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Surprise Me!

It's simple, I want to read and gasp!

Tell me something that will surprise me. It could be something about you or someone else, all that matters is that it's fact. 

So what's that secret that no one knows, that confession that makes you cringe, that crazy stuff no one would believe actually happened... Let it all out!

Guys, it's Friday night, I'm all alone, I'm bored and you're all I've got right now. Surprise me!


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    1. Lol. Thelma asked us to surprise her, this isn't surprising it?

    2. Lol... it'll only surprise me after I've known his age..

  2. Left a girl stranded when I was totally sure, as she told me before leaving her house, that she's without any Naira. Still don't know how she got home that evening.

    Crazy me, Never saw her again

  3. I still bedwet at age 25. I've fasted, prayed and done all I could but it won't stop.

    1. Omg! God is still the Ultimate healer dear. Try to forget abt that specific prayer of yours and just focus on knowing God a lil bit more. Meditate consciously on His words, Learn to love Him whom you pray to, cultivate a loving rship btw you two and u wdnt even know when d bed wetting ceases! U re already healed.

    2. I did too, even past 25yrs old. And then it stopped one day. Keep praying and believing.

    3. I bedwetted for a long time although sparingly into my early twenties. As much as you fast and pray there's also the need to take necessary actions. Reduce your intake of meals especially water late in the night. Relieve yourself as many times as possible - just before bed and during conscious moments in the night. Those dreams where you think you are in the convenience and ease yourself right on the bed, when you encounter them, get up and use the convenience. In my experience, with time, it becomes less frequent till it stops.

  4. A pregnant woman's 'ehem ehem' changes. Both labia enlarge and the vulva goes really pink. When you look at it, it really resembles a snail. Then the walls of the vaginal canal become ridged. Then in the last eight weeks, with increased pressure from the pelvis, it starts to protrude. So, not only do you have a bigger 'ehem ehem', it's sticking out.

    By the way, you can only see it with a mirror. You don't see little friend for like four or five months.

    Are you surprised?


    1. Mallama,I am surprised..Things women go through😩😩..TNHW

    2. I'm not really sure whether I understand this 🤔🤔🤔 na so I daft throway?

    3. Mallama, nice to see you are still with us.

  5. I have been married for 14 years, no issue. I am going to be 38 this year, my husband is 40 today.whenever I tried to talk to him abt seeing doctors, he always refused.So, I was moving from doctor to doctor, cos I have a cyst, and then I had fibroid, but the doctors always said I should be able to take in, and the cysts and fibroid where not in places that should obstruct my getting pregnant. But I kept feeling maybe it's d fibroid, I took herbs, I even did d surgery eventually.
    My mil is another issue. Whenever my husband will agree sef to see a doc with me, he will go and tel his mother, I dnt know what she tells him, next thing he won't go again. She started becoming kinda nasty over the years, not as nice as she used to be, she says things like how her son is 1st son, and I want to throw their family name wt selfishness(whatever that means o).
    Anyhow, abt 4 years ago, 10years into d marriage, I told my oga, come, let us adopt, maybe our own blessing will come from the love we show a child in need of this love, he agreed with me that day o, as usual, oga went to mil, and that was it. This woman insulted me, how I was wicked, that real women will even go and get a wife for the husband to bear children, that I have made her son scared of me, am using Christianity to deceive him into not having kids from someone else. Said a lot. I cannot type plenty, so am just summarising, but anyway, I finally gave the man by blessing o, I said oga, go and give a willing girl belle, I will not fight you, I will love the child. The mother was there the day I said this, I asked him, should I move out? I dnt mind o, if this is the end of the marriage, cos even I could see how unhappy he was becoming. He said I shouldn't move, that he would share his time with me and d lady in question. Apparently, he had met someone, he now said he wanted to pay her bride price, that it was a condition she gave. I told him no p. When it was just us, he apologised, and gave me land papers, in my name, promised to build it, and will not let his mom know, incase of anything. He also started depositing huge sums once in a while in my account, cos in their place, everything goes to first son when the man dies. I begged for IVF that day, let us try, if it fails, at least we have done what everyone is doing, but he said he dint believe in that. Anyhow, that was how my husband married another woman and started sharing time. At times, a whole week, I will not see him. When he comes, I will cry, he so uncomfortable, 2days he has gone back. They now said d woman had miscarriage one time, and I did not see him for like 2months, we were both in this same town, and yet, we dint see. To cut long story short. The woman lied she was pregnant, I dnt know how they do it, but she was growing and showing signs, but apparently it was fake. Her prophet friend that was doing it with her quarrelled wt her, and exposed it. My oga wanted her to go Abroad to have the baby, but she was insisting on going to the east, to her friend, where no family. After, the friend told my husband, he forced her for a scan, that was how they saw no baby there o.
    oga has moved back, even though the woman and her family are begging, that it was out of love for him. we have gone for test, they say oga has an issue, blocked something something, he has told his mother. The mother came to me, that this is the time to show I am a woman, and win my oga's love for good. That I should do what that woman did basically, cos she wants me to pretend to be pregnant, when we adopt, I will say I gav e birth to the child, that I should not disgrace my husband by admitting it's not our child. Let us adopt openly, no o. They say no, that people will know he has issues. He will lose his seat at home. The village people will laugh at them. The child will not be welcome. So, this is the way to save the issue, and save our face.
    Nwando biko, how do I lie to people I am pregnant? Ehn? Which mouth?

    1. Your husband is sterile. He knows it. If you want a child, you won't get it from him. What some women do, is get pregnant outside and bring it home. You may be asked to do this. Brace yourself.

    2. It is well. Why does your MIL have so much power over your marriage and decisions your family take? Your man should step up and be the man. Is his condition not treatable? Don't let your MIL destroy your home. Pray and break the stronghold she has over your family. Your husband should seek treatment, be prayerful and trust God to bless you with your own children. It will end in praise.

    3. Poster,God would lead you through..When I hear stories like this I shiver and imagine myself in this position...I don't know what I would do mehn,would probably go gaga..TNHW

    4. Wow,if u didn't mention Nwando's name at the end,i wld have believed this was a spam post.

      Donno if I can say anything but since the ball is in ur court,convince him again about IVF. Donno what his test results say but he shldd be able to nut right?

    5. IVF is your surest bet. After that, go and get pregnant from a sperm donor if he can't produce. It's not a crime even considering the circumstances, you have tried. Life happens.

    6. @shahsha bone, when I read the first paragraph I had to scroll down to be sure it was one of those spam post aswell, but the matter hard gahn.

      Poster try speaking to your husband to consider IVF, it seems he is ignorant about the goods it offers. That is your best bet. But if IVF fails and you want to fake the pregnancy, it is as easy as eating wild, gain some excess weight, shower off yourself to everyone that you are in your early pregnancy and of course if is the baby fat, tell everyone that cares to listen that your hubby they send you go America for intensive care, he doesn't want to joke after the long wait. After 3months dissappear to America for real, come back in 10months times and a naija baby is handed to you quietly in the airport ride home. That's all. Eeeerrm breastfeeding nko, you don't do exclusive, your books doesn't produce much, so you compliment with baby food. (This option is when baby is crying for food and you are out of the house or have visitors home).

      Note: having written a nollywood script that played out well for a friend, I must remind you that children are gifts from God, I believe in miracles, I have seen him do the extra ordinary countless swity. Have you looked up to him calmly without praying nor crying just praising him. His arm is not to short to save remember?
      His word says "they looked up to him and they were lightened...and their face were not ashamed" psalm 34. Can you calmly speak his word back to him without crying or shouting? Remind him that his words never returns void,He asked you , "I am the creator of heaven and earth, is there anything to hard for me to do"? Remember Hannah? Yes. He is the healer...His name YAWEH. I call him in my local dialect (Omere ya ubosi oka bu... He did it at the dieing minute or He did it the day it would have 'happened').

      Bye for now.

    7. My dear, both your husband and his mother are very selfish people. For years you begged him to go with you to see a doctor and they both refused. He let you go through the shame and finger pointing especially from his mother alone. He refused to try IVF and refused to adopt a child. Their solution was for him to go and have an affair and bring a child home. Now that it is obvious he's sterile, you're now supposed to help him cover his shame? I am tired tired tired of seeing women go through this hell. How about you tell that your husband that you're not going to lie. Tell him that this is the time to believe in alternatives. Try IVF or adoption that doesn't involve your hiding or faking a pregnancy. If he refuses he should now pay groom price for someone who will knock you up. And allow you to go to him for two months. So he knows how it feels.

  6. After I read the post about the married woman that wants a lesbian experience and the comments section was filled with plenty similar people, I decided to try it out and I loved it. I'm thinking about coming clean with my bf but i don't know if he will see it as cheating or if he will start asking for 3somes. I don't even known which is worse.

    1. U did, it's clap for yaself..

  7. I've refused to 'do'.

    A lot of women think it's impossible for a guy to refuse to 'do' but it's not by force na.

    Is this surprising???

    Nwando, do tell.

  8. 🎶If I start to talk🎶#intiwasavagevoice

  9. Hmmmm... Well i know a woman that confessed to i and my friend that she used jazz to marry her husband. My friend wants us to tell but me no fit o. What is my own.

  10. I slept with someone. You don't wanna know. LOL.

  11. I have never had sex am 33


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