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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Orange Trees, Changing Clouds and The Devil.

I'm thinking now and it's taken me back and I'm just sitting here laughing at myself like how could I have really thought those things were true? 

So these are some of the myths I was told as a child. 

If I swallow orange seeds, an orange tree will grow on my head. 
If someone walks over my outstretched legs, my children will look like them. 
If you're making pretend postures, eg walking like a bent old man, and the cloud changes you will remain like that forever. 
If two people are talking and someone walks in between them, they will quarel very soon. 
If food falls on the ground, you must not pick it up and eat it, it now belongs to satan. 
If I swallow chewing gum it will glue my intestines together. 
When twins are born, the first to come out is actually the younger one. He was sent by the older twin to first come check if the world is good. 

LOLOLOLOL. Did you hear any of these when you were little? Share those ridiculous myths you were told when you were young, let's laugh together. 



  1. -If a kid passes between your legs, you'll give birth to a kid with no head.

    -If it rains the same time the sun is up, an elephant is giving birth somewhere.

    -When lightening strikes and you whistle almost immediately, the thunder won't be so loud.

    -If you hear your name once and don't see who's calling, don't answer. Make sure you hear it a 2nd time, then it's safe to answer, because evil spirits also call but call your name once.

  2. If you want your parents to forget about the wrong you did, pull your eye lash and drop in front off their room door for them to step on

    1. Chai! I tried this thing for Iya Kabuoy! Ko funny rara. One of the very few times she ever layed hands on me... 😂

    2. I remember this one, it actually worked for me.

  3. If you put your hands under the rain and thunder strikes, your hand would be amputated.

  4. If u kill wall gecko,ur fingers wld bend. Myth or no myth,till date I ain't killing no gecko..

  5. If you kill a spider,you will pee on ur bed...

  6. If you cross your middle finger over your index finger, your wrong doings will be forgotten.
    If you have a big abdomen, rub a coin on it and use the same coin to buy something from a pregnant woman and eat whatever you bought alone, your abdomen would become small.

  7. If you allow a boy touch you, you would get pregnant.

    Yes, I know this was common but it almost killed me. I was in primary two or so, aged 6/7 when I noticed I was feeling terribly nauseous and would have a lot of saliva rush into my mouth a couple of times in a day. I concluded I was pregnant because I shared a desk with a boy of same age in class and decided to keep 'the secret' to myself as I was sure my mother would kill me if she got to know.

    The condition degenerated and I couldn't hide 'the pregnancy' anynmore....I landed in the hospital and it happened I was pregnant with worms and not a baby.


    1. LOL... oh F, that's hilarious!

      Reminds me of when I was like 8/9 and used to hear about girls/women falling pregnant because they "slept with a man". I concluded once a man and woman sleep in the same room, then BAM like that, they get pregnant. Then my aunty comes one day and talks about how she was travelling in a group with all these people (men and women) and I think their car broke down so they all slept in one room and I was so confused why she wasn't pregnant since she slept in the same room as a man/men... smh. childhood is a very confusing period, I tell ya!

    2. LOL. Most of these myths were told to virtually all children then.

  8. Mango and garri eaten together is poisonous. But wait, is that a myth? I still don't know, I've been to scared to try :(

  9. My grandma always told me " when eating with your hands and your index finger touches your nose, you will die"


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