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Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Love Letter To Eleanor - Chimezie Nwodo

This is me and the car I drive. She is a 1987 Bluebird SLX. She takes me around, to anywhere I want to go with her. I have been faithful to her. I take care of her, even when it is not convenient for me. I call her my 'first wife' for I have come to find out that for a young man, you spend more money on your car than on a girlfriend. And it is so with me (even though I do not have a girlfriend). Therefore everything goes to her.

I am certain that there are times when I fall short; like when I referred to her as 'jalopy' or 'rickety' or when I needlessly underrated her. 

Our relationship has its ups and downs. There have been times she made me cry- especially when I will spend all my money and time at the mechanics' or when the engine cannot rev in the morning (for reasons I cannot explain) and I have some important places to go to. There were times I have abandoned her because of economic circumstances and I have not shown love by at least washing it. In those times, the mere sight of her infuriated me.

I was encouraged to take these pictures today by my dear friend, Ijeoma Victoria Lekwa. She said it is good to remember the days of little beginning and how we proceeded to the present. I absolutely agree with her.

So today, I put all ill-feelings- the reasonable and the unreasonable- aside to appreciate and honour this 'Shining Light' that is leading me to greater places and heights.

Today, I appreciate you. Thank you my dear Eleanor.


Awww, someone hand me the tissue please, there are tears in my eyes. *smiles*

I totally agree with your friend Victoria, when you do buy that sleek SUV and place it's picture beside Eleanor, you would feel a great sense of pride and joy in how far you've come. Love Eleanor, even the bible says to love the wife of your youth. 

But I dare say a girlfriend would cost you far less and yet do far more for you. Or don't you guys agree? 



  1. I like! When I get home Im gon take a picture with my '99/'00 VW Jetta. I love the car but she breaks my heart sometimes. Alot of times.

    The car is female, but I named her Jimmy2. Thats because Jimmy, a 96/97 Nissan Primera is no more.

    Now I ride around in a Toyota and I dont feel love. Miss Toyota is just not wife material.


  2. LOL.
    I don't think a girlfriend would cost less. Though a girlfriend may do more for you but not what Eleanor least the kinda ride Eleanor gives can take you places- physical places.

    1. Cccc... as a girlfriend, u need a refresher course in riding o... *running away*

    2. LOL! I'm open to learning! ;)

  3. Haha. Now I want to take a picture with my car and possibly name her too.

    - The Lady

  4. Abeg who girlfriend help... Buhari no wan release money

  5. Chai! We have fine BVs sha!

    Your car's name reminds me of that Queen Latifa and Common movie, Just Wright, she named her car Eleanor too :)

    Sha don't forget Eleanor when you buy your big car

  6. Awwww.
    A nice read & a fine young man.

  7. Off the topic please can anyone recommend a good cream or skincare for dark skin, my face is beginning to look rough around the edges

  8. Awwwww!!! TTB BVS making people blush since 19kiridim.

    Sunshine: I will not forget Eleanor. In fact, I cannot. We have been through a lot together. And I've learnt a lot from her and with her.

    Uyi: Oga, the epp a girlfriend renders cannot never be overemphasised. I have to agree with Nwando, to the extent that there are services rendered by 'Eleanor' and her kindred that girlfriends cannot render, and vice versa. Their joys and sorrows are different.

    Thank you all for your kind and warm words towards Eleanor and I.

    May we never forget where it all started.

  9. 1987! I admire your courage bro.


  10. lovely. I enjoyed reading this. Please continue to take care of Ms El.



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