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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

When Women Have Tongues That Cut... (Judge This)

Funny but wait...

Weeks ago when there was so much ado about domestic violence on social media, even the most passionate anti-violence voices would say "Domestic violence is wrong. BUT women, control your tongues!"  

I got into an argument with someone on Instagram for this. Actually she was a victim of domestic violence for years but thankfully she eventually walked away from the abusivemarriage. So in her campaign she condemned violent men and sympathized with suffering women. But she would always say "Women be careful with your sharp mouths please. If you don't want to get beaten please don't have sharp mouth". 

I called her out on this as I felt that this kind of thinking only encourages domestic violence. I also mentioned that most women in physically abusive relationships are (made) very docile as a result of the pyschological abuse. So which sharp mouth do they have? Yet they still get beat up...

The bottom line is that I felt there's no excuse whatsoever for domestic violence, not even "sharp mouth", no matter how sharp, rude or caustic the mouth is. 

But reading this scenario above, I visualized it and now I'm beginning to wonder. She walked into her boyfriend's car and just went off like a loony, even to the point of calling his female friend who respected sat at the back, a retard (adindin)!  Was that slap justified? What do you think?

It almost seems as if she was begging for it...

Truly, many women like the girlfriend above exist. How does one handle them? What's the best way for a man to live with such a woman? When temper is lost and hands are raised against them, do you think these women sometimes deserve what they get? 

Do some women ask to be 'abused'?


  1. "Kunle shut up and drive", from nowhere, just like that.

    "And the arindin now sat at the owner's seat. Kunle are you now a driver? Mtcheww", from nowhere, just like that.

    Me, I won't even open mouth to respond to your stupidity not to talk of hitting you, but you best begin to apologize to my friend profusely right there and then if you want the relationship to remain healthy (if it was even healthy). What nonsense?

    1. This happened with my cousin and his ex. He just dropped her off on the road there and gave her transport fare. The slapping was not justified

  2. "But reading this scenario above, I visualized it and now I'm beginning to wonder."

    Now thelma, there's nothing to wonder about. I'm not goin TV to spite the Dude, but he was wrong. If he had it in the back of his mind that violence is never the answer, he would have stopped the car in the nearest bus stop and tell her(silly girlfriend) to get down. End of story!
    I know how tempting these girls can be but bottom line should always be that physical abuse/intimidation is never an option.

    1. My tots excatly
      He should have dropped her off n zoomed off.

      Why slap her for petes sake.

  3. Thank you very much, I would have told her silly ass to GTFD, this one fit slap him mama tomorrow, forming vex.
    I am not in support of domestic violence, but I don't blame the young man. Like seriously, is she maddddd? What a classless, dull and crazy gf. Even if he is your husband? what arrant nonsense. Anyways the other lady seriously tried, once I hear her insult me, I won't even wait a second and get down immediately. People dey date share, where is she from, I'm guessing sambisa forest. Mtshew...

  4. We dont know their relationship history what uf the guy has been a serial cheat and she's forgiven him several times. Wouldn't we cut the girl some slack for acting the way she did. I know I'm reaching but it's possible.

    1. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

      Still... That's no excuse to call someone you don't know or never met before an arindin! Haba?! In the person's presence.
      I think the guy should have just parked and asked her to get down. If she refused, drag her down and zoom off. Namsense and Burbish!

      A few sick women, emphasis on the word sick, ask to be abused. Or should I say beg to be abused.

      If you don't want to committ murder, just walk away from women like this. Especially If you can't control your 'reflex' around them... Run from them.
      The best way for a man to live with a woman like this is to always walk away and one day, one faithful day, grab her and scare the shit out of her! 😂😂😂😂 maybe, just maybe she'll borrow herself brain 😂

  5. When I read this on twitter,i laughed. Pretty dramatic for an early morning hustle.
    The bf was wrong to hit her no matter what. Whether in the presence of the girl or whether in private,it was wrong. If he clnt handle her loose tongue,he shld hv thrown her out of his car.

    Sometimes I really wonder at people who stay in relationship marred with violence. Are things ever the same after the first beating??

  6. You don't hit a woman no matter what she has said or done.. I can't blame the lady bcos her bf may have given her reasons not to trust him around women so maybe she felt insecure around d lady and that led to her speaking dat way!
    She's the one wearing the shoes, so she knows where it hurts.

  7. He just should have dropped her off. Then again, the other lady too, should probably have sat at the front seat and gotten down to sit at the back when they got to the gf's junction, but then head wey go receive knock go receive ham anyhow anyhow.


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