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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Linda Ikeji's #BossLady Moves...

Linda Ikeji spends N85m moving into new office that cost N10m/year rent .

Blogger, Linda Ikeji has finally heeded the advice of some of her friends who have for long urged her to establish a proper business with a practical structure.

According to Sunday Scoop, Linda moved into an office whose rent has been estimated to be about N10m per annum in highbrow Lekki Phase 1.

The building, we learnt, has been partitioned into 22-room offices, housing studio, editing suite, two lounges, VIP waiting room, radio booth, section for her yet- to- be 
unveiled Linda Ikeji Music, LIS administrative office, bloggers office and her own office.

Ikeji, who has engaged the services of top professionals to man different departments, is launching two additional businesses that are online related, TV programmes and an online radio.

One of the businesses she will be launching is Linda Ikeji Music, which we learnt will be in competition with NotjustOk. The other one is LIS which might have something to do with fashion. “Linda has finally registered her company and is planning to move on to greater things beyond the success that everybody can see. She feels there is still much that she could still achieve, there are unconquered territories and many unexplored opportunities between the worlds of social media she needs to explore.  She is not just satisfied with being the number one blogger and she doesn’t want to remain a one-man business anymore. She has the track record and what it takes to function as one of the business houses in Africa and that is what she is doing,” A source in the know told Sunday Scoop.

Sunday Scoop visited the office and while interacting with some of the workers on site, it was revealed that equipping the office has so far cost the blogger about N85m.

Despite repeated enquiries, the blogger told Sunday Scoop that when she is ready she would speak about the new development.

According to @chinnysblog (on Instagram), Linda Ikeji has rented an office space and is finally getting official! While I cannot verify any of this, I hope it's true because this simply sounds great. There's nothing I love to see more than progress. Besides its about time!
     I love to see people, women especially, moving on up and doing great exploits. N10,000,000 annual rent does not make much sense to me as its a lot more sensible to come up with a plan and actually acquire a property if you can afford 10M a year for rent, (85M naira can very well buy a property in Lekki which I'm sure she's aware of) so I'm hoping that part of the "gist" is not accurate. But whether it is or not... Nice one Linda, continue to inspire!


  1. "N10,000,000 annual rent does not make much sense to me...".. you've forgotten this is linda ikeji we're talking about. How much of what she does makes sense? but I'm happy for her and wish her all the best

    1. I feel the need to qualify - by "How much of what she does makes sense?", I meant her actions don't seem to make sense to most people, yet she stays winning. Make of that what you may.

  2. I'm so happy for her. Like her or hate her, she's a dynamite, a force to be reckoned and I must say this is her smartest move so far!

  3. Oh Linda babyyyy! My love!!! You still havent called me. I know you read this blog so holla at a nigga asap. Gat some thing I wanna do to you. *Wink.


  4. I would not be surprised to know the property is hers but the business would be paying the N10M/annum rent.

    Congrats to her.


  5. I would like to think same @ F because paying that much rent is just too much in my own opinion. I would have suggested starting small but hey!this is Linda and small is something we can't associate with her.I hope she really takes this and turns it into something greater.We need more females doing great things and making exploits. She is practically living the life of most females.
    I wish her all the best and with grace more of us will be celebrated someday.


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