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Monday, 6 June 2016

Some Type Of Way...

My weekend was simply divine. On Friday night I opted to stay home and had a blissful time in bed, reading, watching reruns of my Favourite comedy series and sipping some wine. This was after I'd messaged Sasha bonĂ© asking if she wanted to do movies and drinks and she replied my message THREE hours later saying Okay. Turned out the moment had passed and I was just fine in my little corner of the world. Much later at night a friend whom I'd made late night plans with called to say he was on his way but I was way too comfortable at home to bother with getting off the bed, so I cancelled. 

The weekend continued in a blissful haze, I eventually went out on Saturday and had one of those moments that's just so much fun, you have no idea where the time went. And that's how I was in that moment until Sunday came. 

Sunday was the climax. That special someone came into town and as though that wasn't climatic enough we found ourselves at the best birthday party everrrrrr and I found myself seated on the same table with Don Jazzy. Gasp! 

Like that wasn't enough, we got invited to this other after party that put me in the "I must make money in this life" mood. LOL. It was ethereal. That's the only word that describes it. 

Yet I woke up today, hale and hearty with the week looking very promising, BUT I found myself feeling some type of way. I scrolled through my phone looking for someone to call, someone to talk to. The only problem was I couldn't find the words to say. I didn't know just how I was feeling. I wasn't depressed, I wasn't unhappy. I'm not broke or lacking anything. I'm in good health and everything is fine, to the best of my knowledge. There's nothing in particular lacking in my life right now. Yet, I had this feeling of emptiness. I felt so indescribably empty. 

Out of ideas, I then decided to pray. I didn't ask for anything, I simply thanked God. It was a prayer of worship, thanksgiving and gratitude. And then I committed everything to God, just in case there's something untoward my spirit is sensing that I can't see with the physical eyes. 

I did feel better afterwards but I found I was still in need of some cheering up. And I had just the right medicine; Instagram! 


You see, I'm becoming addicted to IG, not because of the fancy pictures, the "perfect" lives or the glamour, but because it's the one stop place for the most hilarious jokes. Just follow the right handles and you would often find most of your day filled with laughter. 

With God's assurance in my mind and laughter in my spirit, my mood was suddenly lifted and I'm feeling great again. Once again, I'm ready to take on the world! Yippee!!!

I'd like to know what you do when you're feeling down. Do you wait till it blows over? Is there someone in particular you talk to? Do you ignore the feeling and just get on with life? Do you, perhaps, "ingest" something (LOL)? Does sex boost your mood? Is there something you do that gets you out of the blues? What's your "Feel Good" go to? 

Do share, I might like to try your tips too. 

I wish us all a week that might start in uncertainty but would surely end with fulfillment and praise. 



  1. Most times when I'm down I just pray, get myself a good book or I decide to bake or experiment with food.

  2. Did you have to cast me laidat? Ok,we shall do it this week. Wys?

  3. Thanks for the good wishes, I wish you same and other ttb readers.
    As regards this issue, social media is the last place I want to visit because it makes me feel like everybody else's life is perfect except mine, especially on IG. What I do to get out of bad moods is to listen to inspirational messages from pastors, my favourite is Pastor Kingsley of David Christian Centre. Sometimes I pray, depending. Lastly, I might opt to see an interesting movie of my choice, with a friend or alone at cinemas.


  4. Dear Thelma,

    During the weekend. Did you get some D? After having so much fun over the weekend, some D would have helped you get things rolling on a Monday morning. What you should have done this morning is just order some D from your regular supplier.


  5. Whenever I feel lonely, boyfriend-less or like i might never find love.... My dear friend(Mcmayor)helps me feel better

    Whenever I feel scared or worried about work... Family... Friends... Mcmayor!

    Whenever I feel empty... Jesus on speed dial! And also when I need to be reassured about anything.

  6. I was reading and almost commented wtout reading to d end,was like it's normal to experience such moods, it's nothing to blow outta proportion, but den I eventually dd read to d end and I was relieved WEN I got to d u got down on ur knees part.
    WEN I'm in such a mood, I usually lock myself up in my room till d mood blows over or I talk to a special friend. Neva tried d praying part (covers face).
    Quite an awesome weekend u had, great week ahead.

  7. I hardly ever feel down, but if i do, most tyms I ignore d feeling and move on with life, and yes social media helps a lot, the hilarious jokes n videos is all I'm there for.. no time to look at pples pictures! And yes sex also brightens my mood, to b honest, it relaxes me n I tend to forget all life's issues.. ok bye!

  8. It happens to me, I usually call my sis and just tell her i feel empty. Pray then go grab a cup of coffee my latest addiction

  9. I either ignore it or go see a movie.

  10. I either sleep, read blogs, check Instagram , call ma cousin and sometimes a friend. Its sleep most time though .
    U sure had a great weekend Thelma!
    Dunno what I will do when I sit that close to DON JAZZY!!!!!! Jeeezzzzzzzzzz

  11. Its either I pray or watch funny videos like you said. Pictures too makes me laugh especially those funny memes.

    Off to IG.


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