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Thursday, 21 July 2016

All a Man Wants. (The Toke Makinwa-Maje Ayida- Anita Solomon Love Triangle).

"Ladies, ladies, ladies, men dont need love, men dont need good food, men dont even really need good sex, ALL WE NEED IS RESPECT,. When we tell you stay at home and dont go out, or give you instructions we are not being disrespectful we are simply excersicing our god given right as the head of the family to fashion out our future with you. Even International football teams have a head coach who directs the team. We know you have to have a social life, we know you have an opinion but it must be done in moderation. Stay at home and take care of your husband or someone else will. My wife told me she had a training at work for a week and wanted to stay at her aunts house so she could get to work early bcos of lekki traffic, i told her i didnt like the idea but told her i would volunteer to wake up at 4.30am in the morning so i could drive her to work, she did independent woman and still went to her aunts house to stay and when i called her to convey my displeasure she blocked my line. She has been there for 1 and a half weeks, Im now cheating on her with a 25yr old hot girl in our estate and God forbid if she gets pregnant for me i will soo accept it as my 36yr old wife has no kids for me yet. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies its very simple…… DISRESPECT YOUR MAN= GETTING CHEATED ON"

Above comment left by a Dele on Bella Naija on the Anita Solomon post. Remember all that brouhaha, that ruckus that broke the Internet when Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida's marriage came crashing because she found out that his side chic was pregnant for him? Well the side chic in question is Anita Solomon and she recently celebrated the 1st birthday of her and Maje's little son. 

As you can imagine, almost everyone who likes gist has an opinion on this matter. From what I noticed, most ladies took Toke's side, blaming Anita for getting pregnant for a married man, whether or not they were dating before... The men on the other hand are bashing Toke seriously. According to them she deserves to be dumped, she deserved to be cheated on, she deserves this because she was still forming "Miss Independent", she was still doing MTN everywhere you go and attending every party and social event even though she was married. She was still very flashy, packing 10 packs of human hair on her head, bleaching her skin and fixing fake lashes, while Anita is the gentle simple girl with natural beauty... 
      None of these members of the court of public opinion know any of the parties concerned personally but somehow they all know who was good, who was bad and who deserved what. Oh, very few had anything to say about Maje, the one person who should actually be under heat in this triangle, but #itsamansworld. 

In any case the comment above piqued my interest. Now brother Dele is cheating with an estate girl after asking his wife to please go from home, even offering to go and drop her off as early as 4.30 in the morning. Would you say his present actions are justified? 

Let's talk. 

Just to voice my own opinion of Mr Dele, me thinks Mrs Dele is probably not in her aunt's house. Seems to me like Mrs Dele might have her own little something on the side. And/or she simply doesn't care what happens in her absence. Looks to me like Mrs Dele doesn't really love Mr Dele anymore. 

Which brings me back to what Mr Dele says he and other men want. Dear Men, if a woman loves you, you would neither have to beg nor demand for respect. Respect is a natural byproduct of our love, when we love you, we respect you by default. It is practically impossible for us to love and not respect you. So, be more interested in winning and keeping your woman's affection than in gaining her respect. #misplacedpriorities. 


  1. 1) " don't need love...ALL WE NEED IS RESPECT...". Osheyy.

    2) "...When we...give you instructions...we are simply exercising our god given right as the head of the family to fashion out our future with you...". Loool.

    3)"...we know you have an opinion but it must be done in moderation...". In other words, be an ewe 70% of the time. Hehe..

    4) "...Stay at home and take care of your husband or someone else (e.g. Edible Catering) will...". LAAL.

    5) "...when i called her (wifey) to convey my displeasure (of not being a yard-wife) she blocked my line...". End time blocking..

    6) "...I'm now cheating on her with a 25yr old hot girl in our estate and God forbid if she gets pregnant for me i will soo accept it...". Wait...GOD forbid she gets pregnant, yet you're so ready to accept what GOD will forbid? Hohoho.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know about you but it was hilarious reading this comment from someone trying to mask his stupidity. I laughed so hard at the blocking part.

    1. Memphis thank you o... Hahahahaha... I thought I was the only one who realized how stupid his comment was. Lol... Everybody putting opinions everywhere, God help us

  2. Se oro ni yen

    This niggur is high as high can be. If he wants to cheat bike he ahould cheat and stop blaming his wife.

    So i should act dump just because i marry abi. These kind of men want women they can control and subdue.
    Submissiveness should not be cinfused with subservience.

    As for Maje, fact is that he aint in love with Toke, never was. She knew and kept hanging on.
    At least popular gist says he cheats on Anita as well with his group of waka waka frnds.

  3. Whatever rocks his boat.

    There are different templates on what a man wants. Love,no love. Food,no food. Sexy,no keep it natural and simple. Hustler, no, a man wants to knw you need him. Honestly it's getting exhausting. One man's template is just that - his template. Let his woman conform to it and while we spare every other woman the pressures of it.
    As long as Nig men insist that an open marriage is their exclusive right (exercising their polygamous right),all these templates wld just turn system error.

    Dear ladies: Do you ok and be happy being you..

  4. @Thelma: There are cases of there being love but respect lacks in the relationship. Love and respect dont always come together. Some men/women are just hard headed and wont always respect their partners wishes/feelings.

    Lets forgive this guy. Obviously he is writing from a frustrated point. How can a wife block her husbands calls?? And she left the house for over a week?? Her actions kinda say she is no longer interested in the guy, which is why the guy too has moved on + he has an extra reason as he is looking for a child so he will gladly be having unprotected sex. Obviously the one to blame in this matter is the wife. His actions are justified (taking out religion)


  5. As a yoruba girl, trust me that lady dint go for any workshop. shes "under abo" prophets protection or following some instruction because of her child bearing issue.except ofcourse they are having issues in their home or she just wants space. else why block ur husbands nos simply because u did contrary to what he wants??? theres more to her action. no happy woman would reject hubbys kind gesture to drop her off n pick her up. who know she might b having an affair as well.

  6. Thank you memphis. He is truly jst trying to mask his stupidity. i pity women who are married to men who reason like this.


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