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Waking up with a sense of realization that half the year is nearly gone nearly put me in a state of panic. I started to take inventory, ask myself questions, what have I done with half of the year, what have I achieved, what have I gained, where am I going and on and on the questions came. 

It's been an interesting year in some ways although I'm looking forward to a lot more in the second half. This year I've shed a few tears but it's been mostly laughter, happiness, thanksgiving, sighs of relief, dancing and more laughter. 

Career wise things haven't been as fast paced as I'd hoped but because plans are already taking shape and actually being formed, I'm very optimistic. Also there's always something to keep me busy, something that not only keeps me busy but puts cash in the bank, food on my table, good clothes on my back and then some to save. 

Finances could also always be better but then it's a lot better than it was last year and this year I've had no reason to want, I've not lacked and yes, I still remain the giver, which is something that's very important to me. I've not had to ask anyone for financial favours or a loan or anything of the sort. Instead, I thankfully have enough to take care of myself and help others. 

My "love life" (in my mother's words) is super at the moment. I'm in love, have you heard? LOL. I call him Mr Amazing, among other things, because he simply is. I guess he's played a big part in me having a huge grin on my face for most of this year and last. I think of him and the words of Tina Turner play in my head; You're simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone-anyone I've ever met... Hehe. Enough of that. Suffice it to say I'm doing fine in that department too. 

Health wise, things have been great. It's one of those things I can't stop thanking God for, the fact that my family is blessed with such great health that we rarely ever have cause to go to the hospital. I cannot thank God enough for that. I guess the only challenge I have now is that my weight yo-yos and it's super annoying. Why can't I just lose weight, eat any and every thing I want and remain that way? LOL. I wish... So in this department I could do a lot better, I should learn to start working out and stick to it, and stick to my diet as well. 

My friends are doing great for the most part. Most of them are not in paid employment anymore and they have started businesses that are looking very promising. I'm so proud of the women we have become. The only downside, and one that hurt real bad, is that one of my dearest friends lost her spouse recently. I couldn't believe that we have come to an age where one could lose a husband. I continue to pray that she's comforted on all sides and blessed with the strength to carry on. 

Generally it's been a pretty good year despite certain challenges, especially those we're facing as a nation. I'm very positive about June. 

You know I love to chat, tell me how the first half of the year has been especially with regards to your job/business/career, finances, love life/relationship/marriage, physical and mental health and of course anything else about your year so far that you would like to share. 

And what are your hopes for this month?

Do share. 

Happy new month guys. 


  1. Happy new month everyone. Hope we are all in a good place despite what's happening out there. It cld only get better...

  2. Some things to thank God for; a few things to reflect on.No major loss/sadness. Talking personally.

    About business, it's been a quite rough year. Aside what we hear in the news and the obvious fact that the state of the economy has shut down a lot of businesses, seeing the evidences is traumatic though I am not directly affected. A lot of our clients have retrenched massively. Everyone is asking for a significant cut in prices. Some out rightly cancelled their contract. It is obvious we are making far lesser that 2015.

    Hopefully, it wouldn't take too long for the economy to start recovering.


    1. F long time no see. I'm glad to read your comments again.

  3. Happy new month, wishing everyone all the best in the 2nd half of the year. This year has been promising and interesting and am sure it will only get better.

  4. Happy new month Thelma, Happy new month everyone. Kinda of in a transitory phase so it is hard to accurately relate what I have accomplished in the identified areas. Nonetheless, the rest of the year is looking very promising.

    Has anyone noticed the absence of comments from F, J, Anonymous rider, TNHW and many other regular blog readers?

    Referencing an earlier post:

    Hmm Memphis, seeing as in your TTB hot seat post, you mentioned you weren’t in any relationship, there is a certain blog reader, TTB addict to be precise, who desires your company for a few minutes or perhaps for a lifetime, so what say you?

    This is a request from a brother who feels you both have coinciding interests in Thelma and TTB and possibly in many other life’s possibilities, and reasons that a few hours together wouldn’t hurt anyone.

    PS: TTB Addict you owe me one.

    1. Chrisyinks ooooo. I thought the toasting was meant for you na. Lol.

    2. Just to be clear,is TTB Addict a male or a female?

    3. See Memphis being diplomatic with his response. She specifically mentioned your name naw. I guess TTB addict would have to clear the air on this matter.


      I believe she's female.

    4. Sasha bone is so funny! Thinking someone is male not once now.

  5. Thanks, happy new month to you and yours, just remember that whatever setback you are facing presently, other people have faced it and have conquered successfully.

    It can only get better, cheers!!!

  6. Hah, practical and objective Thelma is in lurv!

  7. Nothing to be happy about this new month because I actually woke up to the reality that the result of the test I actually had yesterday is true and still didn't change when I went to do a re run at the clinic today. How will I b welcomed into June with a positive to d virus, yes am not a virgin,but no am not wayward. Ohhh God, how do I even face my Mum?? What do I tell her?how do I explain this to my future partner when am about to say yes? Ohhh, God I only see this in the movies, am the last person I felt it could happen to. I have cried my eyes out and am tired of crying. Got help me to live with this. I just wanted to let it out since I can't tell it to anyone except myself.

    1. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you mean HIV in your comment. Although it feels like such, it is not a death sentence and certainly isn't the end of your world. I understand the next few weeks and possibly months would be a trying period for you...... let it run its course - the depression, regrets, flashbacks, possibility of not living a long-life, odds your chances of a future partner are limited etc. But don't ever give up! This is largely a battle - a major battle whose stage would be in your mind, hence the need to put up a decent fight.

      Medically, there's being much advancement in combating this viral infection. Our resident fellow in health matters, Kene Francis, would be better qualified to give sound advice. Nonetheless, Anti-Retro viral (ARV) drugs exist that help one live a healthy life. Also, the need to live a healthy lifestyle can't be overstated - you'd need this to keep the body's natural defense at optimal conditions. If need be, you can join a support group that touches on this matter.

      And yes, God would be there to lend a helping hand - remember that verse in 1 Cor. 10:13.

      I sincerely hope this helps. Cheers!

    2. I'm really sorry about what has happened, but you really shouldn't set your mind at condemning yourself. Saying "I'm not a virgin, but no I'm not wayward" is irrelevant and only worsens your emotional state. I'm assuming it's HIV, and though I can only imagine the trauma it brings just hearing the news, it's ultimately not the end. You can still live a fulfilled life with your partner in that state. Muster as much courage as you can and tell your mum, pray for strength too. Have some peace (I know it's early and sounds farfetched but try) because GOD loves you. That's the most important thing. It's well dear, you'll do just fine.

    3. Please take it slow and easy. I don't know how it works - can you start taking medications immediately or do another test? Of you can start taking meds, please do right away.

      I know a couple of people with different viruses,though I'm wildly assuming which you might have,that are leading full live and you can find a partner who will accept you.

      Just get counselling, meds, and pray to God. Try as much as you can to chase negative thoughts from your heart.

    4. Please take it slow and easy. I don't know how it works - can you start taking medications immediately or do another test? Of you can start taking meds, please do right away.

      I know a couple of people with different viruses,though I'm wildly assuming which you might have,that are leading full live and you can find a partner who will accept you.

      Just get counselling, meds, and pray to God. Try as much as you can to chase negative thoughts from your heart.

    5. waywardness is not a prerequisite to contract the virus, just a moment of recklessness which might not involve any form of sexual intimacy.
      It's well Anon, you'll continue checkup's till your CD4 count is low enough to initiate HAART.
      Dont let the stigma get to you. God is still there for you, He will comfort you and preserve your life. You can still achieve everything you've longed for in life.God will remain your strength.

    6. Thanks guys,would take your advice n yes I have started taking drugs and I just hope everything goes well in my system.

    7. God be with you Anonymous. I cannot even start to imagine what you are going through. I recall the kind of emotional trauma I went through just waiting for the result of the test sometime ago mainly because I knew promiscuity is not a prerequisite as mentioned by Kene. I concluded in my mind that I would just drive off the Eko Bridge and end it if it came out positive. But the question that came to my mind was: is being HIV positive the worst thing that can happen to anyone?

      I have seen cancer finish off a woman who lived a healthy life in less than a year while a amn who is HIV positive still lives and looks well years after knowing his status.

      I pray God strengthens you. I pray you would look back 20 years from now and thank God you did not take the suicide route.

      All the best.


    8. Anon I know you will be fine. I can't claim to know how devastating the news must have been for you, and I'm very sorry. But I know that with the right mindset and lifestyle you will do just fine. Talk to your Mum about it when you're ready, please don't go through this alone. Also my darling, please don't wait until you're about to say yes to your future partner to tell him. If you ever feel like you have no one to talk to, you can always call me (08173600406), I would be glad to listen.

    9. Kene what is HAART? Thelma, in as much as I know u to be a Darling and someone with a listening ear,I just can't bring myself to speak to u,am someone u know, in fact someone who used to call u often and chat u up on what's app, how do I now face the shame of talking to u?

    10. Oh anon.. I can't even begin to imagine what/how you're feeling right now. One thing I do know is that with the right support system, you will be fine. Also, God loves you and no matter what happens, he's there for you always. Please talk to your mum about this when you are ready to but please don't take too long to get ready, its not healthy to go through this alone. I don't know who you are but this really hurts. It is well with you dear. I'm not a therapist or any such thing but if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, send me a text at 08078052034 and I'll call you right back.

      It is well with you dearie.

    11. Highly Active Anti-retro viral therapy ... in simple terms a drug combination that keeps the viral load in check and strengthens the body fighting mechanism

    12. Anon what shame are you talking about? If you really know me you'd know better than to think that. Secondly please remove that mindset of shame from your being. I know it sounds easy for me to say seeing as I'm not the one wearing the shoes, but the truth is that overthinking, depression and "shame" are more likely to make you sicker than actually being HIV positive. Realize that this is not the end, it's actually a new beginning. Continue to take care of yourself and try to be of good cheer. I know you will be fine, I'm here whenever you need me.

  8. Happy New month people.

    Financial, the past months have been tough but I'm positive that things will get better before the end of the year and I'll be able to boast of having few bucks to my name.

    Health wise, I've been down for some days now and being someone who rarely fall sick, It just feels like I'll die the next minute.

    Finally, school is great and it's the only thing that makes me happy for now. As for love life, God will provide in His own time.

    All in all welcome to June everyone.

    1. Hello Hope, please stay strong. I really wish you the best with your health. Don't even consider dying ohh........, TTBV's would organize a prayer session to bring you back to life if you try going that route. There's a reason you are called Hope and perhaps it is for this moment.

  9. happy new month every one ... most part of the 1st half of the year I've been happy and by most I mean 90% and the remaining half holds so much promise, I can hardly wait!

  10. For me, June is going to be a great month. Many of the plans I had at the beginning of the year were hinged on one particular thing and up until 2 weeks ago, it felt like it would never happen. I had some false hope in February but that opportunity stalled until I had to let it go. Another opportunity came round 3 weeks ago and I almost missed it but thank God I didn't. Now things are looking up. And its Kabuoy's birthday next week!

    June is going to be fabulous, I can just feel it!

  11. This hurts deeply and really does cut deep. I just saw this post and I can't help but feel so sad. The great news is that you can and will overcome. Talking about it will help and surrounding yourself with love will help even better.

    I have counselled a number of women , widows especially who were doing well until their husbands passed this virus to them. Toady I am proud and happy to say many of them did not take the easy route of suicide, as they felt all was finished.

    You will find peace , you will get better. Do stay informed on best practices on the do's and don'ts. You can also reach me on 08164753838.

    God bless you.



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