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Friday, 1 July 2016

Mr Steal Your Grandma

I saw these pictures circulating the internet yesterday. His name is Irvin but he's been christened #MrStealYourGrandma. Hehe. He's really hot, don't you agree? 

So ladies, would you hook with guy up with your mama or would you keep him for yourself? *winkwink*

... Just some morning eye candy for the ladies. 

Happy new month everyone!

Seriously asking now, ladies if you're single and a good looking man of this age asks you out, would you give it a shot or nah? (Look carefully at these pictures before you answer. LOL) 


  1. Professor Okere joins the 6-Park(ing)beard-gang!



  2. Professor Okere joins the 6-Park(ing)beard-gang!



  3. This guy is not old na. He is a young guy that has white beard.

    My colleague in the office is young with white beard all over, even hair in his nose is white.

    Im hotter than him *Walking away slowly*


    1. Even hair in his nose is white? Eeeeeewww!

    2. you're right, Kon. His skin also looks very clear and tight with no wrinkles, indicating that he's still relatively young. The guy seems a bit up himself - I just might pass.

  4. If I was singl . Over giving shot would be worrying me sef. Dude's swag is dripping though a Lil vain if I may add.

  5. I would so give him a chance...There is something about older guys that makes my leg twirl,hmmmm🙈🙈🙈🙈TNHW

  6. I will definately give him a shot o, haaaaan, i am the kind to date an older man than a younger dude.

    This is bae..... (make my husband no catch me o)


  7. Happy new month everyone and yay the guy ain't bad but not sure about giving a try though

  8. His swag is on point but he's too old...


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