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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Personal Guide To Dating Nigerian Men.

A Ghanian lady, Hanna Morgana has, from her point of view, listed the different kinds of Nigerian men and their characters, as a guide for her country women to follow when they want to date a Nigerian man. See below. 

I hear Ghanaian ladies say Nigerian men are the best: they are loving, caring, and really caring (financially).

Truth, is men will always be men. I have tasted and seen. Counsellor Lutterodt says you don’t date for more than fourteen days. So in your fourteen-day quest, it is important to understand your man.

So in case you get involved with a Nigerian guy or intend approving one for your sister, I present to you my personal guide below:

YORUBA MEN (aka Lagos). Have you met a Yoruba Man before? They will make you laugh, very funny people, it is never boring around a Yoruba Man. He can get you Heaven on Earth. God bless his hustle. But will always cheat on you. This is not a matter of you did something wrong, No!!! You didn’t!!! They enjoy cheating. It’s like their Normal Fun. There’s the adage “A dog never rejects Bone.”

This describes a Yoruba Man. They know too much. (Bother their ladies and Guys) if anyone tells you something along the line you later found out it was a Lie; and it leaves you wondering if you were charmed into believing it. Do a research on that person; he is a Yoruba Guy.

IGBO MEN: An Igbo man is ready to take good care of you and buy you the latest of whatever you want. He can buy you a car if you so desire. You just have to let the world know. I mean the Whole Wide world. You don’t refer to Him as your Boyfriend. Hell No.

He Is Your Husband, married or not. And Igbo man will never do all these for you if he has not seen your parents, or if he doesn’t know every single detail about you.

He cannot spend for anything. “Baby on Sunday, we are wearing ‘to match’ to church.” When they see him, they see you. You can’t even cheat on an Igbo man if he wants to be serious with you. All his friends, overseas MUST KNOW ABOUT YOU. Everyone he knows has a picture of you. Igbo men believe in “You give me I give.” No time to waste.!

RIVERS MEN (aka Port Harcourt). They are the people you will say “Know what’s up.” They are Guys who have mastered the art of flirting. Yes they are that Good; they don’t give up. A typical Port Harcourt man will promise to marry you.

They will Love you, but will also accommodate as many as their heart can accommodate. He is not saying he doesn’t love you; he will make you think the ladies are the one after him. So he is trying to explain to the ladies one after the other that you are his girlfriend. They are also called the “ladies men.”

DELTA MEN (aka Warri). Delta Guys don’t Love. If you like cook, wash, clean. On Friday, he will go clubbing and will pick a random girl up. They like it like that. You can’t tell them otherwise. So long you are not a virgin, you are not the village girl that has been kept for them, they won’t attempt to fall in love with you. But they will spend on you: he can buy you anything you want so long as you stay loyal as they want you to. Everything you are doing for them, washing and all that, is out of your own kind gesture. “Nobody send you message” as they normally say. But will be the first to say “Girls are not loyal.” I wonder what they think loyalty means.

HAUSA MEN are shy; they only talk to you when they know the environment is right. I don’t know about 30% of them, but I believe 70% of them are shy and very caring. So long he likes you, sometimes they show you care even before they really fall in love with you. They always want you to be around them; they want you to be happy, so will do anything to make you happy. But one bad side: they are OBSESSIVE. Because their motive is so genuine, they easily get obsessed and that’s where the problem starts. He will call you and your total discussion would be about the imaginary person you are cheating on him with. He can accuse you of cheating 200 times out of 100. They have insecurity problems.

CALABAR MEN (Good in bed Men): They are one of the blunt and really brave Guys. They know quite alright they don’t have a chance with you, but they believe there is no harm in trying. A Calabar Guy will approach a beautiful lady and tells her how much he likes her, how much he wants to see her happy, how happy he would make her feel. They know they got no chance with you, but will try anyway. For example, they will tell you they want you to be their girlfriend (BLUNT), but they don’t have money to take care of you (BRAVE). The Calabar man gets carried away and sometimes forgets to cut their coat according to their size.

This lady seems to have done some real field research. 

Do you agree with her or nah? 

Are there men from a particular tribe that you can ascribe some characteristics to? I quite agree with her about Hausa men being "shy", for the lack of a better word. They're not as forward as other men and they do a lot of things codedly. I think I believe that Calabar are skilled lovers too. That's all I can say sha. Hehe. 


Source; Nairaland. 


  1. I don't know about others but the Warri guys analysis is too apt.��

  2. This analysis tho! Pls let her b content and marry her fellow Ghanaian...

    1. I'm not surprised, women all over the world worship Nigerian men. All these Ghanian and Kenyan girls want to die on top their matter. Even akata babes too. Wetin Nigerian men dey give all these women sef, na D abi money? It's probably the money cos Naija men are big spenders.

    2. Lol I think it's just coz our own men fail in the love and relationship department I don't think its entirely about the money

  3. She has really done her homework.

  4. * sigh* all these analysis on top man matter...she has a whole lotta time. Don't agree with the Igbo men analysis though, except she meant the business/illiterate Igbo men.

  5. Wow!she was rily apt my exes from some of dis tribe acted exactly...

  6. That one on Yoruba guys is on point.


  7. I try not to be stereotypical,all this yoruba men cheat, Ibo's spend money, Hausa's are shy and calabar men are good in bed na hogwash.
    It all depends on individuals and family background.

    Although most Calabar men i have seen are homely probably because they are trained by their mom to cook and clean

  8. The one about d Rivers men is exactly very ex was a very perfect example.....dis lady means business oo

  9. My yoruba man is faithful. They do tend to be a bit self absorbed(so are most men anyway) but kind and funny and family oriented.


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