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Monday, 8 August 2016

Brainwashed Christians Abound.

I don't know where certain people got certain beliefs from. Some weeks ago I went after something I seriously needed. I prayed about it. My loved ones prayed about it. One loved one said "Come and see pastor A, let him pray for you". I went to see Pastor A who immediately squeezed his eyes shut and shuddered as if he was being exorcised then suddenly his eyes flew open and he looked me in mine and calmly said "You won't get it". He expected trepidation from me but I only chuckled and asked him "Why?"  He was disappointed in my casual reaction to his prophecy of doom. Of course he must have expected me to panic, and fall on my knees, and cry, and ask what I needed to do. Regardless he prayed for me and gave me some psalms etc etc etc and eventually said I would get it. 
       Then another loved one said "Go and see pastor B, let him pray for you". I resisted and was practically hauled to pastor B who prayed for me and said all was well. Then a few days later someone said they told Pastor C who was now fasting on my behalf. Eventually I got it and each one of them asked me to call their pastor and say Thank You. 
       Whossai!!! I asked them how they knew who did it biko? Or was the mouth I used to pray to my own God not big enough? Was the faith of neutral third parties who had no real business with me greater than mine in receiving my own heart's desire? Yeah right. Unu hapu m aka jor. Free me!

When I read Charly Boy's post I smiled. Many people may not like him, and I find him strange. Yet on this one, I totally agree. Please read and share your thoughts. 

"Call me names, think what you may of the Charly Boy brand, na for your pocket! I no send you! I will always say what I want to say and how I want to say it regardless of the many fake people I offend. Gbam!

There is so much hypocrisy/’fakeness’ going on in this goddamn country it’s incredible. As a nation, we have sacrificed patriotism on the altar of religion; looking at America, their patriotism supercedes religion, skin colour or economic background.

I was so tickled by some people’s comments when I penned down my personal opinion on Pastor Adeboye’s yarns as to what constitutes a good wife/husband.

Aside from the mass unemployment, ignorance and poverty that abounds, Naija I believe is the Genesis of this Pentecostal influence across Africa. I know that many would do anything to run away from the excruciating poverty my people are witnessing even if they have to speak in tongues and most Pastors are happily taking advantage of the situation. There is God o!!

A lot of us have been brainwashed on how to worship God as some churches now come up with different gimmicks. It is not surprising to see people attend church rituals involving frantic falls as if grasped by epileptic seizures, forming attack by the spirits. Yes, most of these dramatics are paid for, like the Nollywood actor who claimed that the devil exited his body through his foot.  Now, some parents are praying for their sick children at home instead of seeking medical attention; or chaining children to enable the pastors cast out demons. Many women are caught having sex with pastors in corners or found spending more time catering to their pastors. How about husbands who have lost their wives totally to randy, horny and perverted pastors? Yes, what about the ones who can’t hold down a marriage, when me wey dem talk say I dey craze, don collect 39 years for one woman hand. Kai! The list goes on.

I am not suggesting that all Men of God are tainted, but out of a hundred you may not find 4 that live what they preach, the rest are just taking advantage of our religious ignorance. Would it surprise you to know that I have read the Bible cover to cover over 20 times? So I know more than I make out! I know that true men of God do not misquote the Bible. It’s only demons who misquote or misapply the Bible in some way. I know that God cannot punish us if we don’t pay tithe to our church because it is the goodness of our hearts that interest God more than physical and financial disposition. I know that true men of God cannot promise us happiness and prosperity, all of that is a fortune-teller’s lie; there is nothing in the bible about any “medium” that God uses to deliver such blessing. When I was growing up, men of God were renowned for their simple lifestyles. They endured the hardships the natives suffered in a bid to impart in them the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. The legacy of these humble men have since been overtaken by conmen seeking to get rich through donations and wayo tactics as they mesmerize and swindle unsuspecting religious Mugus.

Fake Christians should go and read Matthew 21:22 which says “And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive”. This, like many other similar verses in the New Testament, clearly explains that a man must have no latent doubt in his heart but must have absolute trust in the power and good will of God. Meaning that it is not the Pastor’s prayer that sets one free from spiritual bondages but first and foremost one´s faith in Jesus Christ. Nowhere is it stated in the Bible that, prayers and miracles must be done in exchange for money, biko, because salvation is for free and for everyone. Our mumu never do?

It is unfortunate that while some churches minister to the spiritual, educational and economic needs of people, others use the same gospel fraudulently/intelligently to acquire wealth out of the destitution of the poor. Even more annoying are those who have the answers under their very noses, but who driven by these manipulations still abide blindly to such fake doctrines. At the end of the day, I know that how a man chooses to worship his God is up to him. Worshippers are not forced to be followers in any of these churches; they follow some of these useless “men of God” of their own accord, thereby making the pastor’s wealth acquisition fairly legal. However, Christians should always have this in the back of their minds. False Christians and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive. Are you a learner? Look that your pastor well well o. Man of God my Ass. End time tins!"


  1. I also find Charly Boy strange but I couldn't agree any better with his thoughts outlined in this post.

  2. Hi everyone, i have so missed u all!! Glad to be back!!

    The major problem with 'islam' as practiced in most of nigeria (and the world) is that of illiteracy; we christians are slowly towing that line of in spite the level of education among the 'faithful'.

    1. Nope,i strongly disagree. Islam the world over aren't illiterate. Don't perceive Islam with what's happening up North in Nig. The UAE,European Muslims,American Muslims gives credence to the fact that Islam isn't associated with illiteracy.

      And for the record, the opposite of Islam isn't Christianity. That one isn't a Muslim doesn't automatically make one a Christian and vice versa.

    2. Hello Eazee E, thanks for making an appearance, I miss you when you're not here.

    3. Thanks Thelma.... i'm trying to catch up.

      Sasha, i agree! I qualified it with 'most'; i didnt say all.

    4. Hi Eazee E, glad to have you back!

  3. To think I scrolled past his write up on other blogs. This is a nice read and he really hit the nail on the head. We as humans are responsible for ourselves and should be able to read and understand the Word on our own. Depending on just the interpretations of pastors or some acclaimed men of god has caused more harm than good.Most of us prefer to be led blindly rather than using our intuition.

    A lot of laziness on the part of man.

  4. Except we want to deceive ourselves, he speaks the truth.


  5. Charley boy's articles never fails to make sense

  6. Aptly written. Pastors of now adays....saddens me when i see gullible christians living in abject poverty but never fail to give their last blood to a pastor for a miracle.

    I once interviewed a lady who said she would gladly give her kidney to her pastor but not to her father.

  7. Aptly written. Pastors of now adays....saddens me when i see gullible christians living in abject poverty but never fail to give their last blood to a pastor for a miracle.

    I once interviewed a lady who said she would gladly give her kidney to her pastor but not to her father.


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