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Sunday, 17 July 2016

What More Does a Woman Want?

I stumbled upon this memo to ladies on Stelladimokokorkus blog and I just knew this would infuriate a lot of women. Yet all this man did was express the sentiment of a large majority of men. Below are some excerpts. 


 Please stop getting bothered if your hubby has a side chic outside, instead, bother more about how your husband treats you. This is important because the truth is, whether we like it or not, or maybe wish it away or not, 90% of husbands cheat on their wives, of this 90%, 10% of them are not even suspected at all by their wives, only about 10% are faithful for various reasons; upbringing, religion, finance and many more, that is the reality.

Please note this, responsible men are not men who do not cheat on their wives, but men who their family is first irrespective of cheating or not cheating. If your husband provides for you and your household, and loves you and the kids, then he is a good father. Believe me, the good father is still cheating on you and the chances are extremely high.

There are different reasons men cheat. Whether we like it or not, men's sexual urges of attraction are higher than women while women's systems (childbirth, menstruation and hormonal issues)  makes it difficult for a man to get satisfied by his wife alone (not an excuse but the fact). Imagine a woman who is pregnant and is been disturbed by pregnancy, people say to the man, don't sleep with her ooo, so where do you want the man to go for sexual satisfaction? 

This is not a selfish article but reality in black and white.

Again, has anyone heard the expression, "Men are polygamous in nature?", that's crazy but it's the truth, when a man sleeps with a lady for so long, the biting sensation reduces, that maybe why your hubby doesn't rush at you again like he used to during your dating period and does not make you worn out.  It's men's nature and this is another truth.

My advice to women, don't kill yourself checking phones to see girlfriends or side chics, when you know it won't change much but cause issues. Have issues only with hubby if he isn't providing for you, showing you enough love and still cheats on you or maybe he provides for you but he cheats without respect and rubs it in your face as if nothing would happen, perhaps he cheats with your friends. In these cases, he is wicked and you need to speak out for Christ's sake.

But if he takes care of you, respects you and maybe does one or two cheats here and there and hides it from you; loves you and treats you well, please, ignore some messages even if you see them, you could just mention it and let it pass. That is nature.

My advice to men, please, please and please! Love your wife unconditionally, take good care of her but if you don't have money to take care of her and maybe scratch a little for your girlfriend, then don't cheat on your her. Before you give a kobo to a girl, ensure your wife is very comfortable.

For me, this is the truth; I love my wife, I adore her, I provide for her, but she usually has pregnancy stress and I would have to stay away from sex for a while, assure her and be with her, even sleep in the hospital with her but brothers, a few times, I had cheated with a side chic, trust me, I don't forget my condoms to keep her safe. I call her always to make her comfortable, she suspects i'm cheating on her but my caring attitude leaves her confused because I give her time and time again.

Finally, If you leave your caring man just because he cheats 'with respect' on you, trust me, you may run into one who would cheat without respect. So as long as he treats you like an angel, please let peace reign.

You can't win the battle, your great grand mothers didn't win!"

Ladies, most men say when they love and respect you, provide for you and the kids and give you somewhat regular sex, then they're doing ALL that they owe you. Besides if he's kind enough to cheat on you with respect (ie those smart husbands who are practically male sluts but their wives can swear that they have never cheated), then you're married to an angel! What more do you want??? Wouldn't you rather be cheated on with respect? Seeing as not being cheated on is basically impossible, according to the writer? 

What are your thoughts?

My question to the men is this; do you think us women don't get bored of shagging the same damn D everytime too? Jeeeeez! 



  1. can't win the battle, your great grand mothers didn't win!"

    I reject it by fire! I have won the battle! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

    1. Eyahh! Defeat is written all over this comment

    2. Amen. I reject it with you o.

      Hope N

  2. Am with the poster 💯💯...But Thelma me am not tired of shagging the same D oh...😜😜TNHW

    1. LOL me I'm not tired too but sometimes I wish I can taste other D too.

    2. Haha...My imaginations fail me anytime I think about it..😩😩..TNHW

  3. Nature??? Is this poster for real tho! Cheating with/without respect...LOL.
    To me this is just a very funny post. People think it's OK to justify their wrong..
    This also means that a woman can cheat with respect and as long as she's fulfilling her wifely duties.. ok o! Noted#

  4. "There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death" - Proverbs 14:12.

    This is the 21st century, where human beings are hell bent on justifying all manner of atrocities under the sun. Not surprised one bit.

    1. That biblical quote though... I totally support you, Memphis, but aren't we all going to die eventually. Should the idea of 'death' threaten any man or woman really?

  5. This nigga spoke the truth! Like I always say - If you cheat and your wife never finds out then you have not cheated. Thats why I need to find time to write my book "How to cheat and keep your wife happy"

    Ofcourse it goes the other way too - If a woman cheats and the man never finds out then she is an angel. The big question is how do you ensure your partner never finds out. Stay tuned.


    1. Simple! This should apply to both gender... Bottom line still remains, men are usually more sexually active.

  6. Inukwa!!! We are in a world where we paint Sin with words like..."men are polygamous in nature ", "this is my Weakness", blah blah blah. We need to say things as they are! Thank you Memphis for that Scripture reference

  7. When pple start getting bored of shagging the same D or P, that's when they are more likely to cheat!
    True we live in a world where pple rather justify their sin than change. So all these things are here to stay, so to speak.

  8. Women get tired/bored of shagging the same D all the time.
    Women get attracted to other men
    Women do face similar temptation from opposite sex as men do
    A lot of married women cheat without their husbands finding out
    A lot of men would turn in their grave when (if) they realize the kinda shagging their 'saintly/chaste' wife did outside of their marriage.
    Same blood that runs in men runs in women




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