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Friday, 10 June 2016

Bridesmaids In Pants. Are You Loving This or Nah?

The beautiful wedding pictures of wedding planner Dera and photographer Teemore on Bella Naija caught my eyes and I continued to scroll up and down trying to decide how I felt. 

Finally, I came to a conclusion; I LOVE IT!!!

I love the originality. I love the unconventionality. I love the whiteness of the blazers. I love that they actually looked good in it. They risked being different and they really pulled it off. I love love love it. 

But would I try it?

Aha! That's the million dollar question. Let's not even talk about trying to explain to my parents why I want my bridesmaids dressed in trousers and jackets. That would be better imagined that experienced. I admire people who dare to be different but I figure the reason I admire them so much is because they're doing something I can't do. 

So I guess no, I wouldn't do this at my wedding, sadly. *Sobs*

But would you, ladies? Tell me what you think. 

Guess what, I'm even more curious about what the men think. If your bride-to-be says she wants her bridesmaids dressed this way, would your response be 

Do tell!


  1. Shrug. Provided she does not mind for my grooms men to were dresses.

  2. And the lady in black shoes had to spoil the flow!!

    1. I couldn't agree more. I understand she's meant to be the chief bridesmaid judging from her white vest but she should have worn silver shoes instead, or even red. Or just white like the others. *Sigh*

    2. Hahaha. Yap. She messed up the flow.

    3. I think what's wrong with shoe is not the colour but the shoe itself. It just looks.......ugly (for want of a better word) why didn't she wear black pumps like the others, it would have looked better, that ropey thing is a disaster

    4. Exactly how I felt and thought when I saw her shoe!

    5. As in that shoe is just something else entirely.

  3. They look absolutely good, but I would prefer daring colours for the shoes. The look is beautiful no doubt, but they ended up looking like professional ushers.

  4. it's very nice.I particularly like the fact it made the bride stand out on her day.That black shoe is ugly.J

  5. For whatever reason, I don't like it. They look more like users at the event than bridesmaids in my opinion.

    This won't happen at my wedding cos I don't like it and second, my parents are just like Thelma's parents, probably worse..

  6. I like the fact that it is original but I don't like the whole concept. I still prefer my dresses.

  7. I like it! But not sure if I want to do same on my wedding day.

  8. Originality I love,Try in my wedding? Thank you, I'll pass.

  9. I'm not traditional at all. In fact, I don't really wear dresses or skirts. With that said everybody willing be in dresses for the ceremony. However, I like this for reception. I'm thinking jumpsuits instead ( reception only).


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