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To The One I Can't Live Without...

I can't imagine how I ever lived without you. I lay in bed next to you, looking at you, all of you, loving everything you are, everything you stand for, letting you love me in return. I know I've loved before, but all loves pale in comparison to the love I have for you, the love we share. In fact, when I come to think about it it's safe to say I never loved before, you've opened my eyes to so many things, so many truths, so much more. You've taught me and you continue to teach me. Through you I found myself, learnt who I am, and you continue to show me who I can be.
       I know jealousy is an ugly trait but darling where you're concerned I cannot help it. In other relationships I've known how to contain myself and hide my feelings, put up a front that I don't care, feign indifference till in fact I become indifferent, but with you I cannot. When others look at you my heartbeat races, I worry they'll steal you from me. I've never been brave enough to admit this to anyone before but... I'm afraid of losing you. It's my greatest fear. Losing you, losing all we have, all we share. Losing you would mean losing our history, our secrets, our stories, our moments together. I've never been clingy in the past yet I find myself saying; if you ever leave me please take me along with you. 

This love, our love, the love we share... Others cannot understand it. I lay in bed and I submit to you, I allow you love me in ways I've let no other. Other men usually bore me after a few minutes but with you I could go all night, before we know it morning comes and it always comes too soon. There's always something new with you, never a dull moment. You're an unending story. What god created you my darling? I feel as though you were made especially for me, we were made just for each other. 

With you I feel no shame, being with you is perfectly natural. Even when we're out. I've never been one for PDA, always found it very distasteful. But I remember when Feyi said "I hate PDA. Unless it's me that's doing it". Haha! I know now just what Feyi meant. When we're out together I cannot keep my hands off you, I cannot stop myself from touching, caressing and holding you, and can you blame me? Just by sitting there you seduce me so strongly, to the point that I don't care who's talking, who's looking or watching, I reach for you. People think it's wrong, they say "can't you wait till you get home?" I really can't blame them, we probably shouldn't have left home in the first place. 

Sometimes I wonder what the future holds for us. I want you forever yet my heart breaks because people threaten me with words like "all good things come to an end". So where's our forever? Where does that leave us? The thought that we may have no forever fills me with panic and grief. But as it is with most other relationships one day you'll tire of me, or I'll grow bored with you (although I can't imagine that happening). One day sweetness, just like others before you, you may leave me, leaving me empty, cold and shellshocked. One day I may be the one to take a walk. But we're here now so know this, at this very moment, in this time and place, as I lay before you in bed, gazing upon you and all the secrets yet undiscovered that lay within you, I love you. I love you purely, simply, truly. I love you in a way I've loved none other before you, I love you in a way I can love no other. You may not be perfect, a few others have found fault in you but to me you're pure perfection, you're perfect for me.

     Yet even through this blinding love my self-preservation instincts kick in, and because I never want to feel that mind-numbing loneliness that I did before I met you, someday soon I'm going to leave you, before you leave me. I'll replace you with a newer model; I just saw on Konga that the ipad 4 is in stock. So soon my love, my companion, my bestie, my ipad, soon you'll give way to another. But always remember you were my first love. 
This is my love letter to you my ipad, whom I wonder how I ever lived without. 

I'd totally forgotten I wrote this. I posted it on the 6th of June 2014. Boo was going through my old notes on my iPad earlier this evening and stumbled upon this. Na so Wahala start o! He almost burst a vessel over the note, asking whom I loved this much, especially after I'd claimed I wasn't in a relationship during that period of my life. So that's how I went to the search the blog archives and said "Young man, ngwa read it to the end". You can imagine how he felt when he was done. He now started to shine his 32 sheepishly and profess unrivaled love. Hehe. I love you too my man, even more than the one I thought I couldn't live without...



  1. I understand your boo's sentiments. No one would read this and not feel a tinge of jealousy. I also had such a close bond with my Ipad till Apple destroyed it with their untested update.

    Now to matters unconnected with the post.

    While reading, I came across this statement made by John Langdon-Davies in 1936, a fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, ‘By 1960, work will be limited to three hours a day.’ I believe employers of human resources should strive to immortalize this statement.

    On a more serious note, @ Thelma, a few posts back you sought our input on the makeover of your blog: here goes me.

    I strongly feel the majority of your readers come here to learn and share of their vast knowledge – a consequent of your blog attracting and retaining some of the most brilliant minds in the blogsphere in my opinion. It may prove easier for you to improve your blog by facilitating your blog as a learning platform specifically by encouraging readers to share some of their learning methods or recent learning outcomes in posts. This might take the form of a review of book, a movie, a workshop attended, a social event etc., with the highlight being the learned item in those experiences. I once recommended debates, preferably scheduled, and with indicated interest from proponents of either side. The arguments from proponents can be as comments or submitted via mail before a given deadline with opportunity given for a rejoinder or a second supporter of each stance to air complimentary views. I find that a number of relationship issues majorly elicit partisan views along gender lines which presents an opportunity that can be explored for a comprehensive illumination of a subject matter. Differences in political views, celebrities, businesses and other issues can provide for a richer blog forum. Topics like Etisalat vs Glo – which is better in terms of service, community development etc; The rise of Feminism: Does it signify the death of society as we know it; Has democracy indeed been a plus for Nigeria; Is marriage really still worth it etc. Of course, I’d advise you put a restriction on the number of words. I feel creating a leaderboard or scoreboard for the debates might make it more interesting, competitive and engaging. Scores should be decided by commenters and your assessment. Also fun segments with low barriers to participation like who do you admire most on the blog, perceived qualities of identified readers/commenters, who you’d love to meet physically etc can provide a refreshing source of fun. I believe these may provide the apt nexus to segue your blog into an envisioned future.

    1. "...The rise of Feminism: Does it signify the death of society as we know it...". Hmmm, Chrisyinks. I smelt something there. :D

    2. Baba! Did you finish with a first class and have all distinction in your WAEC?


    3. just a sec while I grab my dictionary... be right back!

    4. @ Memphis

      It was a random suggestion with nothing indicative of my stance on the issue. In reality, I am a feminist believing that women shouldn’t be restricted based on gender differences, in their quest for self-actualization.

      @ Kon

      I didn’t have all distinction in my WAEC. Actually, I only made my papers in two sittings to be able to enter the university. I had the good fortune of having course mates whose JAMB score alone was more than the addition of my JAMB and Post-JAMB score. The good company of this set of people helped me improve – part of the reason why I visit Thelma’s blog.

    5. Same here mr Chris... Although mine were roommates

  2. Tah!!!

    I bind and cast you. (Sprays holy water).

  3. Awwww. Biko it's the last love- your man's, I can see and that I like! What yeye ipad? *rme*

  4. "...even more than the one I thought I couldn't live without..."

    Really? Who is this boo?

  5. Hahahahahahaha. Thelma ehhhhh. Okay now. God is watching you in 10D

  6. Awwww. Biko it's the last love- your man's, I can see and that I like! What yeye ipad? *rme*

  7. Awww* wipes away tears. U got me Thelma, don't blame boo for reacting. But then again, it was just for an ipad, rolls eyes. Lol

  8. Thelma lucky u to have a boo! I hv always been unlucky with guys..I decided to give attention to church dudes only. I hv known this single dude in my church for over a year(Just friends)I have been praying for him to ask me out.Because am a very shy babe. Finally three weeks ago he started showing interest,calls,messages etc.On sunday he came to pick me after church to check his new flat....I cld feel butterflies in my But I was so suprised when I was about to come down from his car,he started kissing and touching nd refused me from going down. Thelma after everything I just weak..Please what's the difference between a christian dude and a wordly dude?. My interest in him have reduced because I feel he might be after sex. He is 37 and am 27 both workers in church.

    1. I'm sorry you've experienced disappointments in the relationship departments, I know too well how you feel. I'm rooting for you but I personally do not buy the looking only within the church for boo idea. I can easily list ten reasons why but I wouldn't want to right now. All I can say is try to be more outgoing and more open to the idea of meeting guys outside your church. But whether he's from within or without the church, try to be discerning and don't go letting anyone notice how lonely you are. Most guys would take advantage of that. Best wishes hun, may the odds be in your favour. Lol

    2. There is no such thing as a Church dude. A dude is a dude is a dude! He has a dick and 2 balls. He dick will always want some ass.

      If what you are after is a good God fearing man. Then open your eyes and your mind. And also be open to men you meet outside the Church environment.

      + So what if he wants sex? This is another difference between a bitch and a bad ass bitch. A bad ass bitch will exploit his hunger for sex to the last, he will end up spending all his time chasing sex and while at it, she will show him all her good sides that he will fall in love with. Many men started with chasing sex and ended up at the alter. Only a bad ass bitch can do this. So what are you? Can you be a bad ass bitch?


    3. Thanks Thelma dearie, and Mr a dude is a dude!And am not a bad ass bitch...Am a very good gal..From work to house or church. I dnt club drink or even hang out.I will try as much as possible to start going to the moives..

    4. Please don't fall for that church dude crap! He's first and foremost a dude before anything else so, don't be deceived. Add Thelma's advise to the second paragraph of Kon's comment and you're good to go.

    5. I love Kon... Teach me ur me how to be a bad ass bitch..
      @thelma.. My eyes r still rolling o...

    6. Well written Kon, well written. Spot on!

    7. Thank u @Sunshine!

    8. Kon baba, u said it all. Bad ass bitch. Hmmmmm okay now

  9. While reading this, I was trying to picture it out in my mind only for Thelma to spoil the gist and say the love is for one year IPad. Forgive me, I'm annoyed like the boo. Anyways we all still love you with or without your IPad. Cheers to love.

  10. *copies and pastes, sends to wifey* hehehe

  11. Lol...I just knew it had to be that or a phone. Thelma all that many many write for iPad issokay.

  12. Abeg I just need to copy and print this. My husband will go to the moon after reading this, I yam berry sure.


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