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When The Father Of an Unplanned Pregnancy Claims Rights... (Does He Really Have Any?)

Bisola was in a long distance relationship that seemed to be on its last legs. She loved Dozie but they hadn't seen each other in five months, she'd been planning to go visit him in Atlanta just before the cost of tickets skyrocketed and he didn't bother to pitch in either, so... They talked once or twice a week, a far cry from their hour long daily calls of the yesteryears. Biola knew they still loved each other but their relationship wasn't what it used to be, and obviously neither of them cared enough to do anything about it.  

Jaden has always believed that honesty is the best policy, and so he's honest, even when it's inconvenient. It was this honesty that played out when he noticed that Biola was digging him. "Babes I'll keep it 100 with you. I like you, I think you're hot! And yes, I'm attracted to you. But truth is, I'm not just in the headspace for a relationship right now... Like... I really don't think I can commit.." 

Sasha Bone's Musings: What Exactly Is a "God-Ordained Spouse"?

So Sasha has been having one of her many deep thoughts. My thoughts take me to Adam and Eve and the history of marriage. 
We hear and read on people advising intending couples to "pray for their God-given spouse" but who is ur God-given spouse? Taking a look at Adam, his God-given spouse was custom-made for him. I mean she was even made from his own rib cage. Yet in the end, they got kicked out of paradise/eden and they were placed with the curse of humanity.  
When a couple isn't working well, or maybe end up divorced, people insinuate they didn't marry their God-ordained spouse or that they did pray enough and I'm like wtf? 
We've heard stories of parents who check the "star" of a lady to know if she wld bring their son good luck. Adam didnt have that "luxury" but how cld he and why shld he? God doesn't make mistakes and certainly didn't when he made Eve. Adam and Eve says to me that even if we make God the center of our marriage, t…

Mr K: When and How Do We Tell Them About Sex?

I remember when I was younger ... how my father had to watch every TV show with me, how he had to sanction every movie before we are allowed to see it, how cartoons were the only things I watched alone, how I had to leave the sitting room or end a movie if a man and woman should hug as long as 30 seconds or even if my dad should sense imminent skinship and how every activity, movie or speech was heavily censored in my home. Everyone that grew up with an orthodox african parent can easily relate.So I grew up knowing little or nothing about interacting with the opposite the sex and it was not until around Jss3 that I found out where babies come from. I used to live with the shallow knowedge that God provided them miraculously,after marriage. My friends mocked me as they explained the whole thing, how embarrassing, and to think how fervently I used to pray for another sibling not knowing that my parents were on serious family planning. *smh*I wasn't the most inquisitive child growing…

#WriteRight. I'm Esther, I Lived With Serpents.

Am I supposed to have phobia for snakes because of my various encounters with them? Well,  a snake has entered the same room I was in and right in front of my eyes I saw it wiggle majestically to one corner and there I was, in another corner thinking that was the end. I felt it romancing my legs, even though it was all my imagination, it felt so real. As if that wasn't enough, I saw this colourful snake ( just like rainbow) before entering the room, but it only dawned on me after I entered. Fortunately for my sister coming behind me, she saw it too but ran back. OK let me go back a bit to how it started, It was a beautiful and joyful day for my family and our friends who came visiting for the week.We were all outside enjoying the ambience before my sister and I were sent to get some things from the room. Obviously I was the unfortunate one that very day with my sister raising the alarm, everyone was shouting demanding I shut the door. Shut the door, who? Me or the Snake? I was as con…

#WriteRight. Leana: Questions I'll Like Answered.

A couple of days ago, my husband of two months and I made out, and it was amazing. Truth be told, the only orgasm I’ve ever gotten was from myself and I’ve given up masturbation since I got married. I’m guessing you must be curious as to how the make out session was amazing if I didn’t even get an orgasm once yeah?
The thing is I know how to drive him crazy. I know how to press all his buttons and the fact that I’m capable of bringing my man to such heights is what makes the experience amazing for me. The fact that I can give myself out till I’m almost empty.
Afterwards he asked me how the head he gave me was, as he had been praising my skill all evening but I hadn’t praised his and I answered quite honestly that it was just there. You guys have to note that all my experience with great sex/make out involve fantasy and imagination seeing as my husband is my first real lover. 
Anyways his mood changed a little afterwards and I think it was because of my honesty. So I have a few questions …

#FranklySpeaking. The Killer Herdsmen and The Need For Balance Of Fear.

"Nature has made up her mind that what cannot defend itself, shall not be defended"-Ralph Wado Emerson
In International peace study, there is something called Balance of Terror.
Balance of terror means that two parties have the capacity to inflict the same amount of terror on each other, which then now leads to Balance of Fear which automatically transforms into restraint and therefore peace. 
The phrase was coined by Lester Pearson a Canadian Nobel peace prize winner and former Prime minister, in 1955. 
This theory probably stopped a fourth world war during the Cuban missile crises when the US and the USSR realized they both had First and Second Strike nuclear capabilities. 
This simply means, the ability to receive a nuclear attack and respond with the same amount of ferocity. 
Premier Nikita Kruschev and President John Kennedy both decided to shield their swords knowing that an armed conflict between them will lead to a Mutual Assured Destruction ( MAD) during the Cuban Missile…

Open Keypad!

Tell us. 

Most of us already know what Open Keypad. It's that place you have carte blanche to say whatever you want or feel or please. It's random, it's personal and impersonal, but most importantly it gives us a harmless glimpse into other people's lives, so YAY. 
And do answer the question..



The Encounter.

Last week I boarded a plane out of Lagos. While waiting to get my boarding pass I listened to an argument that was going on beside me. So this very pretty woman, early 40s maybe, was being told that she couldn't travel with one of her bags that had some breakables in it. They were pretty stern about that and the woman was adamant about getting on the plane and with all her stuff. 
I left to board my plane and after a very bumpy flight we sha landed safely. Walking towards arrivals I heard something fall and break behind me, I turned back to see it was that same woman at the airport. Her stuff had fallen because she was carrying too many things, and so I offered to help her carry some of her bags. We immediately got talking. 
Less than two minutes after meeting, I'd already learnt that she moved out of Lagos a year ago because her husband was transferred, she's been married for 15yrs with 4 kids, and she's a lawyer. When I told her I'm her learned colleague she laughe…

#WriteRight. Dominique: Karma

Nnanna watched as the young girl reached up to kiss her boyfriend goodbye. Somehow, he just knew something had gone down in the sheets. His mind took him down memory lane. Those days of plucking the unripe mangoes and eating them with salt. 'Chai!, he thought, "I've lived life o. Wetin man no enjoy?" He smiled, walked to his car and drove off...thinking of the girls he made cry, the girls he interchanged with his friends, the ones he refused to marry because they weren't virgins, the line of girls foolish enough to have fallen for his wiles and graced his bed, his long list of 'used and dumped girls'. "Those were the days men", he thought, smiling. "Thank God I have a decent daughter".He reached home, got down from his car and walked into the house....only for him to see Uju on the sofa with Bolanle on top of her, writhing. With the strength of a boar, he ripped Bolanle off and laced him with blows, screaming "How dare you defile …


Yes I said it!
A few weeks ago, there was a post about a pastor who said
"Do not marry a woman who cannot cook, if she can not pray for an hour, don't marry her"
From time, women are known to own the kitchen,feed the family, be hospitable to guests, that is the nurturing aspect of being a female. In modern day society, gender roles have made it possible for both men and women to work in corporations and also at home. Some employ the services of a maid  when the female is a career woman who is too busy to be domesticated  and for sure pay someone else to do it.
well people have made all sorts of comments and come up with their own arguments but here is why I said women should know how to cook and no excuses.
1. First of all cooking your own meals would save you a ton of money, believe it or not, those little McDonald outings, Subway, Chic Fil A has a way of digging into your pockets whether you like it or not. You can spend $75 doing groceries with food stuff to last you over …

Dear Future Husband The Clock Is Ticking, It's almost 2017!

Dear Future Husband,
I’m still single and in my 30’s now. I am ready for us to start our family and make babies. I’m tired of being a bridesmaid and would love my own home. Do you know the last wedding I attended, the bride had to come give me the whole bouquet, she didn’t even bother throwing it sef, ha! I won’t make you promises or anything of that sort, but I am an amazing person, and even though I’m sarcastic sometimes, I have a good heart. Where are you? I’m hoping you see this and send me an email cos it’s not funny anymore. People think I’m picky, but won’t you be selective of who you’d spend the rest of your life with? Even the bible says, “Can two walk together except they agree”? I hope you come on this website so you’ll see this, if you do, please send me an email. I know a lot of people will also curse me out for this and say I’m desperate, I 
really don’t care at this point. Future husband, this is injury time, the clock is ticking, before you know it, it’s 2017. Let’s make…

Reno Omokri: The Igbo as a Blessing to Nigeria.

On the 15th of August 1945, the axis nations fighting in the Pacific theater defeated imperial Japan and two weeks later, Japan formally surrendered to allied forces led by the U.S. General, Douglas McArthur, who formally accepted the signed articles of surrender.

But though the U.S. defeated Japan, they never decimated Japan’s great technological and industrial complex. They were visionary enough to distinguish these from Japan’s military industrial complex, which they scrapped. 
Realizing that Japan was decades ahead of the West in many technologies, the allied powers, led by the US, allowed those  industries to remain as a going concern and took the unique step of enacting legislation and policies to enable them flourish. 
What they did in Japan, they also did in Europe. In Europe, the US, acting unilaterally, even went a step further by introducing the Marshall Plan through which America sent financial and other types of aid to help Europe (and especially Germany) recover from the ra…