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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Man or His Father?

Do you agree?


This means that you also agree that a man who runs his father's billion Naira empire is not entitled to speak in the council of men who own small scale businesses. Right? 

So my people, let's be honest. Men, who would you rather be? Ladies, who would you rather be with? 

Let's remember the current state of the economy ooo. LOL. 


  1. Crap!

    The next question is - What do I do with my fathers car? Am I able to turn that 1 car to a fleet of cars? If yes then all the men that own bicycles should be quiet while I speak.

    It aint my fault fortune dint smile on your fathers to give you cars. Sorry. Shiii.. Ill come with public address system to the gathering of bicycle owners.


  2. The comment above comes from a place of complex.

    Now, to the man who owns a bicycle, if you father was opportuned to get a car(s)which you are allowed to drive, would be cycling, rather than driving around town?

    If you own a car or cars, would you allow your child to be cycling?

    It's like saying the kid who is lucky to have parents that afford some pocket money for him should hide because a certain Mr. A gets his pocket after some menial job.

    For someone like that, a lot of rich people indulge in money ritual or some shady deals just because his father could not make enough money.

    The fellow above, I'd counsel, should take pride in what he can afford at the moment while he works hard to improve.

    I cannot dismiss the effort some young persons my age put in what they do because their cruise with finer cars and I am stuck (for the time being) with 'Eleanor'.

    P.S: 'Eleanor' isn't even my father's.

  3. Ogogoro na schnapps mbok. Though i would tilt towards a man who made wealth himself.

    My problem is that some of these men who control family wealth were not instilled the values that made or break their fathers, they give them wealth without wisdom. Oh just a very few are responsible enough.

    My 2 cent.

  4. We don't need to remember any state of any economy, Thelma.

    This is pretty straightforward. I don't agree and I don't expect any realistic man or woman to. (Apologies to those who would)

    No be only bicycle. If they do anyhow, I will vex and buy motorcycle for all of them. Can you imagine this quote. *sigh

    They dream to be in the council of men with Cars


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