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3 WTF Moments I Had This Week (and they're all for one reason).

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is I. 

I don't think you'd be interested in the reason or reasons I've been MIA so I'd skip that and keep it moving. So much has gone on this week and some made me literally weak. Is it any surprise that the most incredulous things that happen these days are things concerning the federal government of Nigeria, or can I just say President Buhari? 

So these 3 things had me thinking WTF, and I wonder if you felt the same way about them. 

1. Aisha Buhari's Crocodile Birkin bag. I don't know about you but I think the First Lady carrying a Birkin bag that costs a million times more than her husband's asset declaration, especially when the country is in recession and depression is in very poor taste and totally insensitive ! The question here is not affordability but simply compassion and common sense. The man rode to power on his tales of modesty, austerity and frugality and now this? I just don't know guys, what do you think?

2. Father Mbaka's changing tune. The the most loyal loyalists begin to sing a different tune then indeed there must be trouble in the land. To hear Father Mbaka bestow the many great virtues of Buhari just a little over a year ago, one would never imagine that they'd see the day that the story would change. 

3. Dollar subsidy for muslim pilgrimages. Seriously though! It's presently N400 to the dollar and muslims on pilgrimage are getting it for N197. If this isn't injustice then I don't know what it. The federal government seems to be vying for the award for Biggest Piss Taker ever, and there's no competition! I never understood the arguments for paying for religious pilgrimages with tax payers monies and this makes even less sense. Pilgrimages are personal, they're spiritual journeys, it is between you and your God. I find it preposterous that business men, students, manufacturers, importers et al are having difficulty buying forex and/or doing business but pilgrims are getting such a great pass. Nna na wa o. Nigeria is a secular country ooooooo! Ok then...

In any case, in normal Naija fashion as per happiest people in the world, we continue to suffer and smile. Or not? I don't know anymore guys, how are things at your end? How are you coping with the developments (or lack thereof) in our country? How's life with you generally? I'm sorry I've been MIA, I hope you've been fine? 


  1. Welcome T....let me go back to read

  2. Blink or do i say Habibi7:03 pm, August 05, 2016

    Been under intense pressure for a while, i have been pressed on everyside ,but eventually God came through. He has started the good work and would complete it. August brought relief.

    **As for nwunye presido, ya jisie ike

    **so when i took my time to listen to the reverend speak, i weak. Holyspirit has said another thing now. Well i just decided to relate it to myself jaree i cant shout (very soon my enemies who speak good and gnashed them teeth at my upliftment ). Who am i to speak about a servant of Jehova? I dont want holy slap.

    **The pilgrim rate came as a shock to me, totally gobsmacked. For lack of better words WTF? What has Mr memphis got to say about this? Thinking aloud.

  3. On the first issue, I am not surprised with the display of affluence. I still believe that something is amiss in the president’s asset declaration. How can one be unable to afford twenty seven million naira for presidential form but comfortably send four children to school overseas? Well, like I was discussing with a friend, one must give kudos to the APC media team; their expertise in swaying the populace is legendary. Little wonder, one of their pivotal figures has his name being a homonym of the word ‘lie.’

    On Father Mbaka’s changing tune; I believe last year, he made it clear in his controversial speech that President Buhari was going to be the messiah of Nigeria. His changing tune tends to depict his politically related speeches as being duplicitous. One thing is clear though, many of our “spiritual leaders’” utterances on political matters are possibly lacking of insight from the almighty, and are as good as statements from any random Nigerian with no expertise in discerning political issues. Thus, their statements on political matters are deserving of little or no weight in the media.

    On the last issue, I am amazed at the level of mediocrity that underpins many of the government’s directives/policies. The depth of such level is simply unfathomable. I gave up on this government a long time ago…but still dissembling some form of understanding of economic issues seems to be a problem for this government. It is also sad that the leadership at CBN doesn’t have an understanding of its responsibilities.

    I’m interested in the reason(s) you’ve been MIA (refreshed your blog a number of times)…anyways I thought of these to add more fun posts to the blog.

    1) Perhaps, you could do a switch with other blogs. For a defined period, let another blog owner do the posts on your blog while you do the same for such person’s blog.

    2) Those posts where you allow TTBVs finish a story line would be nice. Per time considerations, you could disable comment approval for that post or notify blog readers early enough on when you’d be doing such post and give the time duration for when you’d be approving comments to make the story and its twists a worthy read.

    3) And the piece de resistance of them all, Let’s have posts that enable TTBVs discover the impression they project with their comments and also get a good laugh from the response. Here’s how it goes:
    a) Do a post about a selected blog reader gathering comments from earlier posts, preferably posts that touch on topical issue. This should give TTBVs a fair appreciation of the selected blog reader. You can add your personal perception of that selected blog reader but preferably let the statements be facts.
    b) Draw up scenarios and inquire from readers how they perceive the discussed blog reader would act. These scenarios should be random, laughable, realistic, exciting etc. For example, using Kon as the selected blog reader, you could have questions like:

    i) If Kon were to become president of Nigeria, which would be his first action: a) make all ladies bad ass bitches b) put out a kill order on employers of labor c) look for every avenue to throw parties
    ii) What do you think Kon considers a fulfilled life: a) Wealth and enough money to afford some of life’s luxuries b) a thriving family c) sexual fulfillment.
    iii) Which fits Kon best: a) Yoruba demon b) Reliable guy c) Hide your wife from him

    I figure between regular commenters and anonymouses that would want to join, you should be able to get forty (40) posts over time. Kon, na play I dey play ohh.

    Any seconders in the house!

    PS: The word count for my comment eclipses that of the post itself…whew!

    1. Seconded.

      As per word count? Boss, you gotta consider lecturing. Just doesn't get better. Maybe write a thesis it something

    2. Seconded.

      Meanwhile, as per Uyi's suggestion,I'm thinking of starting doctorate soon. I'll need your


    3. @ Uyi

      Nah, I don't have much interest in the academic sector. Tried teaching and it was a wearisome endeavor. The public sector or more realistically, private sector (business) is what gets me.

      @ F

      This is one request I can't say no to. I must caution that I don't have a doctorate so I might not be of much help.

  4. My thoughts exactly. ..worst president ever

  5. Hallo T, nice bumping into you at Ebeano. Remain fab, Tope

    1. Teerexmusings NOOOO. That was you? Not fair nau! We should have done better nau. LOL. I loved meeting you too even though I didn't know that was who you are. But thanks so much for saying hi. I really appreciated that.

    2. So sorry, would have stayed back to talk but had to rush home to attend to guests. Just left the house in a hurry to get some stuffs for the kids. I attend HOTR as well so we might just bump into each other at church. Remain fab

  6. So I just breezed in to see if Thelma had decided to skip her AWOLercise and viola; 4 Posts. Good. But this particular Post got me LOLing and SMH.

    #1. It's quite intriguing that this has to be a bother to anyone. Aisha is an NGO brand, when she was using her own millions as well as contributions to aid people in Yola, Adamawa, Borno, Abia, Enugu, and Osun, we hardly heard any note of commendation. She treats herself to an item of her choice and all of a sudden we remember her husband's assets, austerity, and the economic depression? Is she a government official or incapable of making her own money? Have we even asked if the bag was a gift? She's being judged for absolutely no reason and I can't understand why. Other private citizens like Linda Ikeji can spend millions and its ok but Aisha spending millions on herself is now "insensitive"? Lol.

    #2. This rant about Fr. Mbaka is confusing. I don't understand what "changing tune" means. Buhari has never been branded as a saint of messiah by Mbaka, never bumped up or discussed Buhari's CV, he even said quite a number of times that he hadn't met him when he vehemently criticized GEJ. All he said was that it was revealed to him that Buhari would become president. Mbaka is criticizing PMB now, and it's termed "changing tune"?

    #3. Now this rant, I'm totally with you, but you see, no one is going to bother much about this in Nigeria today. You know why?.

    a) We didn't rant last year when it was subsidized at 160 for Christians when P-market was 240.

    b) Muslims saw what happened last year and were mute, knowing that turn-by-turn-Nigeria LTD is a registered company.

    c) Religious bodies are yet to even wail about this because..well..registered comp. in (b).

    Welcome back mademoiselle. Please slow down on this AWOL. For real. I didn't bother before, now I'm "changing tune".

    Stay blessed.

    1. Memphis Memphis, Buhari's Avenger. Does this mean that Buhari can do no wrong in your eyes? If the answer is yes, then that's not the way to support any one, its Hero worship and you're not doing him any good. You need to be able to constructively criticise him when he goes wrong (which he has on countless occasions) instead, you keep making excuses for him.

      Welldone o, Continuu

    2. Dear Sunshine, Buhari's case isn't even in this Post. There's an issue with Aisha's bag and all I'm asking is why it's an issue at all? She's not a government official, she's a private citizen, she makes her own cash, she has powerful and rich friends who possibly could've given her jewelry as gifts. I don't see how we can criticize a philanthropist without weighing these possibilities of her getting her bag prudently. Everyone now wants to relate her wealth with her husband's assets? If that is constructive criticism to you, and all I've said is referred to as excuses/defense, then I humbly rest my case.

  7. I couldn't just criticize Aisha's handbag. I love shoes and only God knows how much I can spend on a pair even if the world is going to an end. More so, she could have been 'dashed'.....just saying.

    Rev. Mbaka: no words.

    Dollar rate: this is most painful. N400 to 1$! It's crazy.Pantry is empty; entering supermarkets is scary. I can't even begin to think of a vacation, local or international as everything is super expensive. Some of Bubu's Policies as good but ill-timed. I'm tired.



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