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Monday, 6 June 2016

Do You See Anything Wrong With This Photo?

Do you? 

If yes, why?

If no, why?

Let's talk about it. 



  1. Switching to my British accent... Oh, I can't just help but wonder.
    Blimey!I didn't see that but wait...

    Sacrificial giving will touch the innermost heart of God??

    Who are these people?

  2. I have very strong opinions about the way Churches are being run in this country especially as relates to 'giving', but I will summarise by saying, God shows grace to whom he will irrespective of what you do or how much you give.

  3. Well, I don't... because they are not forcing anyone to give.

  4. I don't see anything wrong with this. Biblical laws (tithing, alms or even her 10 [and 11 (loving one another)] commandments) are not forced upon anyone and erring isn't a capital offense punishable by death...

  5. 1) They are not forcing anybody
    2) Its up to your faith. If your faith can carry it then proceed.


  6. Hmmmn, I think it's all shades of wrong. So what if the person is jobless, poor, has no means of getting finance.. whatever happened to widow's mite ?? Or giving from the heart? This is exploitation using religion(apology to their church members),it appears more like indulgence.

  7. Instead of them to encourage their members on charitable acts, they are putting price tags on blessings!! Really... I hope this is a joke, because God that provided them with their various gifts collected money from them abi? I am highly disappointed.

  8. I don't see anything wrong with the message but you see that "schedule" ehn... everything is wrong with it. Sacrificial giving is sacrificial giving, there are no tags. So if all I have is 20k and I decide to give it to God, my "sacrifice" is not divine abi? SMH... these people. Giving is giving, no one can determine what God will do and He really doesn't care how much you give. The Widow in Luke 21:1-4 and Mark 12:41-44 gave everything she had while the rich worshippers dropped their millions and Jesus told his disciples that she, the widow who gave 2 coins, gave more than all the rich people.

    Besides all that, labelling how much people should give is just wrong. Let every man give what he has to give. Those places you go where they start call figures e.g., those who want to give X million naira, stand up, let pastor pray for you, those who want to give X hundred thousand, stand up, let pastor pray for you, then those who want to give 50k, 40k, 30k, 20k, 10k, 1k, etc... That stuff turns my belly. I think it is wrong!

    1. What she said!

      Why is there a tag on the amount to give?! Just why?!!!!!!!!!

  9. In my opinion, giving is fantastic but it must be significant, needful for and tied to a good cause like feeding, clothing and sheltering the needy.

    What exactly are the ones stated above meant for?


  10. God's grace is sufficient for me and it is free....

  11. OMG WARRISDIS??? Ds is simply OUTRAGEOUS!
    To those who have been trained to believe in ds, d Lord is y'all strength

  12. This is all shades of wrong, it is synonymous to merchandising the gifts of God.
    Even the bible says beware of those who use the gospelfor gain, religion is the fastest growing industry in the world, it preys on people's vulnerabilities.

  13. I believe its wrong to put a price tag on sacrifice. But, some other people believe and accept it, so......

  14. In addition to what sunshine said, why don't they even emphasise on giving outside the church. Why must the blessing be tied to giving to the church alone. That schedule is al shades of wrong.j


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