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Saturday, 6 August 2016

11 Reasons You Should Not Break Up With Me.

So the boo and I got into a fight early this morning and he's resolute about ending things. Ordinarily I wouldn't blog about it because I decided against the personal posts even though that cost me readers and a lot of traffic. But unusual times call for unusual measures. Besides, what's the worst that could happen? 

Here's the thing, I was wrong. I admit it. My action might have been provoked but I think it was an overreaction and I really need to do more work on this "responding not reacting" matter. 

So yes, I lost my cool and he felt disrespected, worse yet was the fact that his friend tried to talk to me and hug me but I shoved him aside and walked out on him, and you know how men get about disrespect, or their friends, or disrespecting their friends, or disrespecting them in front of their friends...

In any case, I was mad and I shoved his friend not out of disrespect but sincerely because if I hadn't I might have said things that would have caused major damage. 

Regardless, the young man has said its over and while this might be the perfect weight control method seeing as I've been unable to swallow anything all day; my appetite is zero, I don't want to lose the best thing that has happened to me in a minute, my best friend, my Man!

Earlier, I sent a message to apologize, which as expected went ignored. And I don't want to be that girl who floods a guy's phone with sloppy text messages, so while sipping on a bottle of Origin Bitters, ironically the only thing that has agreed to go down my throat, I thought, but should one act really make you, my love, end the coolest relationship ever? (Admittedly it's one act that might have occured a number of times, but what can I say, I'm still a work in progress and even you said just last week that I've changed in the months we've been together). 

So here are 11 reasons why you, my man, should not break up with me today. 

1. Yes, that CHANGE. Don't you want to complete that good work you've started in my life? You said I've changed for the better since we got together and judging from last night, there's still work to be done. So I really think you should stay and finish what you've started. You've always prided yourself on being diligent. Honey, there's still work to be done!

2. You don't just stop loving... Yeah right now you might hate me like a fat kid hates exercise, but you love me! You don't just stop loving someone suddenly. You told me, too many times only in the early hours of this morning that you love me. You said it again and again and again. Does one really suddenly stop loving someone "just like that"? I think not. 

3. You need positive energy. You said, this morning how you needed to stay away from me because you didn't want the negativity. Well guess what, you're mad at me right now, mad and angry as hell! Anger only breeds negative energy. Just forgive me and get rid of all that negativity!

4. I make you happy. Others may have made you happier in the past but for some reason, this unpredictable, sometimes scary, random chic has made you smile and made your eyes twinkle. I've made you happy and made you give all others up, even without asking. Do you really want to give that up right now?

5. You make me happy. I tell you this all the time so let's not go into all that. But I know that there's some kind of gratification you derive from hearing me tell you how happy you make me. Do you honestly want to lose that satisfaction right now? Is it really worth it? Hmmmm...  

6. You owe it to me!!! Yes boo boo. Is it fair that I've been able to forgive you several times in the past and now that it's your turn you choose to harden your heart? I call FOUL! Boo, I deserve your forgiveness, I have forgiven you before and now it's payback time, I'm here to collect!

7. We are friends. Friends, not in a light sense of the word but friends, as in, FRIENDS. We've got each other's backs, we can trust each other with our secrets, WE can be ourselves with each other; flaws and all. We TALK. We tell each other things; plans, regrets, dreams, victories, defeats, EVERYTHING. Do you have many other friends like me?

8. Friends forgive. Yes, we are two different people from different backgrounds with different personalities and experiences and we are bound to fuck up occasionally. Even one's siblings piss them off sometimes, but you don't cut them off simply because of that. No, you forgive. So my friend, my bestie, my Everything, please forgive me. 

9. We make each other's legs shake. I'll leave it at that. You'll understand. 

10. Loyalty. It was never something that was thought out or planned but if there's one thing that bought your devotion, it was my loyalty. It was unquestionable, unwavering, never in doubt. You must know how rare this is and I guess that's why it meant so much to you. Does it really suddenly mean nothing at all?

11. You love me. Yes, you might hate me right now, passionately so. Just this morning you told your friend and I that you're done and it's over and that's final. I could feel the hate emanating from you. All my apologies and pleas fell on concrete ground and I knew, I could feel that you hated me. And yes, even while you're reading this you might hate me. But that's only because you love me. Sweetness, don't throw us away simply because I acted silly. Think boo, is it really worth it? The friend you're willing to give me up for has been in your life for one minute but I've been here for a million. We've been through a lot; the good, the bad and the unthinkable! We genuinely LOVE each other and everyone who knows us knows this. Seriously, was what I did so bad that you're willing to throw all we have away? 

... If you've read this and you still think it's best you go then I guess that's it. There's not much else I can say. But, if you think you can let go of what happened and let us move forward, then call me and let's spend the night. I promise I'll be better. 

Ps. TTB readers, if you've got a note you'd like to send to someone, mail it to me and I'll post. All you need do is send them the link. 


  1. awwwww Thelma's boo!please forgive her!!she is a work in progress and she has acknowledged she was wrong..she is very very very very very very very very sorry! and Thelma,please try to take it easy on him ok?? let us know how it goes...xx

  2. I go love ooh. Seriously Boo get in here...

    I honestly do not know you both as a couple, but from what i read above, i do not need to be told thelma loves you. If what thelma narrated is all that happened, Mr boo dont chicken out pls, afterall Love is all that matters. She alreadt admitted she is a work in progress courtesy of you, do not leave her in the middle of nowhere if you ever had the tiniest feeling for her. We all make mistakes, we are human, Thelma is your woman.

    No sweery love doesnt die in a this quick, if you ever read this, then call your baby biko.

    Tee of heart, take ya time ooh, stop making this bobo vex na, eeeerm 1 question or lemme save it when le boo has calmed down. I know love will always find a way.

  3. Oh wow Thelma's boo Pls nobody is perfect. Trying and forgive maka Chukwu.

  4. Holy Ghost fire 🔥! End things for what? Thelma pray, he's not going anywhere. Thelma, the same way you wounded his pride is the same way you'll build it up again,apologise some more. He'll forgive you but he's mor hurt than angry,hurt feelings take more time to heal than anger does to dissipate.

  5. That was how I gave my boo super head this morning just trying to apologise for annoying him yesterday. He still scolded me but he forgave me faster, catch him and give him head.
    A girl.

  6. Thelma's boo don't vex for her again Biko,We know she can be a pain in the ass but since you came into her life,babe has changed...Even we the readers know...Biko pick up your phone and call her so that your legs can shake together...Thelma you too call him and apologise or better still,go check him up...TNHW

    1. LOL, legs shake together. It will be fine, people don't just fall out of love

    2. Geeez! And I just lost ds epistle dat definitely wud ve softened him #crying

      Boo-boo Pls forgive her Biko. Thelma consult Kon on tips to makeup ASAP.

  7. Thelms boo!! Biko, forgive, ask her to add, public disrespect never happening again!!!! That way u have concrete evidence sef incase she does it again, but for this one, try to let it go, it might just be easier than u think....

  8. Omo see begging... ehh ya!!

  9. Thelma, I know deep down there's the urge to express yourself beyond how you have been able to put them in words here. That you could do this for him shows how much you care albeit with social media caution. (To avoid wailing wailers taking advantage of emotional frailties). You know what, f** 'em.

    Le Boo, please forgive her. And please don't call her as she's expecting you to do now seeing she will assume it will be finally over if you don't. Don't call her! Yes.
    Thelma, you are not done yet. You still have to call him more and apologize more and be more remorseful. All the values you have laid down here (up to 10), he knows about them (why do u think he loves you?). But because he knows shouldn't stop him from being upset when you make him (so is the case in reverse). Those 10 cards you have pulled is not enough.

    On the part where you don't want to be the girl that calls a 100times. If he deserves to be called a 100times to show how much you care, then do it. Not for anyone but for him, or he doesn't deserve it? I'm sure he does.
    If you were in his shoes would he call you, that much, just to say sorry? I hope he would.

    Finally, he's a Man, you are a Lady. You love him and you know he loves you(beneath the hate). He's yours and you are his, then show it.

    Don't come here and give him that last paragraph ultimatum dear. Nah! Don't!

    Oga boss, please forgive her. She's not perfect neither are you. The highs and the lows are the reasons there's a relationship. Running away cos of 'a low'? Nah! Don't!

    1. You and Memphis mentioned the last paragraph. I dunno, I guess on the one hand I want to look brave and strong, but on the other I'd be much happier if I don't have to try to look brave and strong...

      Btw, you seem to really get me (@ your first paragraph).

  10. I read through and I admired the love oozing from the Post, but Thelmaaaa, this thing right here:

    "...If you've read this and you still think it's best you go then I guess that's it. There's not much else I can say...".

    What's that??? Ok you sent about 2 SMS, called maybe 4-5 times, then write this beautiful Post, but you had to put that LEAD at the end?? That right there is the very *san san* in your garri. Don't know about your boo, but to me that sounded like "oh well, at least I've tried my best apologizing and explaining myself, it's now up to you, CAN'T SHOUT". Yeah, that's how it sounded to me, and I wish you hadn't written that!

    1. ROTFL. Literally, I'm sitting on the floor reading this and laughing. It was not meant as an ultimatum oh! The truth is that my apology is sincere, my remorse is genuine and my intentions are and have always been pure. But if knowing all these it still doesn't matter, then truly I can't shout.

      Or can I??? #LOL #Thinking #hmmm.

    2. U're here laughing Thelma. I think he's forgiven u, if not, u're not permitted to laugh on ds post. Yes! #rollsmyeyes

      Oya do beg some more OO Nne! Goodluck huni, God ll not let u lose ds beautiful tin he's given you.

  11. Dear Boo of Thelms

    Please forgive her,She will do better

    Thank You

  12. Uncle BROS.

    Thelma loves you a lot.

    Love covers a multitude of sins.

    Thank you for helping her be a better person. Don't give up now.

    Thank you Sir!!!

  13. Bros abeg oh you oh, we take God beg you oh, we're sorry oh🙌🙌

  14. I wish you success in your relationship but I think you really need to work on your temper. Bad temper always look romantic in novels and films but they are nasty, blotchy and ugly in real life! I'm sure he'll take u back and pls don't forget to knack us the gist especially the make up.. part of it.

    1. The makeup part is that they will 'make each other's legs shake'

    2. Rotfl. Ds leg shaking mata, wetin e mean Sef?
      And y ll my Minhot only reply comments containing leg shake? 😂 😀😁😁

    3. 😂😂😂 there's just this picture in my head

  15. Dear Thelma,

    I think you just like make-up sex! Say the truth!


    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Awww...I'm late. I hope he has forgiven you.

    Going by my little experience, men typically don't forgive just like that (as mentioned by Memphis and the anonymous up there). In some cases, you really need to 'shout'. Yes! Beg countless times and publicly (like you've done here) when necessary especially if it is a recurring 'sin'. Your pleas may be known to them as genuine and sincere, they still may not forgive easily so that you would ensure the mis-behaviour does not happen again.

    In case he hasn't called, please go some extra mile further; call the concerned friend and settle with him (apologize again if you have done that before, if not, please apologize to him and promise it would not happen again). The friend would intercede for you and all would be well. Men listen to their friends a lot; do not forget this.

    You yourself should not throw away the beautiful relationship because you can't shout. Please shout, scream. rent a PAS if need be. Once you are married, you would understand better as it is not as easy to walk away in marriage as it is during courtship.

    All the best.


  17. Thelma's boo, man,best friend, this your chic has 'brain touch' sometimes but that doesn't mean she doesn't love and appreciate you, this post is just an example that she does. The good thing is she has acknowledged it and you even help her 'change for the better' so please forgive and get back together.

    Dear Thelma as you said, don't stop working on you, it's for your own good and peace which will in turn make people with whom you interact have peace as well.

  18. Thelma's boo, man,best friend, this your chic has 'brain touch' sometimes but that doesn't mean she doesn't love and appreciate you, this post is just an example that she does. The good thing is she has acknowledged it and you even help her 'change for the better' so please forgive and get back together.

    Dear Thelma as you said, don't stop working on you, it's for your own good and peace which will in turn make people with whom you interact have peace as well.

  19. Awwww. It feels so good reading this, I'm sure he had no choice but to take u back. I wonder what I'll do if I were in ur shoes.. obviously not write an epistle.
    This one is for the boo.. if u really love Thelma, why do u always wanna leave?? Why not stay n make it work. #okbye#

  20. Oga boo

    Abeg Noh vex... She's sorry! We get very angry with people we love deeply. No other person can get to you that much. I know that's not an excuse to throw a tantrum or publicly embarrass someone but she's really sorry. And it won't happen again. Please forgive her!!! 😍😍😍
    She loves you sir! Kindly accept our apology on her behalf 😊

    Thank you Sir!!

    1. Kabuoy all dis "sirs". Lmao!
      But T that last statement no folo sha. I was just 'awwing' till i got there and i was like jus Negodu! Buh then... Pls forgive thy boo boss.

    2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Awww.....Thelma's boo please forgive our dear T and Thelma biko try harder on the control ish before it makes you lose something good. It is hard enough finding that someone that would 'make your leg shake' lol.

    Reading through all the points you listed above just made me smile.Cute!
    I don't know why I kept hoping he(It's boo)would come under anon to leave a comment.*sigh*

    1. Shey! Me too.. lol

      Dear Thelma's boo,

      I hope you have forgiven her now. All these 30+ comments just for you to forgive our dear dear Thelma. She will try harder to manage the temper better next time.

      Thank you.

  22. Thelma you still have to explain the leg shaking part ooo! 😂😂😂😂

  23. Kai! Aw I love ds blog, Thelma and all d TTBVs. C love oo.
    T nwanne m, make sure u change u hear? He'll forgive u Nne m


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