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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Of Alex Ekubo & Others. Dear Future...

To Whom it may Concern

Dear Future Wife, I’m writing you this letter, from the deepest part of my Heart, the part that is reserved for Joh-loff Rice & goat meat, so pls feel special. Consider this a pointer or heads-up & act accordingly.

1. You MUST love our Lord Jesus Christ, with all sincerity, in deeds & in purpose.#JesusIsBae 
2. i’m filled with Simple Complexities & Complex Simplicities… #DealOrNoDeal? 
3. I’m NOT here to pay for your Ex’s mistake, i was not there when you both were “doing” so pls don’t punish me. #InnocentMe
 4. I’m a huge kisser, key word HUGE.😘 5. Pls forgive me for all i’ll say when i’m hungry I Love FOOD i really do.😍 6.I love play i don’t take myself too serious, you shouldn’t too (nobody cares) there are more important things going on in the World. 
7. Hope you love to travel, because i am Ajala the Traveler.✈️
8. Pls be beauty with Brains, i take God beg you, because beauty fades, but an intelligent wife is forever.👩🏽 
9. Pls pls pls pls come with factory fitted sense of humor. (Nothing is that serious). 
10. Lastly, you must acknowledge the AlexxEkubo Wives Association Worldwide (A.W.A) they’v been my support structure holding me down all the while you were forming “Baddest girl ever liveth” they were here voting & encouraging my ministry, don’t come & put sand-sand in their garri. 😕

Hope with these few points of mine i’ve been able to convince you & not confuse you. See you at the Altar 💍👫 Sincerely yours,
Best Husband Ever Liveth 👑

LOL, we hear you Alex. 

Anyone else want to pen a little something to their past, present or future spouse?

I'll go first. 

Dear future husband,
I hope you like guinea fowl as much as I do. It's my latest discovery, especially when it's roasted or fried and very very spicy. Yum yum yum! The thing is, I need somebody that likes it as much as I do so that when you wake up at 1am and see me chowing down fowl in bed, you will just smile and go back to sleep, or join me (preferably go back to sleep LOL), no questions asked. 

PS; visitors shall be served chicken, goat meat or whatever. Guinea fowl is naturally tiny, ironically expensive and quite scarce, we can not be dishing it away like dat. 


Your turn!


  1. Dear future wife,

    I love cats (and dogs), and even if you don't love them, no worries, we won't have them for as long as possible, though I can't promise you the restrictions will be tough.

    That's all for now. By the way, what's the meaning of "...Simple Complexities & Complex Simplicities..."? All I see is " life is complex so be ready for any major shit from me...". Lol.

  2. Yh,pls come with a factory fitted sense of humor. I'm a sucker for laughs and if humor is ya problem,we wld work on it.
    Also pls,i don't like dogs (or maybe I do,i donno). If u must own a dog, they must be the specie that never grows.
    Also,I hope we are compatible with food. Meaning I hope u like meals I like eg Ora soup and I hope I like the meals u like and if along the way u become vegan,pls don't make me cook ur vegan meals. Pls. I'm not that curious when it comes to food.

  3. Dear future husband,

    Please i did not come to this world to suffer, so if you know you haven't made enough money for me and the kids kinldy take some more years and hustle hard.

    1. Na your husband come world come suffer abi? *sigh. And they will be asking for gender equality.
      U better go and hustle hard for your own money my friend.

    2. Uyi y u always attacking ppl though?

  4. I have wife already...but..

    Dear future self of wife:
    1) The way things are going I doubt by sex drive will calm down anytime soon. So prepare your mind.
    2) I want to travel the world. So you too double up on the hustling so we can afford it.
    3) I want to do bungee jumping, sky diving, get on the highest roller coasters and deep sea adventures. It would be nice if your start chopping liver now so you dont fall hand.
    4) I want to be young forever. Get with the programme


  5. Dear future husband, pls learn not to string me along. Thank u

  6. Dear future husband,
    Hope u love GOD so much? Cos I want us to pray together and attend all church programs with the kids.
    I also hope u are romantic and have a factory fitted sense of humor(lol@ sasha bone)
    I also hope u are responsible and not stingy.
    I also hope you don't and would never cheat....cos I don't belong to the school of tot that says 'All men cheat'
    One more....Am expecting you this year by GOD'S grace.

  7. Dear future husband,

    I dont mind if you climb 7 mountains and swim through 7 seas to attend churches in the quest for miracles. I will pack a bag for you and kiss you goodbye but.....

    the Thunder......
    the thunder ......
    the thunder that will fire you will come twerking if you irritatingly insist i attend church every sunday or hop around churches for so-called miracles. (In Nkechi's voice)

    I aint cut out for such bullshit!!

  8. Dear future wife

    Just be the most pragmatic, spiritual, optimistic and supportive partner that you can possibly be.

    And please learn how to cook (south-south) banga soup with big snails and I will pound the yam, don't worry.

    God be with us as we find ourselves, amen.

  9. Lolz @all the comments.
    In addition to all em God-fearing, humorous, lovey-dovey, adventurous typa qualities

    Dear Future Hubby
    I hope u re AA too. Don't want no AS kid as I love dem so much in advance already, to save em d stress of being restricted. Thank you as catwalk away rolling my eyes 😆😝😜😎

  10. Lol...Funny comments.

    Dear Future Hubby,

    I love you already so that won't be a problem. Never do anything to break it because you have only on strike after that you are out(not necessarily divorce).
    I have a crazy sense of humor,you need to have one too.
    I love to cuddle come prepared.
    Traveling is in you baby's agenda please don't come and cramp her style.

    That will be all for now,till we meet at the altar. Quirky.


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