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Ladies, So You're Nice But You Keep Getting Dumped? This Might Be Why.

I can't count the number of times I've heard girls say "I don't know why he left me/they leave me/i'm single... I'm a really nice person". A few of my blog readers would call and cry to me in confusion and frustration; the one they thought was the one had just ghosted them! Then they'll say "I don't know why he did that, I'm nice, I'm a good person!" I just heard someone say that barely 3 seconds ago and I swear I wanted to gag. 
No, don't get me wrong, being nice is nice, I totally get where you're coming from, I can relate, in fact not only can I relate, I've been you!
I couldn't quite figure it out back then, I was nice, I was a cool chic with a good heart and what more could a guy want? I was the kind, considerate, loving, all too understanding female and any guy should have felt super fortunate to have me. 
So why? Why didn't they?
I felt men just didn't know what they want and when I saw bitchy femal…

The Answer Is...?

We Are All Going There.

My posting has been rather erratic of late and for the most part it's because I've been moving around quite a lot. Late last week I travelled to the south south and after the weekend I went over to the east to be with my friend who recently lost her husband as the burial was early this week. We were kinda in the thick of the village so no internet service whatsoever. I came back to "township" late last night.
The night before the burial we laid in bed and talked late into the night. We were in her husband's family house, in his room, and the last time they were there was during Christmas when they came to the village. I listened to her reminisce. She talked about how they'd just made the bed and bought the mattress and how even though they were in the village, as far as they were concerned they were at The Oriental. She talked yet again, about what a fantastic husband he was. She would tell me little stories about that time he did this and that time he did tha…

Chronicles of an EDO Girl- (Episode 1- Mr. Skinny)

Togliti i vestiti” (take off your clothes) Isoken had lost count on the number of times she’s heard ‘Italian locals’ use this phrase. She even hears it in her head at times when she’s all by herself. She hissed silently in her mind as she stares at the haggard looking Italian man, profiling him as she usually does. He was a very tall man, in his early 50s. He looked quite pale and skinny with grays all over his UN-shaved face. His wrinkled face spelled stress and this somehow gave her a bit of relief as this means that he would spend most of the night ‘sleeping’. The way they hooked up that night was quite dramatic. She and her ‘bestie’ Rosie were chatting outside at their usual club, La Cabala in Rome; Antonello Venditti was doing his thing on stage. It was a beautiful Thursday night at the club. Just outside the club, were many ladies literally naked hoping to get a good catch for the night. Isoken didn’t feel like going out that night because she was a bit under the weather; but Rosie w…

#Frankly Speaking: The Oil Deception.

Recently, the President of Ijaw Youths Congress, Eric Eradiri  revealed that President Buhari has indicated interest in personally leading negotiations with Niger Delta stakeholders that will include, governors, traditional rulers, activists and some key militants and ex militant leaders.

President Buhari is only taking the same steps that Presidents, Obasanjo, Yardua and Jonathan all took. But these are the same temporary measures that allows the federal government to continue drilling oil while empowering a few in the Niger Delta.

In the next few weeks after the negotiations , bribes will be released to some strong men of the creeks in the form of ransoms fees and the pipeline vandalism will reduce while critical issues like true federalism and even the host community funds will not even be considered .

In the next few years, the future Presidents of this country will also face similar crises and take same steps by empowering the 'strong men' in the Niger Delta while the majori…

Dear Thelma... (She's About To Make a Big Mistake).

Please I'd like to be anonymous. So here goes my story. My best friend is the kindest and sweetest guy I have ever met. He has been my bestie for seven years and counting. Being best friends means that I meet his girlfriends, some I get along with others not so much. However his present girlfriend and now wife to be has become a dear friend of mine and that's the reason I'm writing this. You see *Kene* is a good person but due to family issues growing up, he battles with some demons. Speaking plainly, his dad was (and still is) a very abusive husband. Kene lived all these years watching his Mum beaten to a pulp and on several occasions he had to rush her to the hospital after his dad's legendary beatings. It's so bad that she uses fake teeth because he has broken most of her teeth. A few years ago she was on wheel chair for some months because her husband nearly crippled her. Once she nearly died and she finally left after many year of beating but after several fam…

Choose One!

I love these li'l fun posts 'cause they help me know more about my readers, or they help us know more about each other, like that one about the nice things about our Exs. Really revealed some in house freaks. LOL. 
So this, I just had a totally shitty day, I come home and I'm able to pick only one from the four options above, it's certainly going to be Number 2
The last thing I would do among these four on such a day is Number 4. Like, if I had to come home and face No. 4 I won't even come home at all! Besides, I'd be a pretty lousy lay. *covers my pretty face*. 

Now it's your turn.  


A Personal Guide To Dating Nigerian Men.

A Ghanian lady, Hanna Morgana has, from her point of view, listed the different kinds of Nigerian men and their characters, as a guide for her country women to follow when they want to date a Nigerian man. See below. 
I hear Ghanaian ladies say Nigerian men are the best: they are loving, caring, and really caring (financially).

Truth, is men will always be men. I have tasted and seen. Counsellor Lutterodt says you don’t date for more than fourteen days. So in your fourteen-day quest, it is important to understand your man.

So in case you get involved with a Nigerian guy or intend approving one for your sister, I present to you my personal guide below:

YORUBA MEN (aka Lagos). Have you met a Yoruba Man before? They will make you laugh, very funny people, it is never boring around a Yoruba Man. He can get you Heaven on Earth. God bless his hustle. But will always cheat on you. This is not a matter of you did something wrong, No!!! You didn’t!!! They enjoy cheating. It’s like their Normal Fun…

BAN Commends Nigerian Military, Calls on Militants to Dialogue

In its effort to boost the morale of the Nigerian military to overcome various crises beclouding the country presently, Brothers Across Nigeria (BAN) has called on all Nigerians to unite and support the military, as it commended the Nigerian armed forces for its attempt to prevent the daily bombings in Nigeria.While speaking with journalists at the palace of Chief Emmanuel Okafor Ngwu, the traditional minister of Umunevo Ogui Nike community in Enugu State, BAN President, Chief Charles Okonkwo, thanked the military authorities for the efforts it had so far put in the fight against terrorism in the country, adding that but for the indomitable Nigerian military, the country would have been overwhelmed by series of crises.According to him, “We are happy that the days of everyday bombing of churches and mosques have been curbed to a reasonable extent. From recent events, it’s evident that the Nigerian armed forces have greatly limited the ability of terrorists to massacre people mostly in …

"You Know Nigeria Is In Trouble When a President's Wife Talks Like This".

The Aisha-Fayose brouhaha has got the whole social media in a frenzy in the last few days. This began when Fayose condemned the injustice and unconstitutionality of a sitting Governor who is provided with immunity having his accounts frozen, in a statement to Premium Times. In his statement, he called on the President and the EFCC to wait until 2018 when he'll leave office and then, they can do whatever they please. He then went ahead to suggest, as many others have, that the President's fight against corruption is simply a veiled witch hunt of the opposition. He said that none's hands are clean and that the "secret" estate built by the President in Abuja is known to "them". He said that even the President's wife, Aisha Buhari was involved in the Halliburton scandal. In his words; Even the President cannot claim to be an angel. The estate he built in Abuja is known to us. His wife was indicted over the Halliburton Scandal. When that American, Jeffer…

The Nice Things About My Ex...

Haha! This should be fun. But really, not everytime my ex was a douchebag, my ex was a bitch, my ex was a cheat, my ex was a gold digger. Nah, when they do us bad all the good things they were and they did suddenly fly out the window. Point is, there was something we saw in them that made us date them or fall in love with them; there was some good in them, no matter how little. 
For some of us, our ex's were actually great and WE were the douchebags. 
In any case, say something about your ex. 

My (most recent) ex boyfriend had a very high IQ. He came from money yet hustled like a pauper, thus he was $$$. Errr, which in itself was another "nice" thing about him, LOL. He didn't go out or keep late nights like most guys, like he literally hated clubs or bars and seven nights a week you're sure he's home at 7pm. He bought me perfumes, lots of them. 
Now it's your turn. Tell us the nice thing(s) about your Ex. 

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers out there. We know some times, with the way we carry on about our mothers, we could make you may feel just a little unappreciated. But, we really do love you and we appreciate all you do to ensure that we have the best. You're our heroes and our rock!

Happy Father's Day daddy. You're the best father I could have asked for, sometimes you were even a mother too! I love love love you. 
Special shout out to all the TTB daddies and daddies to be.
*** I'd like to know what kind of fathers you all had growing up. How would you describe your father in a sentence?

Freeze: I Won't Marry a Feminist. Here's Why...

The Olori of Ife, Her Majesty, Queen Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi, spoke what I consider words of absolute wisdom, when she stated her belief that gender equality is hardly achievable in the modern world. While speaking at the Emerging Women Forum on Thursday, June 16, the queen said; I am not a huge fan of gender equality. We can’t be equal, We can’t be men. We have our roles to play. She can’t be more correct and my respect for her has risen 100 fold, hence the proud smile on my face in this picture with her royal highness.Although feminism in itself is a noble cause, and by definition is “a range of political and social movements and ideologies, that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women, the way many of my Nigerian sisters are going about achieving this is becoming counter productive. Although I agree that men and women have equal rights I absolutely disagree that they are equal. Each gender was beautifull…

Happy Birthday Chimezie Nwodo!

Happy birthday to a special blog reader and my learned colleague, Barrister Ogenna Chimezie Nwodo. May you reach great heights in your career, may the ink in your pen never run out and may beautiful Eleanor have a big brother by your next birthday!
Best wishes bruv, thanks for being an awesome member of the TTB family.

Olori Wuraola Zynab Otiti - “I am not a fan of gender equality. We can’t be equal… we have our role to play”

She spoke at Emerging Women’s Forum, in Maryland, USA, and she said out of no offense to anyone, she’s not a fan of gender equality, because she thinks that limits women. Her husband the Ooni has his role to play and she has hers.

“I am not a huge fan of gender equality. We can’t be equal, We cant be men. We have our roles to play here, a very pivotal one.”Her Majesty went on to speak about the powerful roles women play and how women should tap into their powers by exploring themselves in order to reach extraordinary heights, as opposed to fighting for power with their male counterparts.“The modern pattern of feminism has succeeded in limiting women of the heights they could reach; gender equality is unrealistic. We can never be equal with men, we are here for a great purpose, we have our roles to play we are powerful and we are a force of nature.”"Without motivation, we can't be inspired and without inspiration, we can't get to the next level"- Queen Wuraola-Zynab Og…

MUST READ. Amaechi: The Shaming Of a MEnister By The People's Minister- Reno Omokri

By now, you probably have watched the viral video of the town hall meeting organized by the ministry of masquerade dressing (otherwise known as ministry of information) in Uyo the Akwa Ibom state capital.  At that event, the mild mannered minister of state for petroleum resources, Ibe Kachikwu, proved that you should not judge a book by its cover as he publicly took on the minister of transport, Rotimi Amaechi and gave him an answer that could not be responded to.
Amaechi, in response to a question on why he appears to want to consign the maritime university Okerenkoko to history, responded thus:

"I am not against the University. I hope you people appreciate that. My argument about Okerenkoko is that the land alone is N13 billion. If you give me N13 billion I will buy half of Lagos. That N13 billion has built the university already so there is no need to spend more money. Let EFCC retrieve the money from them and then release them and we would build the University. I believe the Fe…

Linus Idahosa’s Response to the Bill seeking to reduce the age qualification for candidates wishing to contest for elective offices

We often forget that Jesus Christ is our biggest example of a Youth Leader, who at 33 was done and had raised disciples, who centuries later are still influencing and gathering billions of adherents the world over.
My take has always been and will continue to be that Wisdom, Leadership and the Capacity to chart a path to a prosperous nation is not and cannot be the exclusive preserve of those above 40, but it is an inherent quality that providence bestows on one and the challenges of life help to enhance, refine and sharpen in one.
At any rate, no man lives forever and failure to deliberately, conscientiously and willingly transfer power to succeeding generations in their prime is a contradiction and an aberrant life cycle unknown to nature and trust me; nature always corrects itself.
It’s one thing for the bill to be passed; it’s another thing for the Nigerian youth to rise to the occasion, because the system as presently constituted is not designed to give it on a platter; instead it p…


About a week ago I walked into a beauty shop, having recently come to the decision that it's about time I started to pay more attention to skincare, beauty regimens and all of that. It's one of these fancy beauty shops where the sales attendants are sharply dressed with full professional makeup replete with facial contours and inch long false eyelashes. And you know how it is, when you look like a diva you begin to think you're one. Ergo, a shop with sales girls who actually think they're Rihanna and treat some customers like poor little Cinderella. I'd spent most of my time trying not to blow a fuse over the shabby customer service that one is likely to experience at such places. 
After I'd picked up my items, admittedly without paying much attention to the prices because I thought I already had an idea of how much they'd cost, I went over to the counter and waited to make payment. 
"29,600 Naira ma" the cashier said to me
"Twenty nine thousand…

Dear Thelma... (She Knows He's In a Relationship So Why Won't She Stay Away?!)

I just want to ask if I'm overthinking things. My relationship is very fantastic and I believe I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. There is only one issue in the form of a female friend of his. This chic in question is married with kids but from what I've heard she's having some issues in her marriage. I empathize with her but not enough to allow her be on the phone constantly with my man. They talk everyday, I mean EVERYDAY. She calls him like twice a day, when I'm with him he never picks her calls, which in itself is very suspicious, so last week I answered the call and when she heard my voice she immediately hung up. I thought she had learnt her mistake and will stay away but to my surprise a few hours later she was calling again. The next morning as early as 8am she called again. It's tiring I swear, but he insists that they are just friends and that she just genuinely cares about him, so sometimes he feels the need to reciprocate her care. He sa…

True Or False?

In a conversation with my mother today, she dished out, in her usual manner, another dose of wisdom and truth. She said: "Nnaa, oo sonso nwoke n'akpatagho ego si na nwanyi richara ego ya".
Translation: "It is only a man who did not make (enough) money who said that a woman finished all his money". -Chimezie Nwodo. 

Ladies & Gentlemen is this true or false?
I don't know about you but I vote sooooo TRUE!

Dear Thelma... (I'm Married But I Want More).

Hey guys, I don't know who the poster is although she says we chat occasionally. However, this is a no-judgement zone and any rude or judgmental comments will not be posted. If you've got something you'd like to say which you don't want on the blog you're free to mail me. Cheers!
Greetings! I hope you are okay. I just want to commend you on your blog. You are doing a fantastic job. I have a problem that is making me go cray cray. First my name is *****, I read your blog and comment under a different name, you and I are quite okay as we have chatted severally. I just need to talk to someone about something that's really on my mind lately.
I am married of course to a nice guy and sex is great, however, I want more. I really want to do it with a girl. I guess I am a little abnormal right.  I know all the christian doctrines about this, so believe me when I say its not something i am proud of. I have prayed and wished it away but as it is, It has been of no use for now.