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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

#Chified. What Do You See?

Is the person in the image above familiar to you? Have you seen her pictures on social media before? When you see her pictures what comes to your mind? 

I never knew who she was until I started seeing her photos on some gossip blogs, with the obvious intention of attracting traffic and comments, because the bloggers know just the kind of reactions this kind of pictures would get. 

There's no name that some wouldn't call the person in this picture and I'd nearly shudder at the hate. Like, if you're that disgusted, why click on the post, why open it, why scroll down?

I don't know why, but from the first I saw her pictures I totally liked her. Chified is an Igbo lady, she's a professional footballer who plays (and lives in) for Denmark, i think. She's also a fitness trainer (duh!) and from her social media bio, she's a budding artiste. 

I searched for her on Instagram and followed her STAT! Some people might see a freak or a lesbian (of which we're not even sure she's one) but I see someone with a beautiful aura. I have a strong admiration for people who are harmlessly 'different' and are not afraid to embrace their uniqueness, especially when they're aware it would get them a lot of flack, bullying, insults and negativity. 
      Also, I don't know if you know much about fitness, but a woman has got to be a beast in the gym to get abs and a toned body like that. I comot cap! Like, I literally nearly die just doing a plank for 60 seconds so #respect! Oh, and I watch her IG videos too, this chica can move for dayssss, as in, the girl can dance, hot damn! 

I'm not sure there's a point to this post but maybe if I can use my own little voice to tell someone who might not like what they see when they look at Chified, to remember that before they voice their ugly opinions they need to remember that she is a person, just like them. In fact, she's probably even better than them; she's talented, she's MULTI talented, she's disciplined (you've got to be to have that body!), she's got team mates and fans who love her, she's most likely richer than they are, also remember she's somebody's child, and most importantly, she's just doing her. If you cannot respect that, the least you can do is leave her be!

I know not everyone would share my views and you're free to state yours... 

And on that note I'm back to Instagram to continue ogling God's diverse beautiful creations. Goodnight! 

Photo source: Instagram; @chified 


  1. Sweet

  2. She's obviously a lesbian or she better be because no man is going to want to hit that.

    1. Says who? You will be surprised...she might have many men queuing up to hit it.

      I wouldnt tho..


  3. Haha..Don't say that jor,Kon might have an opinion about hitting that..��������TNHW

  4. All I see is the abs!!!no comment...TNHW

  5. Replies
    1. O Chified mehn yo!

      LOL Memphis hapu m aka biko.

  6. I would believe she finds joy and fulfillment in being that way. That's all that matters, not (common) people's opinion.

  7. her body is amazing. .. n i'm a lady... a Lil make up n a full head of hair and all I see is a really beautiful woman.. I wish I had those abs and arms.. no joke

    1. And arms ke? 😳😳😳

      The abs yes! Arms? No no!!!

  8. Whatever rocks her boat biko. I saw one of her Instagram videos where she addressed the issue regarding what people say about her and her sexuality. Her gestures in the video was a total turn off.

    The first time I saw her pictures it was kind of amusing but now I am just bored.

  9. Lovely abs but the other parts mba oooo. Mabel


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