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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Chronicles of an EDO Girl – (Episode 2- How it all started)

Last week we brought you episode 1 of Chronicles of an Edo Girl (Here). Today we continue!

Being born into a poor family isn’t easy, especially when you have goals and aspirations. But never has being poor and beautiful, bold and sexy at distant length. Sense of pride you might want to call it. Poor family, beautiful siblings and here she was, the eldest.
She smiled as good memories of her dad flashed back to her; and she had quite a number of them. Daddy’s girl? Who cares, she’s always loved her dad.
He tried his best to provide for all five (5) of them and their mum; but it wasn’t easy. He was a very handsome man such that the ugly wrinkles of poverty and old age couldn’t hide his charm. People often said she got her good looks from her dad. She couldn’t recall best memories of her childhood without mentioning her dad because she was very fond of him.
Isoken could vividly remember the last time she saw her dad…
It was the day before she lost him to the wicked hands of death. The dirty-brown caftan he wore as he asked for dinner, of which she had cooked his favorite.  How dramatic, she’d thought. Maybe if she didn’t cook his favorite probably he’d still be alive. Isoken had wanted to blame it on herself. She was 18 years old then and that was the saddest day of her life. Her family members were about to have dinner when they got a call that her dad had been in a ‘hit and run’ accident on his way back from work the next day. He was rushed to the hospital by a Good Samaritan; but died shortly before they arrived. No one was able to say goodbye to him not even Isoken. It was the most terrible day in her family, mum was scared for her. Could she survive without him?
Life got very hard for them; her mother couldn’t keep up with fending for all five of them because she was a petty trader. Being the first child, Isoken had a lot to do as the responsibility of taking care of her siblings also rested on her. A few months after her dad’s demise, all they could think of was feeding. She saw how her dreams of attending the university became more and more vague and help wasn’t coming from anywhere.
“She should marry him, so the burden can reduce in the family”
“I don’t see why she can’t marry; after all she is 18 years old”
“She is the first daughter, so she has to help her family”
“She should travel to Italy, where she can make money to help her family”
“Mama Isoken, keep quiet, crying will not solve the problem”
Isoken was literally shaking where she was standing while eavesdropping on their conversation. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she listened to her uncles and aunts. They were so careless in the way they spoke about her future. They were mostly illiterates and impoverished so one wouldn’t expect much from them. Her life was going to take a very different route that she never imagined. She had plans of going to the university to become a banker and she studied hard in high school to excel in all her exams. Her dad had promised to sponsor her through school as soon as he could afford it. ‘Daddy, where are you?’ she’d ask herself.
She thought about what she would do. She wanted to run away, but she couldn’t leave her mum and siblings. She didn’t have the heart. Also, that would bring the same fate to her immediate younger sister Itohan who was just 15 then.
She knew her mum wouldn’t be able to do much against her in-laws….
The days leading up to when the emergency family meeting held, from when her dad died, she noticed that her boyfriend Odion from high school had noticeably withdrawn from her. She couldn’t quite understand why because Odion had been her friend and lover since she was 16. Sweet memories of the good times they spent together, made her smile. From the awkwardness of her 
rejecting sexual advances to eventually giving in right after their final exams. Odion’s twin brother Owohkan and best friend Jude encouraged their escapades by suggesting  ‘coded venues for them to meet; they were quite an ‘adventurous pair’.
It broke her heart terribly that he would go AWOL on her because it was a sensitive period in her life when she needed him the most. She tried severally to reach him to no avail.
Somehow, she heard one of her uncles mention OKOSUN during their discussion; which co-incidentally happens to be Odion’s surname. She couldn’t quite piece it together because she was eavesdropping into their conversation from a distance. Her suspicions were that maybe they had somehow found out about them and have warned their son to steer clear.
Unlike her family, the Okosun family is a very big family of royal descent. Her relationship with Odion was secret because they both didn’t have the nerve to let their parents know. They both lost their virginity to each other and have been secret lovers since then. Little did she know things could be worse.
She was absolutely shocked and bemused the next morning when her mum called her to discuss something important with her…. she knew the issue was a serious one when she saw tears in her mum’s eyes as she spoke.
“Isoken? I don’t want this for you, but you have to do this for your family, she said. A Chief is interested in you and has promised to take good care of you and your siblings if you agree to marry him”
Tears rolled down her cheeks as she listened to her mum. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had thought things like this only happened in ‘tales by moonlight’.
“Being the eldest daughter, your uncles have agreed to give your hand in marriage to chief Okosun who has indicated his interest in marrying a young beautiful virgin from our family.”
Chief Okosun is Odion’s father, he already has four wives and to make matters worse, Isoken had already lost her virginity to his seventh child Odion….
Errm mum….

…To be cont’d


Written by Female Mondial. To read more visit her blog where she shares her thoughts and stories on the woman experience. 



  1. Can't wait to see the rest..TNHW

  2. Its difficult for me to enjoy this. Why did u use my name???

    1. No vex Isoken, we both know the writer wasn’t in anyway referring to you. Sentiments aside, we also can agree that it’s been a good story so far.

      Earnestly looking forward to the third installment.

    2. My dear Isoken, I'm sure the writer is from Edo state hence the name.
      No harm intended.
      Live and let live...

  3. Continue please... I love this, beautiful story.

  4. Isoken Isoken, can't wait for the next one oh..... Female mondial. Where u at?

  5. wooooooow, please finish this, been looking forn the complete parts. nice nice nice i must say,


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