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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dear Comedians, I Only Came To Laugh.

Sunday night was a tremendous night. It was my first ever comedy show. I'm not one for shows, concerts and all that. I don't like crowds and I always worry that my tastes are "alternative", meaning I don't often enjoy what the general public often enjoys. I watch a movie and the parts that get people bursting out in laughter don't amuse me. And then when I do have a good laugh I notice I'm aways alone, no one else finds it funny. 

In any case, three days prior to the show Kemi called and said she wanted to get tickets for us and since it was to be a group hang out, I was immediately on board. The event held at Aztec on Stadium road Port Hacourt and it was well organized save for the Nigerian factor, the show slated to begin at 5pm didn't start until about 8pm. I can't blame the organizers though, most people didn't start showing up until after 7 and some people were still arriving at 10 and 11pm. Tsk tsk. 

Akpororo vs Akpororo turned out to be awesome. I would have you know that I enjoyed almost every bit of it. The night began with some young comedians, mostly his protégés, performing one after the other. Each one funnier than the last, It was simply hilarious guys! It wasn't like one of those comedy shows were some of the comedians are funny and some just dey try. This one was hilarious from start to finish. I nearly thought I would die from laughter. 

However, the moment everyone had eagerly anticipated all night turned out to be my anticlimax. I remember when Charley Boy wrote an open letter to Julius Agwu. The complaint was that people paid for a comedy show and not an evening church service. Well we all know of Julius's brush with death which has left the young man feeling extremely grateful to his creator, yet that's still no excuse. In Akpororo's case, the reason he turned the later part of this otherwise beautiful show into a praise and worship session is because God has saved him from poverty!

I understand gratitude, I understand thanksgiving. I understand praise and worship. I just don't understand why people who paid thousands of Naira to come and have a good laugh would be subjected to sitting through an evening service. Akpororo is extremely talented, he's not only a great comedian, he's also a talented singer and a very skillful dancer. He had us in throes of laughter until he wanted us to raise our hands in worship to God and join in singing These are the days of Elijah

If it were to be one song alone I probably wouldn't bother with this post, but when this praise and worship was extending to an hour and beyond, my nerves began to get ticked. During this period a number of people got up to leave, some went out for a stroll, the two guys with us decided to go outside the hall for a smoke break, the two other guys to my right began to nod off. Yet, to be frank the energy in the hall remained electric. 

Yes, it was electric because a lot of people didn't seem to mind at all. Kemi who's always the life of any party got up to sing and dance, she was having a ball! Several others also got up to wave their hands, give God a shout offering, dance and sing, just as they would during praise and worship session in church. Yes, some people really enjoyed the part. 

But some of us however simply came to laugh. Nigerian (comedians) need to stop taking the piss and become more professional. While we understand that God saved your life or God saved you from poverty, that's not what we are here for. The right time and place for that is in church and if you really want to take it further and show God how thankful you are that's what Thanksgivings are for. It would have also been okay if he had acknowledged God and yes, asked us to join him in praising God for His mercies. But he should have borne in his mind that people paid good money for a purpose, that not everybody who attends his show is a Christian seeing as it's not a Christian show, that not everybody is religious, that even among the Christians not all would appreciate all of that. 

Anyhoo, it was ultimately a great show, if you have ever have the opportunity to attend an Akpororo show, don't miss it. Sunday night was my most memorable night yet.  

Like I said, some people got up and walked out, others put on their dancing shoes and got their groove on to worship and gospel songs. Guys, If you paid for tickets for a comedy show would you have minded the "churchiness" or would you have welcomed it? 


  1. Lord knows I wld definitely be on a live tweet feed about it.

  2. I would be miffed at the beginning cos like you said, it's a comedy show not church service but, I love to dance so I wouldn't mind in the long run. I'd get up and dance my heart out especially if the praise session is a very good one.

  3. T you gotta understand that in Naija now there's a genre called gospel comedy. These guys build their brands by telling 'clean' jokes, hence,in addition to their regular secular gigs, they get invited by
    churches and they get paid...WELL.
    Akpororo is one of such comedians, so a 1 hr praise and worship session if nothing, will boost his brand even more. (I'm not saying he isn't truly born again o)

  4. I would have minded the Churchiness. I think people need to learn to compartmentalise religion and other parts of life. I am strongly opposed to prayers at meetings or workplaces, and I totally understand why prayers are banned in public places/schools in some countries.

    I find that with all our show of religion, we Nigerians are largely hypocritical so what gives. The God I serve will not make a meeting/event turn out badly because we did not have an opening prayer. There is a time for everything please.

    I also dislike how Christians lord their religion over others like you mentioned happened. Irrespective of his religion, it was not advertised as a Christian show, so be professional and don't make your audience uncomfortable. In my primary school, I recall that we said Muslim prayers at assembly on Fridays even though the proprietor and his wife were Catholics. My other schools were Christian schools so not saying Muslim prayers was understood. A show is not a Church programme unless it is advertised as such. People need to learn to be professional and neutral. Also be sensitive to other people's beliefs as well.

  5. I would have gotten really pissed, probably storming out after 2 or more songs.. Like TF??

  6. You are really enjoying your life.

  7. There's a difference between Akpororo's action and Julius'. Like I implied in that Post, I had mixed feelings about Julius' show because he gave it a name related to something you'll liken to that of a crusade, so one would at least remotely have expected Julius to largely neglect the comedy aspect, though he's not fully exonerated.

    But Akpororo? What on earth? That was 100% wrong, no excuses. I would've passed the time on Facebook in annoyance.

  8. I will not mind the churchiness provided my phone is properly charged and my powerbank is also close by.

  9. Akpororo funny? Naaa. He tries too hard. I cant even hear what he says with that horrible voice.

    Its simple. They dont have enough material to do stand up comedy for 2 hours straight. Thats why they mix it with music and stage play (AY especially) and now praise and worship. They are not as talented as we/they think.

    American comedians back in the days would do stand up comedy for 1.5hrs - 2 hrs straight. Trevor Noah can go hours. Bill Cosby, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Sinbad, Eddie Griffin etc - Those guys had/have it. Its an art. Its not beans to have enough material to keep people laughing for 2hrs.

    Nigerians are so insensitive to the religion of others. Muslims dont care about Christians. Christians dont care about Muslims. We gotta learn to respect the next mans belief.


    1. U forgot to add Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist. Extremely hilarious esp Achmed the dead terrorist!

  10. Who the guy help? Buhari no wan release money!

  11. Nwando, sue Akpororo! Breach of contract.

  12. Would have left the scene. Has anyone ever wondered why the church CEOS abi Overseers never preach in planes but their stooges disturb buses with their prayers?
    Religion is a personal thing, so also is cultural belief. Don't use your own to spoil my own.


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