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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

What's Your Forgiveness Worth? (Woman Surprises Her Boo With a G-Wagon!)

Photos/Video: Rich Nigerian woman surprises her man with a G-wagon

This story is trending on Nigerian Social Media. At first people thought it was a man that surprised his girlfriend with the luxury car as an apology gift, but it turns out it was the other way around. According to the person who handled the delivery, (Royal Hugs), a woman hired them to deliver a G.wagon, with a note saying 'I am sorry' to her man on Tuesday. From the videos shared, he actually taught it was a prank at first and also asked if they were serious. Watch the videos after the cut...


  1. hmmmm. When some men will never talk to a lady except if she or her parents are super rich, some people will nick name him snub. You see your life now. Who does not like better and easy life. Ride on bros"" Life does not have duplicate.

  2. The aproko in me wishes to know the offense that warranted a G-Wagon appeasement.

    Cool, really cool.


  3. Something aint right here

    1) Who is the babe? Na sugar mummy? Because young babe will not just take her life saving to buy Gwagon for man.
    2) What could she have done that she gaz use Gwagon to beg? Is it that serious?
    3) What car is the guy using right now? What car is the babe using right now?
    4) And finally.....did the guy forgive her?


  4. lol. If I have better money I won't mind buying an expensive gift for my husband. He deserves it and will do same for me. In my head, I know I will buy a BMW power Bike for my hubby when the money comes(Baba God do am for your daughter) . The way his eyes light up anytime he talks about this bike or when he sees it on the road or TV.....
    NOTE:Emphasis on Husband o not BF. Please if anyone ever finds out the offence she is trying to appease with this car do share.

  5. Guy must be really good @ something... shrugs and walks away.


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