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#FranklySpeaking. The Killer Herdsmen and The Need For Balance Of Fear.

"Nature has made up her mind that what cannot defend itself, shall not be defended"

-Ralph Wado Emerson

In International peace study, there is something called Balance of Terror.

Balance of terror means that two parties have the capacity to inflict the same amount of terror on each other, which then now leads to Balance of Fear which automatically transforms into restraint and therefore peace. 

The phrase was coined by Lester Pearson a Canadian Nobel peace prize winner and former Prime minister, in 1955. 

This theory probably stopped a fourth world war during the Cuban missile crises when the US and the USSR realized they both had First and Second  Strike nuclear capabilities. 

This simply means, the ability to receive a nuclear attack and respond with the same amount of ferocity. 

Premier Nikita Kruschev and President John Kennedy both decided to shield their swords knowing that an armed conflict between them will lead to a Mutual Assured Destruction ( MAD) during the Cuban Missile Crises in 1962.

For so many years Islamic hardliners have often hacked down either Christians or foreigners in their land at the slightest provocation especially in the northern part of Nigeria. This un-Islamic act has been ongoing for a long time and at times, the good Muslims become afraid to speak out. 

These actions have  continued and cases like the Gideon Akulaku who was beheaded and youths danced around with his head in Kano, came to mind. Every little provocation has led to killings in the north. 

I remember when the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait led to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq. There was mass protest amongst anti-war and especially muslim communities around the globe. 

In Nigeria, this protest also began in the north and on the fourth day of the war, over 300 Igbos and Christians had been hacked to death in northern parts of Nigeria as part of protest against the war.

The irony is that, as at that time, the war in Iraq had only killed 36 people. So 300 people were killed as protest in a war that had just killed 36 people!

With all the American SCUD missiles and Apache helicopters, the United States succeeded in killing only 36 people in Iraq, while fellow Nigerians with bows and arrows, machetes and clubs have obliterated 300 of their country men . 

Julia Morley organized the first Miss world beauty pageant in Nigeria and the date coincidentally fell into during the month of Ramadan. There were lots of protests from some Islamic fundamentalists about holding such an event during the Ramdan in Nigeria. 

Isioma Daniels, a young UK trained journalist working with ThisDay newspaper did an article on her weekend column where she tried to calm down frayed nerves . In her article, she asked fundamentalist muslims to calm down and then she said the 'unthinkable'. She reasoned that even Muhammed had many wives and all of them were beautiful women, and if this beauty pageant was held during his time, he would probably encouraged it and possibly married one of the girls. 

All hell was let loose. The northern states erupted with riots and you know what riots meant in the north then. The usual suspects, igbos and Christians were turned to body bags . The killings and burning of churches continued for days . 

The greatest shocker came from the then Deputy governor of Zamfara state. In what seemed to be an official endorsement of the riots, the Deputy governor actually publicly proclaimed a 'Fatwa' on Isioma Daniels. 

ThisDay offices in the north were burnt down as killer gangs roamed the streets looking for the poor lady, while many more were killed as collateral damage . 

Isioma Daniels was lucky to have been smuggled out of the country and since then she has never stepped her foot in Nigeria. Julia Morley and her Miss world group were also smuggled out of the country. It was a national shame for what is considered a secular state.

After these killings, an Igbo delegation led by then governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu went to the north and openly told northern leaders to stop these killings or Igbos will be forced to defend themselves or retaliate when they are attacked. 

The next northen attacks in the north finally came and rumours had it that a trailer load of dead bodies where brought back to Onitsha and Aba, and a vicious retaliatory killings erupted in several igbo communities in the south east. 

Thence came the balance of terror which metermophosed into balance of fear which therefore led to peace, up until the Boko Haram era. 

When Boko Haram started in Nigeria, the initial targets were churches, Christians and police stations. I remember the vicious attacks at the Madalla church on Xmas day of 2011 where  body parts were littered as far around as the roof of the church, and various other churches like Deeper Life, where Christians were wiped out in a church during a night vigil, Mountain of Fire in jos, so many churches and Christian communities. 

I remember the case of how an Igbo Union in Adamawa state were holding a meeting on how to take back the bodies of their brothers killed by Boko Haram and they were attacked during the meeting. 

The killers wiped away all of them including the pregnant wife of the town union president whose house the meeting was being held .

Due to the efforts of the Nigerian security forces, the Boko haram sect have been seriously decimated and their ability to strike civil populates have been reduced. 

But today, the greatest menace is a more vicious and highly evasive group known as the Fulani herdsmen. They strike, disappear and live behind tears, sorrow and blood. They rip out intestines , butcher humans like cows, strangulate infants, burn down whole communities and escape without a trace. 

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that " Nature has made up her mind that what cannot defend itself, shall not be defended". This is the reason why these killers can keep striking deep in Igbo land without any form of fear. They noticed that the Igbos have lost the ability to protect themselves and strike back. 

In Igbo land, the traditional security measure of Ndi-Nche ( Vigilantes) has either vanished or exists without adequate ammunitions.

The Igbos and other tribes falling victims to the herdsmen must realize that it is only when the herdsmen realize there will be consequences if they attack them, can they think twice about attacking any of these communities. 

Many years ago, it was almost impossible for foreign invaders to kill with impunity in Igbo land, but Enugu has defied that. Most often the governor will go the scene and cry, then everything will become normal until they strike again. 

I've often said that our security system in Nigeria is tailored to fail. The system where you send a Yoruba man to be chief of police in Kano and vice versa. In serious minded societies, it is not even state police that some people chant about, it is local government police. That's why we have Miami police and Orlando police all within a state like Florida. This is because serious communities understand that security must be home grown. The youths of Miami are the ones who grow up and make up the Miami police department. It is their land, they defend it with greater passion and commitment . They know the streets front and back, they know fishy characters and they watch out for new entrance who might cause trouble . 

In addition to this proper structure of security in a country like the United States, many will be shocked that most US states still have armed vigilantes within. 

Whilst I commiserate with the victims in Enugu whose gory pictures have assaulted my vision this past weekend, I urge the people to arise and set up an armed vigilante force that will tell invaders that there will be serious consequences when they are attacked. 


The loud silence of the Federal Government us a clear message to these communities saying "We cannot help you, so you better wake up and live or sleep and die!"

Balance of fear is about the power of consequences. The fear of consequences is the only thing that guarantees peace. 

May God bless Nigeria. 

-FranklySpeaking; Contributor to Thelma Thinks on political and other matters. 


  1. Another brilliant one from FS. Igbos need to wake up. I saw those pictures and I cannot believe that easterners are still folding their arms. Is enough not enough already?

  2. I doubt a balance of fear theory as delineated in the Cuban missiles saga is applicable to the Nigerian security scenario. The success of this approach is highly premised on both parties having a good understanding of each's capabilities and their intent to mete out violence if need be. We all know that the Northerners are usually the only set of Nigerian people that show such disposition. Other ethnic groups are either in the chase for money or a decent standard of living or they don't see security as an issue needing collective input.

    I reckon that it is still the government that can make the most impactful change if this situation is to be remedied. We shouldn't allow the government absolve itself from one of its basic responsibilities to its citizen. More accountability, better engagement, more security protocols etc.

    I disagree that security should be homegrown. While I may agree that state police or a closer form of policing may serve Nigeria better, I don't think it'd be in Nigeria's best interest to restrict Igbo policemen to their hometowns and likewise for other ethnic groups.

    Like you've emphasized, we need an overhaul of our current security apparatus. Clearly, security in Nigeria is not working.

    1. Chrisyinks I disagree with you on the homegrown security not working. The way I see it, nobody can want to protect you more than you want to protect yourself. There are so many things wrong with the nigerian police force. One is demotivation and lack of incentive, that's why most of them are lackadaisical in their duties, but when you're protecting your own land, you have a sense of ownership and kinship that will make you more protective towards your people, with or without pay. That's the way I see it, not sure if that's what the writer meant but I will like to hear your own reasoning.

    2. It is never cost effective for a person to be responsible for the security of his household and possession. There is little that a family can do when robbers storm his/her residence with machine guns and possibly dynamites. Hence, why security is usually domiciled in governing powers of the day. Whoever is also responsible for security to a great extent is also tacitly allowed to mete out violence - violence that oftentimes may result into a riot, clash, or wanton killings.

      As much as one person may desire the security of his or her possessions and life, that only represents intent. Capacity, skill, training and professionalism are other desired ingredients - ingredients that shouldn't be viewed through the lens of ethnic or tribal groupings. For example, as much as I may want to protect boo in the face of an armed robber(s), despite my intent, I may not stand a successful chance of mounting a successful defense against the robbers.

      I just feel we shouldn't divide policing in Nigeria into ethnic or tribal groupings. Your grouse with the Nigerian police force which includes demotivation, lack of incentive and complacency isn't peculiar to the current system of policing we run. I don't think anyone would go out on a limb to protect his kinsman just because of tribe, despite the fact that he isn't getting his monthly salary. Also, knowledge of the layout of one's neighborhood isn't necessarily or solely vested in indigenes of the area. It can equally be vested in outsiders who have taken residency and are committed to the the development of their new environment. I was born in the North, but I am as clueless as a day-old baby on the nuances of living in the North, should I be denied my aspiration to be a police in the South (which I am very familiar with), just because I wasn't born in the South?

      State police, maybe yes; but I just don't feel that ethnic division in the Nigerian police force would serve the Nigerian society better.

    3. If u don't think state police wld serve Nig any better,what then is the point of state gov'rs, state allocations, state Senator, state HoR members, and ever other state project in Nig?

      Do by any chance pay for local security aka vigilantees in ur community? Why exactly you do it?

    4. @ Sasha

      If I get you correctly, you opine that State police is in the better interest of Nigeria. Incidentally, I also do. I just don't feel that a Lagos State Police force should be restricted to solely Lagosians.

    5. If you look at state police in the same way you look at state allocations and co,maybe you wld see things differently...

  3. I love when I read my mind in someone else's article.

    Back then,Fayose banned herdsmen from grazing in Ekiti for circumstances like this but one of us mocked his approach,suggested he emulate Enugu gov'nrs approach and went further to say "when the price of beef and kpomo soars,he wld regret his approach" (to paraphrase).

    Like I said,killing is their way of life. Boko Haram was just a name they chose to create an organized killing spree with.
    Boko haram has been defeated they say but who are "fulani herdsmen"? Aren't they Boko haram members? Because they don't use bombs but cows as decoy?

    The cost of eating meat is the blood of a Nigerian?

    They say GEJ allowed Boko Haram grow. Permit me to ask who is allowing fulani herdsmen grow?

    Operation crocodile smile (army) is in the South South while fulani herdsmen are in the South East. The more you look,the more you wld understand...

    1. "one of us" bawo? You should've kuku said "memphis". And for the record, that "ponmo" statement was rhetorical, Twitter takes part of the blame. The rest is for you, since you've developed a reputation for misunderstanding people instead of asking them to elaborate.

      As for emulating Ugwanyi's approach, that's not rhetorical. Y'all were mocking Ugwanyi and praising Fayose yet no herdsmen has, till today, been arrested in Ekiti; praising Fayose yet he failed to sync with security agents and instead directed hunters to shoot herdsmen on sight, whether they're genuine or not; praising Fayose yet Ekiti HOA has recently held a town hall meeting with the aim of introducing cattle ranching in the state, meeting involving these same herdsmen y'all have demonized with "Killing is their way of life". Cattle ranching in Ekiti. But when even Audu Ogbe suggested it, y'all wanted his hyde for breakfast. Fayose, the hero doing moonwalk without destination, is the one that is now better than Ugwanyi whose security approach isn't great but is way better. And oh...cattle grazing is still ongoing in Ekiti as we speak, and no herdsmen arrested till now...still.
      Fayose abi?

      And I'll like to ask: if killing is the way of life of the Fulani, would it be appropriate to conclude that doing drugs in Asia is the way of life of Ndigbo? Or prostitution is the way of life of Edo girls in Europe?

    2. Lols. Now it's "rhetorical"? Soon it might be sarcasm...
      When you use 140 characters to type ABC,i'll interpret it as ABC. Simple.

      As for Fayose. We are talking about people being KILLED by herdsmen in Enugu. When last did you hear the same repeated itself in Ekiti? The power of balanced fear.

      Newsflash: Fayose has signed open grazing prohibition bill into law. Maybe you shld read it up and see. I also read 10 states have agreed to be grazing reserves. Isn't that enough? Must the 36states be a part of it?
      This post isn't just about the fulani herdsmen but the history of their antecedents (and prolly an effective solution) . I'm sure u didn't misinterprete this post..

      Mr President has said Nigerians are corrupt. Nothing else can beat that. As for ur Edo question,Uyi can help you there...

    3. "...Newsflash: Fayose has signed open grazing prohibition bill..."

      "...I also read 10 states have agreed to be grazing reserves. Isn't that enough...".

      Fayose signed a bill that was in the news for 2 weeks, after town hall meetings with Fulani. Do you know he may soon sign ranching bill? But when FG wanted to do this things in collaboration with state governments, because FG doesn't own lands, y'all were antagonistic. All of a sudden, it's a welcome development? Lol. Una go de alright last last.

      And it's obvious you've forgotten, people were also KILLED in Ekiti, but no, Fayose's "shoot on sight" was a better approach. Shoot all herdsmen even the innocent ones.

    4. Weren't the herdsmen in Enugu innocent before they struck? What are you saying? People were killed in Ekiti so the state govt shld wait till another killing happens? Since Fayose's "shot on site" order,have u heard any herdsman has been shot? Pray tell biko.

      I still don't get ur stance on this article.

    5. Rhetorical: (of a question) asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information.

      My dear sasha, Memphis isn't asking for your reply or response From his rhetorical statements, (including that of Edos). Get it? Rhetoric... Gosh its not that difficult Na! ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

    6. Uyi the Uyi. Show me that ur a true son of Edo soil and answer the kweshun. Nothing rhetorical abourrit. (I told you it wld come up again when you were beating ur chest in the other post)

    7. Sorry you think this is coming up against me? Lmao!!! Please don't be petty Sasha. I know you are sure smarter than that. C'mon

  4. "...The fear of consequences is the only thing that guarantees peace...".

    In Nigeria? How come we then have so much militancy and communal clashes that last for decades? I grew up in Warri where the Itsekiri and Isoko tribes are among the smallest compared to the Urhobo and Ijaw. There had been constant violence among Urhobo, Ijaw, and Itsekiri for almost 10 years (as far as I can recall), so violent even soldiers had to take drastic measures occasionally shooting at passersby...yes, you read that correctly. IT WAS THAT BAD. Houses burnt, women raped and killed, people and kids slaughtered indiscriminately..the *normal* routine. Even as of now, the relative peace in Warri is tense. Or what about the alleged 72 year conflict between Ife and Modakeke? Fear of consequence worked?

    The problem with us in this part of the world is that we tend to garnish our truths with spiced up sentiments. We now act like Northerners are the greatest breed of criminals in Nigeria. That criminality knows no ethnicity is a road we aren't willing to take for reasons best known to us. Herdsmen attack is condemnable by any ramifications, but how come no one talks or writes of Pirates in the ND, or the Bakassi militants that have now turned Calabar to their HQ, or these Arepo militants that are giving herdsmen a run for their money by constantly kidnapping, killing, destroying, maiming, and vandalizing? How many people are writing articles on these criminals that aren't Fulani?

    FULANI. Yes, because we just can't stop tribal tagging criminals in Nigeria, I'm wondering how we will solve our problems. If it's not "Fulani" herdsmen, it's "Ijaw" militants. We MUST sha make sure their ethnicity is known so the angst is supreme and social media will blaze from trending. Recently we heard criminals killed some students for blasphemy. Instead of coming out as ONE to condemn this heinous act, people started insinuating that Christians aren't safe, Christians were killed, bla bla. Then breaking news: All eight victims are Muslims. Guess what? Yeah...SILENCE..till now. And guess what again? Wendel and FFK may not even write about Zamfara.

    GOD wee epp us, let us wait for HIM.

    1. What do you understand by the movement "black lives matter"?
      Do you think its a racist movement?
      Does it mean white lives don't matter?
      Does it mean whites don't also get killed?

      If the stereotype of the Northerners is what ur insinuating this article depicts,who are you going to blame? Shldnt it be the people who brought the stereotype upon themselves? They started it after tagging the 1st coup an igbo coup and so they shld live with it. People died unnecessarily then and this was before the real war broke out.

      And pls,memphis,dont categorize fulani herdsmen with community clashes. Why don't they clash among themselves? Why trek to all the way to Enugu for it? If ur not wanted in a community, you get the fcvk out, simple. Must people be killed in the wake? Tot they said they were not Nigerians? Why are foreigners killing Nigerians on her own soil? And we have a govt?

      You can't airbrush our reality...

    2. If black lives matter, why are people angry with those who say "all lives matter"? This is exactly the point I'm trying to make. You say "black lives matter" yet don't even act or show that all lives matter yet you want people to understand you? Kole werk (in Kabuoy's voice).

      "...Why don't they clash among themselves...". Really? So Fulani herdsmen don't clash? They don't steal each other's cattle? You've never heard of cattle rustling? You don't know what's going on in Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto and Zamfara?

      If you want to keep making criminality a tribal heritage, that's your call and your reality. Another reality you must deal with: we will never get solutions so long as we use sentiments to define our reality. A criminal is a criminal, no matter the tribe. Quit referencing criminals. After all isn't it because of all these tribal reference that Lai Mohammed will cluelessly be telling us cattle are flying in from Mauritius? Or senators that are supposed to find solutions will be telling us the rustlers don't have "voters card"? We know the environment we live in, yet calling out a Tribe with regards to criminal activities shouldn't be airbrushed. No wahala na..

      #Fulani herdsmen
      #Hausa Boko haram
      #Edo prostitutes
      #Igbo Drug dealers.
      #Ijaw Militants.
      #Yoruba ..........

      No time to airbrush reality.

    3. Black lives matter is about black lives. It shldnt be eclipsed by other movements neither is it stopping other movements. It's focusing on its own movement which is Black Lives Matter.

      Your pretty interesting. The way you've switched the narrative of this post to political correctness. Are you by any chance trying to permit or excuse the Enugu killings because they also kill themselves in Kano and Kaduna tagging it cattle rustling? Is that the same reason our soldiers have been rescuing cows upandan and are yet to fish out the fulani killers in Enugu? I see...

      You cannot wish our tribal differences away and neither can you wish our religious differences away too. It is who we are and sadly it's been brought more to our consciousness of late.

      This article is about the balance of fear. You clearly missed it and went all politically correct about tribe and what not. Why? What's the FG doing about the incessant killings happening under its nose? Isn't it as important as bomb blasts?

    4. It's extremely tiring debating with you because, for reasons best known to you, you keep misunderstanding people who don't agree with your opinion because you always feel you're right all the time. I'll address this for the last time and I'm done.

      "Killer herdsmen and the balance of fear" is the title of this Post. I started my 1st comment by implying that the "balance of fear" doesn't apply here as it often results in decades-long communal clashes. All through the narrative the writer, in an effort to do justice to the title, made it look like Northerners condone one of the worst kind of criminality against "Igbos and Christians", like Muslims and other ethnic tribes (even Fulani-Hausa) aren't also victims, already tending towards sentimentality. It's pretty gob-smacking to insinuate that I would, in anyway whatsoever, imply that I'm comparing kill grounds just to buttress my point. I said clearly that "criminality knows no ethnicity" and talked about ethnic clashes in Warri that could be likened to herdsmen carnage, you said "dont categorize fulani herdsmen with community clashes. Why don't they clash among themselves?". I then pointed out that they infact DO clash with themselves. Instead of you to concede that you weren't aware for some reasons, you now said this:

      "...Are you by any chance trying to permit or excuse the Enugu killings because they also kill themselves in Kano and Kaduna tagging it cattle rustling?...".

      Why would you insinuate that? Why would you even think I condone stupidity? Where in TTB or SM have I ever excused the FG's lackluster attitude in herdsmen crises? That I told you something you obviously weren't aware of is now a crime that you would insinuate I sympathize more with a particular region affected by herdsmen more than another affected region? You didn't know about Fulani clashes, you jumped in from another angle to judge me. Is this how you debate? And then end up saying I derailed from Post to political correctness (whatever that means).

      As for soldiers "rescuing cows", that's pretty hilarious because I don't expect any intelligent person to talk this way. Those cows belong to herdsmen, most of whom are DEAD, their wives and children RAPED and KILLED by criminal herdsmen. The least the security forces could do was to arrest/kill these herdsmen and recover stolen property (cows). But instead of commendation, sentiments talk:

      "...our soldiers have been rescuing cows upandan...".

      I'm thinking if, maybe the cows had been Camrys, and the police recovered them from criminals, then Nigerians would mock them by saying "police be rescuing CARS upandan".

      Herdsmen have been on rampage for decades in Nigeria, but it is only in this era I'm hearing soldiers now "rescue cows", like they weren't "rescuing cows" in previous admins, right? Ji si ike. Until we learn to stop tribal tagging criminality of anykind, we will know no peace.

      I'm done here.

    5. With everything you've said here,i can conclude that:
      1) balance of fear isn't the option (except where the army is involved like in Niger Delta)
      2) "Herdsmen have been on rampage for decades in Nigeria.." This statement of urs buttress everything we've been saying since.
      3) in the 5th paragraph, you weren't clear if the herdsmen were causing the attacks or if they were being attacked. Quite blury there..
      4) Do you know the difference between community clashes and inter-tribal clashes?
      5) lol at the Camery joke. You have a point there but you see,u don't reduce the status of the soldiers into rescuing cows. Leave that to the police.
      6) In all of this,you still haven't said what ur idea of a solution is. Fayose's approach and Balance of fear approach are wrong. UGwuanyi's perhaps? Hmm..
      Lemme ask tho,Mr President has 150 cows. Do you think it was his cows involved in the Enugu killings? (Naa...his cows can never be involved in anything crime or be found near the scene of a crime. Like owner like #bants)

    6. Sasha that will see the truth but still turn a blind eye. Sigh. You better wake up. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  5. Brilliant piece.

    I still don't get the reason for Federal Government's inaction.


  6. I think what the writer is simply saying is that tribes with incessant attacks should form vigilantes and he cleared this by a quote in his opening statement . I really don't know what Memphis is disagreeing with. You don't think people who are killed should defend themselves ? What's your point. U'goz

    1. If that is all the writer had said I wouldn't even have bothered with commenting, maybe said "well written" and moved on. But when you write such things and imply that a particular tribe (or Religion) is the main problem we have in Nigeria, that's totally unacceptable to me. No body will like their ethnicity or Religion castigated. Buy if that is what y'all want to be doing, then continue.


    2. No one likes to be castigated. You didn't say this when Nig was being castigated as "corrupt".

      You're trying so hard to generalize this but it isn't working. Tribe and religion are very individual blocks even though one stands stronger than the other. A black man is a black man whether he lives his entire life in Canada. Same for an Igbo man. Ur heritage is ur root but u can't say the same for religion. Anyone can jump in and out of religion.
      Now when you look at this post,its not talking about crime in general. Our prisons are full of criminals of different tribes and religious but if a particular tribe happens to be the ones perpetuating all the crimes above, then that's real cause for worry. Na only dem dey for Nig?

    3. I think this Memphis is one of those APC highly brainwashed guys who are beyond redemption. How do you know them? If you talk about Fulani ? They'd attack you, if you talk of Muslims they'd think you are attacking their Demi-god. The post is telling some people to defend themselves and we are here talking about tribe. How come the herdsmen weren't this bold before ? Abegi. This country will never get it right as long as Nigerians continue to speak toungue in cheek. Let Enugu people continue crying and waiting for the police.

    4. Anon 8.16am... So you are telling me you haven't heard of Fulani 'herdsmen' violence pre-APC? Hmm?

      And you're talking of 'highly brainwashed'individuals...?

  7. Memphis, there was no tribe mentioned here. It was about Islamic fundamentalists carrying out un-Islamic acts. The truth is that these things written down actually happened and tofu the herdsmen are the biggest challenge. Did you see the butchered bodies in Enugu this weekend ? How about Aguatu? They've even struck in delta, but I can tell you they won't try it in Buguma my town. Why? They know that our vigilante is so organized that they won't get away. So they can only be killing and hitting soft targets . Igbos should really stand up abeg. Islami is a synonym with terrorism in the world and its shameful how Buharist jump out to defend any of his tribesman . Nonsense

    1. "...there was no tribe mentioned here. It was about Islamic fundamentalists carrying out un-Islamic acts...".

      You got me there, until you now said this:

      "...Islami is a synonym with terrorism in the world and its shameful how Buharist jump out to defend any of his tribesman...".

      First they do "Un-Islamic acts", and then all of a sudden, "Islam is a synonym with terrorism". Then "no tribe was mentioned" but "Buhari jumps to defend his tribe (Fulani)". So we have a problem with Islamic and non-Islamic issues, as well as Fulani? Right. See how you used your own words to confuse yourself?

      Una goodnight abeg...

    2. Oga Memphis, please hope you did sleep well sha.

  8. '..Islami is a synonym with terrorism in the world...'
    Can't you see the war going on in United Arab Emirates(dubai)... The killings in Saudi Arabia. Too many bombings over there at those Islamic nations. It's crazy and scary.

    1. Uyi , I didn't see that in the article . Please which paragraph did the writer say Islam is a synonym for terrorism ? Are you sure we are reading the same post?

    2. Anon 9.53pm... The last three lines.

      This should have been under that thread, sorry for the mistake.

  9. There is nothing "un-Islamic" about the terror that Islam breeds. Blood intoxicates and the intoxicated seeks more blood. From flogging to beheading and suicide mission this religion is Satanic. It has become the full domain of Satan. Whose mission is to steal, kill and destroy humanity. Muslim themselves the greater victims and tools of his mission.
    Those who you describe as "Good Muslims" are Satan's permitted face of lies and deciet. He allows that space to decieve will an appearance of good. They are trapped by the terror outside and deep inside of them and in their quiet moments they know this for a fact. They have no personal power other their will it is enslave by Satan inspired fear of murderous religion. They know that they are dead if they speak against the ugly state of a religion they have been held bound and captive in. It is Terror within and Terror without by the doctrine of fear.
    Imagine that whole states and mass movement of people rise into violence in defense of a so called divinity who lacks capacity to bring offenders to justice from his strength of divine means. What a divinity. Murderous evil god he is. I defy him. I shall not be subject to the fear of his machine of terror. I will gladly die than allow his scheme of fear weaken by Strenght in the Faith of A loving God I serve to whose love, I surrender my life.
    Sadly, those who bear the Gospel Truth are trapped fear. They will interpret there fear as wisdom, an unmistakable mark that they love their life more that Truth. A further fact that shows the lack the power of the New Life which is a life free of and from fear.
    Who them can the superior life be shone to impart Faith in those trapped in a failed Religion that us destroying humanity.
    We do not need the method of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) or the philosophy of balance of terror to quench terror and inspire more fear. What we need is the power of Divine Nature that flows from and with Love to defy Allah the god of terror and inspire those held under fear of Allah terror to witness a new power of Life and be free.
    Wake Up Jesus People, Wake in the Life of God in Christ. Many Muslims are trapped and need Life from the terror that Islam holds them under.
    My Life is on the alter of the sacrifice of Life that proves Love a superior force. Grace does wonders, it is not an idle statement that fill church and TV screens. It is the power of love against the terror of Allah, whose is so cheap he can not save his followers from all evil but beheads and terrorizes.
    We will defeat him. Defeat we shall this god, called Allah face from the army of Yah-Weh is Love from Yahushua Stable.
    Even so Amen.


    1. Oga o. This one pass me sha...

    2. Dear anon, you are part of the problem... This separatist mentality. The idea that your 'God' is bigger than others'.

      Lack of knowledge and understanding is making you take a path to an inevitable dead-end.

      I don't know how to start with you, I hope 'your God' will send someone to you to help you get in line with what you, as a Christian, stand for.

  10. Dear Kuromiema, let's not act like the terrorist. I agree that Christians should brace up and actually protect themselves . I agree to every thing on this very educative and intelligent post, but I don't think we should begin to have terrorist Chritian groups which is what I think you are suggesting . There are good Muslims like the writer stated, but it's also a fact that terrorism has become synonymous with people who claim they are Muslims or operating in the name of allah. My wife is a Muslim and she cringes whenever she hears of people killing one the name of allah . I think prominent Muslims around the world has a lot of work to do. I really enjoy reading these frankly speaking posts and I think his views are actually very frank as his articles suggests. Sam

  11. Yes, like Sam said, I like Frankly speaking's far.


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