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MUST READ. Amaechi: The Shaming Of a MEnister By The People's Minister- Reno Omokri

By now, you probably have watched the viral video of the town hall meeting organized by the ministry of masquerade dressing (otherwise known as ministry of information) in Uyo the Akwa Ibom state capital.  At that event, the mild mannered minister of state for petroleum resources, Ibe Kachikwu, proved that you should not judge a book by its cover as he publicly took on the minister of transport, Rotimi Amaechi and gave him an answer that could not be responded to.

Amaechi, in response to a question on why he appears to want to consign the maritime university Okerenkoko to history, responded thus:

"I am not against the University. I hope you people appreciate that. My argument about Okerenkoko is that the land alone is N13 billion. If you give me N13 billion I will buy half of Lagos. That N13 billion has built the university already so there is no need to spend more money. Let EFCC retrieve the money from them and then release them and we would build the University. I believe the Federal government has no money to continue. When we have money we would continue. The Minister of state for Petroleum has whispered to me that he would look for the money to continue...Minister, bring it to me and I will continue"

In response to this, Mr. Kachikwu said: 

"First let me say on Maritime University, I disagree with the minister of transport. Any facility that is placed in the south south, we should work towards developing it. I don’t care the circumstances under which we are placed… It is not my position to determine whether land was valued at N19 million or N10 million or N3 million. The appropriate institutions which are the court systems will determine that. That has nothing to do with the development of the infrastructure. As far as I know, so much has gone into that property. So much fiscal assets are being developed. We are not going to throw the baby with the bath water. We will deal with the issues but the University will be developed. If he doesn't want it in maritime, I will take it to petroleum" 

Seated with the duo was the minister for budget and planning, Senator Udoma Udo Udoma. The cameras actually caught his smile as he listened to Kachikwu and I tell you, that smile was worth ₦13 billion.

It was the type of smile you get when you watch an Uncle Tom being given a lecture he so badly needed.

An Uncle Tom is defined as an individual who is excessively apathetic to the group interests of his community while at the same time rabidly crying more than the bereaved in support of the group interest of another community with competing interests to his own community within a state or a nation.

I will leave it to my readers to determine whether this definition defines Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi or not.

But since the minister of state aptly chided Amaechi for attempting to throw away the baby with the bath water, it might be expedient of me to bring my readers up to speed about the origin of the term 'throw away the baby with the bath water'.

In medieval Europe up until the Industrial Revolution, water was scarce. You could hardly get enough to drink, let alone bath with, so people did not have their bath regularly as they do today. 

What would happen is that a family would obtain a bath tub's worth of water at great expense and then the man of the house would have his bath right in the bath tub. When he was done, the next ranking male member of the family would have his bath. This would continue until all the men in that household had had their baths according to their pecking order.

Next in line would be the females who, believe it or not, would all have their baths in that very same water, according to their standing in the family.

Finally, the minor children of the household would then have their baths in that same water and bath tub.

As you can imagine, by this time, the water would have become dirty and almost muddy and by the time the matron of the family came to throw away the water, she may not notice that a young child or baby was in the water and in many cases they threw the water into the sewers along with any unfortunate child that was hidden in the water by the dirt.

This historical occurrence is a metaphor for Nigeria.

The precious water in the bath tub represents the wealth of Nigeria, which in this case is largely centered around the oil industry which is domiciled in the Niger Delta.

The bath tub itself is Nigeria. 

The men, women and children who bath with the water in the bath tub are the various ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria.

The man who first enters the bath tub is the Northern gentleman. He is followed in quick session by the Westerner and then the Easterner and the women are the larger minorities. 

Finally, the children and babies are the smaller minorities that largely make up the Niger Delta.

The matron who attempts to throw the baby away with the bath water are those people close to power and who rather than serve the people from whence they came, prefer to serve the powers that be.

By that standard, Rotimi Amaechi is a matron who must realize that he was not sent to the Niger Delta by President Muhammadu Buhari. Rather, he was sent by the Niger Delta to President Buhari.

Ibe Kachikwu gets this and I wish more people around President Muhammadu Buhari would get this.

In recent years, there has been an attempt by many pseudo intellectuals to try and revise Nigerian history by peddling the false narrative that prior to the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in the Niger Delta, other regions shared their wealth equally within the Nigeria project.

This is simply a lie. 

The fact is that until the infamous Decree 34 (Unification of Assets) was passed by the Major General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi administration after the aborted Nzeogwu/Ifeajuna (or Ifeajuna/Nzeogwu depending on who you believe) coup of January 15th, 1966, Nigeria practiced a brand of True Federalism known as regionalism.

The 1960 Independence Constitution arising from the 1957 Lancaster House Conference provided that each of the three regions (a fourth region, Midwest Region, was created in 1963) kept 50% of its income and paid 25% to the central government and 25% to a central pool that was then shared amongst the regions.

So in essence, what Nigerians freely agreed was that each region should keep at least 50% of its income (it could go as high as 75% when the central pool was shared amongst the regions).

Now without consulting the minorities, Nigeria's majority ethnic nationalities, through force of military might, stripped the regions off control over their own resources and vested it in the newly created Federal Government and the minorities have been overruled at every constitutional conference since that time as they tried to reclaim their God given heritage.

On my first ever visit to Bayelsa state in 2012, I saw tens of human bodies that had been burned as if in a nuclear incineration. They had been scooping petrol from a fallen petrol tanker which eventually burst into flames and took them with it to other world.

Why did they do this? Because of poverty. 

These people are so poor, yet Lt. General (rtd) T.Y Danjuma publicly declared that after he sold an oil block given to him by General Abacha, he made $1.5 billion (yes, you heard me right, $1.5 billion not Naira!) and had so much money that 'I did not know what to do with it'!

Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija is the richest woman in Africa with a net worth of over $2 billion. She can afford to dole out millions of dollars through her charitable foundations because, like Mr. Danjuma, she also got an oil block from a military regime.

Not only has the Nigerian state stripped the Niger Delta of its own resources, the state has also used those resources to enrich a selected few individuals to the exclusion of the region that lays the golden egg.

So if Niger Delta oil has made well connected Nigerians over $13 billion in personal wealth, then Mr. Amaechi, what is the big deal if ₦13 billion is spent on the maritime university at Okerenkoko?

Right in Maitama and Asokoro, there are lands and properties that you can buy for ₦13 billion, yet there is not a single drop of oil in the Federal Capital Territory. As a matter of fact, the infrastructure that has made Abuja one of the most developed cities in Africa was funded by petrodollars from the Niger Delta. 

So as my Yoruba brothers would say, kini big deal?

Ibe Kachikwu gets this. One wonders why Amaechi doesn't? The two of them are very unique in that both Amaechi and Kachikwu straddle the world of both the Niger Delta and the Southeast where the Biafra agitation is currently very strong.

They should be telling President Buhari how to resolve both the Biafra agitation and the Niger Delta militancy. 

I am not in support of violence and I urge both the Biafran agitators and the Niger Delta militants to advocate for their cause through non violent means.

I do not think secession is the answer. If I had the ear of the President, I would tell him that the federal government's approach to Biafra agitators and Niger Delta militants is wrong. We should do what the United Kingdom did to Scotland. Pet them. Develop their region. Persuade them they are better off in Nigeria. 

But I do not have the President's ears so I count on Amaechi and Kachikwu to tell him for me.

Someone like Amaechi should know that abandoning a project like the Maritime University Okerenkoko will only serve to deepen the unrest in an already restive region.

The state that contributes the highest resources to the federal government is Akwa Ibom where Kachikwu confronted Amaechi. That state did not even have an airport until the state government built one with their own money! 

Delta state had to build its own airport. The airport in Amaechi's home state of Rivers was named by CNN as the worst airport in Africa in a broadcast on February  1, 2016. 

Is this then the region that Amaechi wants to strip of whatever little infrastructure that she has? 

Amaechi has this all wrong. He will serve  Buhari better by explaining the Niger Delta to him than by explaining Buhari to the Niger Delta. 

Amaechi should not get too carried away. Let him ask himself two questions. Where was President Buhari living before he became President? Was it not Daura and Katsina both in the Northwest? Where has former President Jonathan lived since he left power? Is it not Otuoke in the Niger Delta? Where has former President Obasanjo lived since 2007? Is it not at Ota and Abeokuta in the Southwest?

Abuja is sweet to call home when you are in power but when power leaves you (as it does to even the best of us) you will have no choice but to return to your mother's house.

But one thing is clear going forward. Ibe Kachikwu has turned out to be the star in an otherwise lackluster cabinet. He had taught us the difference between a MINISTER and a ME-nister. A minister ministers to Nigerians while a me-nister ministers to his ego!


  1. #DropsMic...

  2. In the last year I've found certain things appalling, and one of them is the ability of men to give knocks to others in areas they have failed woefully. Articles by Achebe (of blessed memory), and Soludo I can accept as "Must Read", not this sorry piece of work from a wailing kindergarten crackhead.

    Two ministers disagree mildly on issues bothering the Maritime University and Omokri is having emotional orgasms on that? Is he trying to tell us ministers don't disagree on issues sometimes at the Executive meetings? Is it because we all saw it at town hall meeting? What's the big deal? Did Amaechi give the Niger Delta and people of Akwa Ibom the impression that one or more Maritime Universities in the region is a waste of time and money?

    The 1st paragraph he starts with mocking Lai Mohammed. Maybe if he, Reuben and Maku had done some "masquerade dressing", his oga would still be at Aso Rock today. Amaechi clearly said "I'm not against Maritime University" and gave his impression on how things should be handled about that. Kachikwu, also not against Maritime University, gave his own opinion contrary to Amaechi's. Both want the best, both have different opinions. Kini big deal?

    In trying to buttress this sorry hogwash he called a writeup he's delved into "True Federalism". That term is now used largely by present day politicians to gain more audience. It is now a *Notice Me* term. He's conveniently accused Nzeogu and Ironsi of destroying Federalism now no one knows who's more wrong; Nzeogu destroying Federalism or Bello and Co using Federalism to mask Corruption, Injustice and Impunity. The same confusion we had when our former oga told us that "Stealing is not Corruption".

    We need writeups from people who are more holistic about our National issues, not wailing failures desperately looking for divine iodine to heal their rotten wounds.

    Wailers though...

    1. I cld hv sworn Reno read Thelma's blog post on the Niger Delta Avengers. He kinna repeated some of the things I said there...

      "In the last year I've found certain things appalling, and one of them is the ability of men to give knocks to others in areas they have failed woefully". One year after ur twitter TL is still filled with anti-GEJ and anti-PdP rhetorics. The

      Suddenly "they both want the best". The best for who? Anything that was done under "their brother" is either revoked,cancelled or relocated with the excuse of "corruption" (like Amaechi just did)

      I'm glad u didn't mention Tompolo's N13bn land being too much for the project (Reno shut down that angle).

      Memphis, memphis, defender of anything broom. O ga o...

      A part of u (and ur ilk) really think GEJ wants to be in Asorock? Baby boy wld rather breeze in and out like he's been doing since...
      *i double dare you and urs to stop*

      I'm glad ur looking for "holistic" write-ups. I look forward to reading something holistic from you (hopefully it wldnt be about what the last admin did/didnt do)

      ...and to think GEJ was called clueless? *yikes*

    2. LMAO!!! @divine iodine... Nice one sir

    3. LMAO @ Sasha Bone. So you read my TL on Twitter? I'm flattered.

      First of all you've shown a knack for being generic with every single debate, especially when it's obvious you don't have a point. We're talking about Reno's project on Amaechi vs Kachikwu, and you're on about my Twitter TL rants about GEJ, PDP, broom, how GEJ is clueless or not, how he's breezing in and out of Aso villa and if he should be arrested/stopped... I'm quite lost. Yeah, I'm looking for holistic argument about National issues. Reno has done a wailing job on that, trying to create a political discord that doesn't have a whiff of existence.

      The time for discussing clueless GEJ and Robin Tompolo Hood will come, till then, please stick to the topic at hand. You promised me there'll be no more fights on my Birthday.

      @Uyi, bro, I de vex. LOL. Imagine people displaying Solomonic wisdom all of a sudden, wisdom that they lacked for the last six years while in office? Disgusting.

    4. Oh wow,so it's cool for Asiwaju BAT to criticize Kachiukwu when he said he isn't a magician? It's also ok for u to still have emotional orgasm over GEJ and PDP 1yr after they left Asorock but now Reno's article highlighting the BS in Amaechi's statement is bringing out the creative writing within you? Quit shifting the goal post...

      You politicize everything masquerading it as objective reasoning. You think by blowing big English you're making a point? Lol.

      You and ur ilk were hoping on every single Nig to vote in APC with a hope of running a mono party state and since that didn't work,they result to "divide and rule" strategy (97% and 5%).

      Don't wait for anyone to write "holistic" articles. Write urs and share. I ,Sunshine and Uyi wld love to read.

      Yh,i promised not to fight but I didn't promise to ignore or overlook BS. Sorry darling...

    5. You still haven't made any point and you accuse me of shifting goal posts? Is this Post about GEJ and APC? Who's being Political now?

      I know you're seriously pissed at the outcome of March 29th 2015 elections and this has made all your political arguments generic. Maybe if you and the remaining 30 million had voted, we wouldn't have Buhari in Aso Rock, so don't wail in this Post about GEJ and APC when we're discussing something totally different. 2019, go out and vote, exercise your civil responsibility instead of watching Kim and Kanye on election day and later accuse the voters of exercising their rights. And oh, my comment is my opinion, I ain't sorry it looks like BS to you. When there's a Post about GEJ's cluelessness and Tompolo's display as the famous Hand of Gbamaturu Kingdom, I assure you I won't lack words for you and your ilk. Till then, please stick to the issue at hand, that's what we're after. Defend Reno and tell us why this sorry piece of article on Ministers' *disagreement* tickles the fancy of wailers. Please do that without telling us about GEJ or APC. Thanks.

    6. U sir have no moral justification to criticise Reno for his article on Amaechi and Kachiukwu when u do the same criticism on GEJ on ur twitter TL. It's sheer hypocrisy. Don't join bad gang memphis.

      As for mentioning GEJ. Ur always so quick to rope him into everything u wanna say. Read ur first comment and see how u had to just mention him. Leave the dude alone. He contested, lost, handed over a united country and has moved on to become internationally celebrated. You shld move on from his matter and advice the incumbent to take the task at hand more seriously.

      Yea,the issue at had is that people like Amaechi (and you) see everything that's to benefit the SE or SS as "non viable" projects tainted with corruption but once it's somewhere else,its ok. People like Kachiukwu don't play politics with issues like this and it's wonderful he put him in his place.

      Huh? You're mentioning Kim and Kanye? Obara Jesus. How did they enter this discussion biko? Is that how u discuss? In a scattered pattern? *jeez*

    7. How somebody's twitter account became a reference point in this argument beats me.

    8. How somebody's twitter account became a reference point in this argument beats me.

    9. Memphis and Sasha! You guys have started. As y'all write/type, please keep it civil and stick to Reno's article above.


      *unofficial moderator*

    10. It is a reference point cos he who must come with equity must come with clean hands.
      Criticizing Reno for the same thing he's guilty of beats me too...

    11. "...Criticizing Reno for the same thing he's guilty of...".

      Hahahaha. Abeg what things am I guilty of? Reno is a failed and disgraceful media aide, embarrassing himself by posing as Wendel Simlin and writing articles on issues where there's none. So please, regale me on how I compare to this sorry individual.

    12. So what is Memphis guilty of? I still don't understand why his twitter account issues should be brought into this just to make a statement.

    13. Reno is a failed and disgraceful media aid cool,so pls tell us who,in the history of Nig,has been a successful media aid? (and what yardstick was used in the assessment?)

    14. @anony,if u think memphis has the right to criticize GEJ (who has left power over a year ago) and Reno has no right to criticize present cabinet members who are in position to shape things in Nig,then I leave u to urself.

      @memphis,still looking forward to ur "holistic" article. You write pretty long epistles criticizing those who criticize this govt. You shld have no problem writing ur own article.

    15. @sasha bone you really do have a knack for digressing as Memphis said. We all know he has been against GEJ on this blog for a year now so why didn't you refer to that? Why bring someone's social media activities on a blog just to make a point? I don't care about your arguments but learn to keep arguments here clean without bringing peoples social activities here just to make a point. This is so wrong. #Imout

    16. Lols. Where do I start...
      Firstly,do memphis a favor and advice him to stay out of GEJ's biz. It's been over a year he left office. Buhari lost elections 3 times and no one is having emotional orgasms over it.

      I keep my arguments very clean. I don't go about calling anyone crack heads simply because I don't agree to their opinion.
      Anyone who thinks it's ok to do it to others inadvertently gives others the permission to do it back at them.

      As for his social media activities,he's an adult. He owns the contents on it. Pointing out the irony (after all he said in response to Reno's article) isn't a crime...


  3. I like the video. I like the write-up. I think Reno made good points.

    That he and his colleagues while in Aso rock didn't do the country well, doesn't mean he has no right to criticise Aso's new residents.

  4. I like the video. I like the write-up. I think Reno made good points.

    That he and his colleagues while in Aso rock didn't do the country well, doesn't mean he has no right to criticise Aso's new residents.

    1. I thought they called that hypocrisy?

    2. Maybe they didn't do well remains subjective but this present crop cld learn a thing or two from them

    3. No, it's called politics.

  5. @Memphis

    Reno Omokri must be your most loathed figure in the Jonathan administration...see vexing.

    @ Sasha Bone

    Wouldn't have guessed that you were this politically inclined. It's refreshing to see ladies take an active role in politics...perhaps the added perspective might be the missing recipe to solving Nigeria's issues.

    Well, I think it’s wrong for universities or higher institutions of learning to have to buy land from whosoever especially when it is a government institution. The development alone that it brings to the surrounding community is enough repayment. From both parties, it appears that this maritime university is not being undertaken for the noble reason of education which worries me about the future of the institution if ever it materializes.


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