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Monday, 27 June 2016

Chronicles of an EDO Girl- (Episode 1- Mr. Skinny)

Togliti i vestiti” (take off your clothes)
Isoken had lost count on the number of times she’s heard ‘Italian locals’ use this phrase. She even hears it in her head at times when she’s all by herself. She hissed silently in her mind as she stares at the haggard looking Italian man, profiling him as she usually does.
He was a very tall man, in his early 50s. He looked quite pale and skinny with grays all over his UN-shaved face. His wrinkled face spelled stress and this somehow gave her a bit of relief as this means that he would spend most of the night ‘sleeping’.
The way they hooked up that night was quite dramatic. She and her ‘bestie’ Rosie were chatting outside at their usual club, La Cabala in Rome; Antonello Venditti was doing his thing on stage. It was a beautiful Thursday night at the club.
Just outside the club, were many ladies literally naked hoping to get a good catch for the night.
Isoken didn’t feel like going out that night because she was a bit under the weather; but Rosie wouldn’t let her be. They have been BFF for over 2-years now and she would do anything for her because she loves her dearly. She was like a sister.
Three desperate Nigerian ladies who practically wore nothing were chatting in Yoruba as Mr. Skinny walked past. They waved at him; he stared at them briefly as he made his way into the club.
Getting attention from men was normal for Isoken and she didn’t need to dress nude anymore to get men staring at her over and over again.
She wasn’t surprised when she got a note from him through his aide requesting to take her home for the night. Again, she got ‘the man’ effortlessly without breaking a sweat. Back in the days when she just got to Italy, some jealous girls have actually accused her of using charms. She had no idea why she is that gracious and lucky. Meanwhile, Rosie winked at her giving her ‘thumbs up’ as she stood up to go with the aide.
‘Mr. Skinny’ had her for the night as he had surprisingly paid the 500 Euros ‘standard fee’ back at the club without hassle. His looks didn’t quite fit his profile.
She was a bit surprised when he started kissing her immediately they arrived at the hotel room. He was a good kisser, there was something warm about him, and she loved every moment of the short kiss. She wanted more. She wahs horny and didn’t even realize it.  He ran his hands through her body causing her to moan a little. They were both very aroused now.
“Sei una ragazza molto sexy; Togliti i vestiti” (You are a very sexy girl; take off your clothes) he said, sensually with lust in his eyes.
With nothing else on, but a see through lingerie, she offered him a sensual massage to get things started, hoping that it would help ease the stress on his face. She ‘worked’ on his body while ensuring he enjoyed every bit of it by carefully putting her skills’ to work . They made love twice that night and she surprisingly enjoyed it too. He was a good lover no doubt and she ensured he had a nice time with her.
The night went by normally, even better than she had imagined because ‘Mr. Skinny’ was an experienced lover without weird fetishes.
It was a very good night and to think that she initially didn’t want to go out. She wished every man, every client, could be like this.
Gone were the days when Isoken would cry after selling her body for money to random men. Then, she would scrub her skin so hard after sex, hoping it would wash off every scent of strange men she’s slept with.
She has been a prostitute in Italy for 7 years now and has gained her independence. The days when she had to report to her ‘madam’ were over. How relieving, she thought, smiling. Being a very beautiful girl, with above-average height, lovely light skin and a shape to die for, put her over her fellow prostitutes.  It gave her several opportunities to meet with big names and faces. Her growth phase in the prostitution business was a fast and unusual one. Thanks to God for rightly endowing her.
Gaining her independence 3-years ago, she has amassed good money for herself, exploring her wealthy clientele. She wasn’t a low-class prostitute anymore, as she has successfully raised her standard over the years. Her life in Italy was a peaceful one, as she was doing relatively well for herself.
However, as they say, you can never have it all… there was something that often gave her sleepless nights.
Iso! Isoken!
Her dads’ voice always sounded good to her ears. She was a daddy’s girl any time. She smiled as she heard her dad’s voice calling out to her. His voice was her favorite song.
She woke up and realized that she was still in the hotel but Mr. Skinny was gone.
He left his business card on the table, on top what looked like a cheque. She couldn’t believe it. It was a cheque of five thousand Euros.
The sound of her dads’ voice had felt so real and she would give anything just to hear his voice again…
To be Cont’d

Written by Female Mondial. To read more visit her blog where she shares her thoughts and stories on the woman experience. 


  1. Nice one....Emmm!!!!I thought prostitutes don't kiss.TNHW

    1. They don't all have same rules.

    2. This is not Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Prostitutes do anything as long as you pay.


  2. Interesting story! I like.

    1. Cccc how do u know na @ above answer...

  3. Nice story, but the tenses are all over the place.

  4. Nice. Being a ho just sounded like a legit and cool hustle. I like...

    1. It's real, babe... It's just a matter of perspective.

  5. But they dont kiss naa

  6. Aaaargh, my first comment vanished. Lol. Come and complete what you started oo, wonderful write up.


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