from a very small town so growing up was actually a breeze for me. Individuals were used to seeing me with my beauty-mark. In the past, there were times when I was discouraged, due to stares and comments. The moment I completely became comfortable in my skin, is when I realized not to value someone else opinion more than my own. I’ve heard things such as ” You are pretty with it,” “Unbelievable its a birthmark,” “It’s very exotic,” “Is it a tattoo?” Others have also inquired about my life and if it ever bothered me. I do not desire to look or be anyone but FERRIN!  I’ve learned what makes you different, makes you EXTRAORDINARY! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and within my view, I am the rarest jewel around! – Ferrin Francis

Soweto based newspaper acknowledged her on their front page with a headline that read, “Scarred Model On The Runway.”  That scar is actually a birthmark spread across one side of her face.  With it on full display, she became the first model to walk the runway during #MBFWJ with a facial mark.
When it comes to embracing unique birthmarks, she’s not alone.  We found eight women on Instagram who celebrate their own despite society’s traditional beauty standards.

My name is Evelyn Soares and I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro. I come from a Christian family and since I was a little girl my mom told me that we are all beautiful in our own way because we are made by God. But it was very hard for me to see beauty in myself being different from others. I was born with a blue sign that covers half of my face and my left eye, and I suffered a lot with it in my childhood, mostly in school.  I cried, wondering why I had to be born this way and isolated myself from others. I suffered a lot of prejudice because of my birthmark. It was like an extra weight, plus all the bad things that black girls typically deal with.

When I was younger I wasn’t fond of my birthmark because it was obvious that I was different as a child! I used to get made fun of.
In my teen years I didn’t pay it much attention. But now as a 26 year old woman I feel like it’s the art and special tattoo God gave me! Just for me, my own unique design and bespoke creation that nobody else has. I’m in love with it and am confident to show it! – Patrice

My birthmark looks a bit like a brown splash on the sclera (the white part) of my left eye. It stretches all the way to the back.  I love my birthmark because it is a part of me and unique to me. I’ve personally never seen an eye birthmark as prominent as mine and I just rock with it.
Growing up I was so embarrassed about it. I knew it was something ‘different’ and I did not like that at the time. I would try to hide it as best I could, especially when meeting new people. I always tilted my head and looked to the left to hide my birthmark in photos. I did it so much it is still a habit to this day, just not for the same reasons.  Most people think its’ cool. Eye doctors always freak out and every once in awhile I get random strangers 5 inches away from my face asking, “what is that in your eye?!” –Shante Carlton

When I saw this post on beyondclassicallybeautiful I knew I just had to share it. We are all beautiful in our own ways but I can only imagine how tough it must have been growing up different. We all know how insensitive some kids can be and how some of them tease and bully without knowing the effect of their actions. 

I'm glad to see women who felt a little different but have come to own it and even rock it. That's simply beautiful!

Do you have any birthmarks or features you weren't proud about? Tell us about it and how you came to accept yourself just the way you are. 


  1. No obvious birth mark. Have alot of those black dot birth marks on my D and testicles tho. Wonder why they are so concentrated down there.

    Growing up half of my face was multi colored due to a skin infection. It never affected me. Girls liked me everywhere I went, it was starting to get embarrassing. As the multi color on my face faded away, less girls liked me *Sigh. I miss those days.


  2. I have a birthmark on my neck but it never bothers me, I think it's cute and moderate.

  3. I have marks - birth, and acquired. But I have learnt to accept that above all of that, I am alive, I am well, and I am happy. That supercedes any physical mark or scar.


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