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About a week ago I walked into a beauty shop, having recently come to the decision that it's about time I started to pay more attention to skincare, beauty regimens and all of that. It's one of these fancy beauty shops where the sales attendants are sharply dressed with full professional makeup replete with facial contours and inch long false eyelashes. And you know how it is, when you look like a diva you begin to think you're one. Ergo, a shop with sales girls who actually think they're Rihanna and treat some customers like poor little Cinderella. I'd spent most of my time trying not to blow a fuse over the shabby customer service that one is likely to experience at such places. 

After I'd picked up my items, admittedly without paying much attention to the prices because I thought I already had an idea of how much they'd cost, I went over to the counter and waited to make payment. 

"29,600 Naira ma" the cashier said to me

"Twenty nine thousand what? How???" I asked, my surprise so apparent that it told in my voice and drew attention from those nearby. 

The cashier exchanged a sarcastic look with one of her colleagues and turned back to repeat the amount to a befuddled me.  

"Twenty, nine, thousand, six, hundred, naira, ma. That is what the machine says ma". She said to me as though talking to a slow child, for the entertainment of our audience. 

"How?" I asked, still not quite coming to terms with how the four tiny items I picked cost almost 30k. 

"Ok ma, let me explain it for you" she said with pseudo patience as she began to list out each item with the amount. 

When she said the small Neutrogena body oil cost N7,500 naira my jaw nearly dropped. That costs about N3000 in Ebeano! 

"So madam, should I pack it for you?" She asked innocently, but the mischievous curves at the sides of her lips belied her geniality. 

I could feel several pairs of eyes on me waiting to know my next move. I remembered the thirty minutes I'd just spent lingering in the shop gingerly picking out each item. I remembered the mini tantrum I threw when I was tired of being ignored when I needed to be attended to. I called to mind the chic and glamorous ladies in the store, picking and paying for numerous items with ease, most of whom happened to be watching me at the moment. 

My fingers hesitantly strayed towards my wallet to grasp my ATM card while my eyes were having a staring contest with the amused cashier, whose beady eyes I desperately wanted to gouge out by the way. But I digress... 

Fuck it abeg! The economy is hard and there's no way I'm spending that much money on stuff I can buy for less than half that amount! 

"Don't bother dear. I'd buy these elsewhere, at a more reasonable cost." I said with sangfroid as I walked out with as much grace and dignity as I could feign. 

Funny how two years ago I would have paid for those items, even if it killed me! Now I just don't currrr. Who shame don epp?


Who else can relate to this? Have you ever felt "shamed" into paying for something you could barely afford? Have you ever bought something you knew cost way too much just because you were too embarassed to walk away? Most of us have, so let's hear all about it!


  1. Oh yeah,when I was much more younger. Presently, my mouth di very sharp and I would drop them like it's hot. How much is their salary sef? That's what I use to console myself and if they ( shop attendants) were in my shoes, would they pay for these items. Abeg I cannot be ashamed for people who do not even know me outside that place. Who shame really epp? Lol

  2. Lol. I have returned ice cream because the lady served me a medium when I specifically requested a small cup. Ain't no shame here. Can't spend my money and be upset about it. It's my money.

    That's why I hate shops that don't label their products with price tags. If I have to shop with them, I always make sure to confirm the prices before I ask them to tally it up.

  3. Me, i dont guve 2 hoots. I will even advise them on markwting strategies

    1. Ose o! You remind of an online store I called to make an order from. Item cost 2500 then delivery 2000! You say what?! Choi! No o.
      I told her "please can I suggest something? I think you have to change your courier guys, unless your business is making money from that wing too." LOL. I told her about how she could get the service cheaper and why it would be so. I went ahead to send her details of one courier service manager I knew. Order cancelled. Who wants to pay 4500 for a 2000naira item, the price should really be 2000 not 2.5k sef.

  4. I entered a shop in Ikoyi many years ago. The lady said they running a promo - 1 tie costs N2,500 but I can get 3 ties at N2,000. Something like that. I was like "Chai! See mad sales! Im coming back on Saturday"

    That was how I drove all the way from the mainland to Ikoyi on Saturday only for me to realize immediately I walked into the shop that she actually meant - 1 ties costs N2,500 but if I pick 3 ties it would be N2,000 EACH! The other lady forgot to say "EACH" I actually thought I was going to pack 3 ties for a total cost of N2,000.

    I started thinking of the fuel, time and stress I used to get to Ikoyi. Last last I was like fuck it mehn. Ofcourse I didint buy any tie. Shiii..


    1. Ann ahn but Kon are you a tiff?!!! ROTFL

    2. As in ehn. Shld v just confirmed if u heard right. No b only 3 2000naira.

    3. ROTFL!!!

      SO you did not now buy anytin at all? not even 1 tie?

    4. Who tie help?
      Except it serves a better purpose, in bed that is.

  5. Nba. During Easter festivities, that was how I went to the cinema with hubby to watch Superman Vs Batman or whatever and usually, they used to have these special ticket for couples that will include either one large pringles or popcorn with two pet drinks at 2,500. Only for them to tell us the promo wasn't on that particular movie and that each ticket would cost 2,500 each without any sides or whatever, so we might end up spending almost 8k or more on top film wey go dey tubidy in 2 weeks, I told hubby there was no way we were paying that much for the movie o and I was listing the items I could buy with the money there and then, the attendants were laughing at my drama but I didn't care, I even jokingly asked them if they would pay for the movie if in my shoes. Hubby told me that we should just let it go for that day, I no gree o. We went back the following weekend and they were showing the movie for 1,500 each, hubby that really wanted to watch the movie sef slept through most of it.
    There ain't no shame in what I chose and how I chose to spend my money.

  6. First off, there are some stores I don't even go to to buy stuff, as I know their prices would be ripping me off, compared with other stores- same quality and size.
    Then if I go to a very fancy looking store, I usually pick just one of the things I want,and then check or ask for prices of items I'm familiar with - price and otherwise, to give me an idea of what their pricing system is like.
    I don't think I've ever bought anything because of shame. Mba nu! I have the money madame, but I just won't buy because your store has lots of spotlights and 'show glass'.

    I had this experience just last week, a supplement I had seen to cost about 3500 maximum, was tagged at 4520. I told the two people and a half attending to the Mister I was with and I, (a half because one guy was putting his eyes our way, instead of facing his work. Imagine all those people just to attend to us. Do they do this to make people shame-shop?), "thanks but I'd buy else where, you guys want to charge me for plenty lights and show glass" they were laughing. I told Mr, please let's leave and we left.
    We went to another store- the Mister likes fancy stores too much, lol. Same price inflation ish. I just told the ladies "see, these items cost 5700 and 3500 not 6500 and 4000, so let me just leave." they said I should give them a minute and contacted their manager who said I could pay for them at the prices I gave! Whoops! I 'priced', lingo for bargain, in a fancy store and the Mister, I think, was shy for me. Lol. We got our items anyway and he was like 'na wa o, these stores sef.'
    I could buy if it's slightly inflated and that should not be more than 200 NGN o.

  7. Lol. Thelma I no blame u oo,this economy now ehhhh,look at d price diff BTW them now, 4k,MBA oooo. I have never bought anything out of shame before ooo. Me I no dey send. Anytime I come to d island, I don't even bother entering those beauty shops. I remember entering one at d palms and I wanted to pick a color of classic lipstick I saw there and they told me 2k. I said what?? Classic lipsticks I buy for 500from beauty shops on the mainland and I can bet my life that it's d same. I told d babe not to bother biko. I just jejely turned back and d girl was laughing, I no even look her face because she sef no fit buy am.

  8. The younger me would have paid in shame, but this new me??? No freaking way!!!!
    If the sales rep is rude I lecture her on customer service and conclude by asking her how much she is earning.
    I'm so proud of this woman I have become. I look at myself in the mirror everyday and I ask where this confident woman came from ? Thank God for growth!
    Who shame do epp indeed!!

  9. Yes I have, and I yielded (2 years ago). Mistake I made was smiling and chatting too much with the attendants (fine gehs). I budgeted 20k before I entered. I patted with 54k at the end...still smiling but burning inside. Lol.

    1. Hahaha! As a boss! Did any of the babes give you a call later?


    2. LOL I commend you for maintaining your countenance. It's a brave thing you did brother😂😂

    3. Lol @Kon, fortunately/unfortunately I was "bound" at the to speak.

  10. Maturity has a unique way of shaping our lives positively. Maturity gives you the privilege of saying your mind no matter who is listening.

    1. True.... though I think in this domain, the truth is easier told by females than by males.

    2. ... the *mind* is easier spoken, rather

  11. Soooooo this is how I saw 50% discount on the door of a boutique adjacent blowfish in VI and rushed in before they change their mind . I started shopping without looking at the price tag. First dress they punched in 28,000. I asked the sales lady if the discount has been applied and she replied that they have applied the discount and it is a designer dress that is why I’m getting it that cheap. I was so surprised and looked at the 28,000 dress again and asked what the price was before the discount. The sales girl was just looking at me like Lucozade. I just dropped every other thing and walked away. Let’s say that is the last time I entered any boutique in VI with one big discount at the door. J

    1. Same xperince i had at a shop in Ikoyi. I dont go into any of these shops save for yinka bodyline on awolowo road sometimes.

      I felt at 60 percent discount k would get some bad ass clothes and i walked in. I picked a few dresses n time to pay they said one 38k. I assuemed it was 38k for the 3 or 4 dresses i picked. Low n behold they said one dress is 38k. I said wosai.
      I looked at the fabrics again, shuu, i can get them from yaba market na. I told them ladies thanks but no thanks.

      Went n got me some materials gave my vad ass tailor.
      After i assessorized finish hmmmm i looked n smelled like a billion dollars.

  12. Kai Thelma, correeect babe, everybody dey feel am for this economy. No shaming.

  13. Thelma, I was about to smack your head to reality for where ever I was as I read through... Thank Goodness u quickly realised the economic situation. *hian.
    Hi-five my love!

  14. Lol... I have o, too many times to count but lately, I've started giving myself brain. I can't be throwing money that is not available away. These days, I don't enter those shops infact, I no dey comot from my house, transport don cost.


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