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Ruby Diamond: What The HELL Is Religion?

So I was doing "blog ashawo" earlier and I saw news that elicited different emotions and reactions in me.

"Northern Christians break away from CAN, Revert to NNCA"

I first went from hian*, read a bit and in my usual fashion, I went Oghene biko* because I really need God to help us.

Let me digress.

currently live in Jos and it was here I attended the popular RCCG first. I'm Foursquarian by birth (I'm still forced to attend when I'm home), I attend His Treasure House naturally (My favourite church). All I want to do is listen to the undiluted word of God.

Back to the point, during my service year, it was so obvious that there was no love amongst us even in church. Different forms of jealousy. Choi!!!

Fast forward, I'm still there. Same church bought a land and we were already building on this land. A letter came from the Ministry in charge of land allocation. The letter "claimed" The Governor needed the land. The Governor denied any form of interest in said land. Then they said the land belongs to "The Catholic Church" of Plateau state. Lots of argument cropped up, a go ahead, then a shocker!!!

The youths of the Catholic Church destroyed all structures already erected on the land.


Shocked was an understatement.

No love between churches kwanu..

Then I saw that news about Christians dividing into North, South and what have you...

What have we done wrong?

When I fill forms now, I skip religion because I don't have a religion.

If you tell me Christianity, it's Life for me. It's not my religion.

If I must have a religion, can it be love? Can we return to the basics? All commandments in my Holy book is summed into two; both summed into one- LOVE.

Can Love be the religion again?


  1. It still is. Just no longer the popular religion in our times

    1. In our times? Lol. Has it ever been? Holistically check your history please...

      The moment Love become a 'religion',it becomes fallible.

      Love simply just has to be a way of life...

  2. Religion /rəˈlijən/ NOUN: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal deity or deities.

    Love /ləv/ NOUN: An intense feeling of deep affection for something.

    Christians, Muslims, and other Abrahamic Religious faithful cement their Religious practices over the foundation of LOVE, the greatest commandment given to them. You can NEVER practice an Abrahamic Religion that lacks LOVE. Anything devoid of that is a fallacy.

    1. You definition of love and even Religion (from whatever dictionary), at the least, is ultimately flawed. Judging by the reality of our socio-cultural space, I'm very sure you know that already.

    2. "...Judging by the reality of our socio-cultural space...".

      And who is the judge that says the reality of our social life is right? It's either you're Religious or you aren't. Human beings, with a great affinity for error, cannot design another version of LOVE and/or RELIGION.

    3. Now this is the memphis I used to knw. You bacame a shadow of urself for a bit. Nice to have you back..

    4. Religion in itself is a farce, period. It limits man's understanding of Truth. Confines man to limited space. So when humankind defend their limited space or territory, violence occurs...#shittypride
      My question now is, is it all worth it?
      I watched CNN video showing fireservice pulling a child out of a collapsed building due to war emanating from religious conflict and you want to explain religion to that Lil child when he grows up...? Telling that child that religion is still worth it? See, I cried like a baby when I thought about the reality the lil child was facing...
      Bro please!!!

    5. For the record I'm pretty sure you pulled that out of a freaking dictionary?
      Oya tell the dictionary to define 'intense feeling of deep affection to something' for you too, since it's pretty simple.

  3. My religion-humanity!


  4. YASSS PLEASE....But I still believe religion serves its purpose, and God knows what he's doing. Eventually we'll see the full picture and with the 24 elders we'll daily bow

  5. When one looks to the actions of men to define one's religion, it is likely one misses the essence of such a religion. Many religions have some forms of reference that is distilled through generations to preserve certain non-negotiable tenets of its precepts: Christianity has The Bible, Islam has The Quran, etc.

    That I practice Christianity doesn't exclude that there are some who are more 'christian' than I am and certainly doesn't exclude that I may be more 'christian' than a few. However, we are all called Christians. We all err and lately, I also feel that the christian body has been erring a lot. Still those 'errs' haven't got anything on what Christianity really is.#proudlychristian.

    1. "When one looks to the action of men"... In addition to what the wonderful Sasha bone has said... Don't let the actions of others define your belief... Keep looking up to Jesus... The author and the finisher of your faith. He is Love! And if you believe in him... That sums it all up.

  6. I Don talk tire... The time is coming!!! It is still coming... Maybe not in our lifetime but it will come, I can assure you that. Religión is gearing towards extinction, albeit at a slow pace.

  7. I've also realized that the Bible has become simply the 'word' of God... Let's pause for a second, IS IT?

    Yeah read my question and your reply in your head would be that men were inspired by God. Every inspiration known to man has always and will always be by God. The celebrations of a 'microscopic few'(i just had to), as the Bible has done, only limit us to one single perspective. Words of Christ himself, (seeing as we are Christians) can only remain valid cos we believe in him to a 'supernatural' level. If we don't do that with other writers of the Bible then why should we be so holistic in following their specific principles(yes tell me again that they were inspired by God, I got it. Aren't we all?)
    My point is Christ, himself, never condemned any body on earth(to my knowledge), so if Some other parts of the Bible decides to (and more), we should follow suit?

    In the end, this, in itself has portrayed 'Christianity' in flawed light. Just look at the way it(christianity) has played through 'religion'. I don't think this was what Jesus Christ intended.

    Mahatma Gandhi, who isn't a Christian, held Jesus Christ in the highest regards but couldnt hold so for his(Christ's) followers(we).

    Pointers: 1, Christianity should never be a religion.

    2, Christianity should not be about the Bible neither should the Bible be about 'Christianity'

    3, In my own perspective of life, Christianity should ALWAYS be above the Bible.
    In other words they are not 'equal'.

    1. Be careful in your opinions with regards to theology, it may lead you to places you'll never get out of. This isn't an "el oh el" advice. You should read the Holy Bible extensively before deciding to weigh in the same shoes as "The celebrated microscopic few" with the "we're all inspired" mantra.

      The Book of Genesis is credited to Moses, yet he wasn't even born at least 4 centuries from the time the last patriarch of Israel died. St. Paul wrote about JESUS as though he received firsthand knowledge from the Twelve. Amos, Isaiah, Zachariah and Malachi wrote about JESUS 6 centuries before HE came, as though they were fortune tellers. These men weren't just "Inspired", they received Divine Revelations and it's extremely important that utmost respect be given to them. Making light of their purpose is like making light of someone like Muhammad (you get the drift).

      I get the point you're trying to make, but be careful. In a way, you're indirectely making jest of The HOLY SPIRIT when you belittle the importance of these men and worse, The HOLY Bible. Christianity can NEVER be above the Holy Bible.

      "Heaven and earth will pass away, but MY Words will never pass away" - Matt 24:35. The words are what you say Christianity should be above? That doesn't even make sense bro.

    2. Christianity should and will always be above the Bible... I don't care what anyone says, at the end, everyone has its own Interpretation of the same Bible. Truth is Jesus Christ is bigger than the Bible (please tell me otherwise), and I'm a follower of christ(not the Bible) why should I be limited by the Bible?

      You are quoting Matt to me? Really? That's Jesus' words (in red) bro. Which will continue to stand...

      Your point basically, is that the the era of 'important' men worthy enough to be inspired writers of the Bible has ended. How can you make such a conclusion? How Na?

      Guilt-tripping me with the Holy Spirit doesn't cut it for me. I'm sorry.

      There are so many thing happening in the world today that Holy Bible itself cannot explain without prejudice and complications. Same happened with the Old Testament until Jesus Christ came. So Jesus Christ after leaving this world, through the Holy Spirit, inspired a man who never had any encounter whatsoever with him will not, I repeat, will not inspire any other man worthy enough even after another 2000years to be a part of the Holy Bible? Please think this through holistically.
      Jesus' words, whether you like it or not, is only part of the Holy Bible, and that's it. Hold every other correspondence liable for whatever they write in there... #peace.

      In the name of the Bible so many people are out there committing violent atrocities to mankind and don't feel guilty for what they have done. Likewise other religions and their respective books. So don't try to equate our almighty Jesus Christ(who in itself is Christianity) to the HOLY BIBLE. #peace

    3. Word! You should have ended you comment with "peace"


    4. When I debate with Uyi and Sasha Bone, there's this huge difference. They both are extremely opinionated but Uyi, bros, you have a nack for contradicting yourself most times.

      "...Truth is Jesus Christ is bigger than the Bible.. and I'm a follower of christ(not the Bible) why should I be limited by the Bible?...". #1

      "...Christianity should and will always be above the Bible... I don't care what anyone says...". #2

      "...There are so many thing happening in the world today that Holy Bible itself cannot explain without prejudice and complications..." #3

      You were going on and on about "Christianity" and "JESUS", yet at the same time, treating the Holy Scriptures as an after thought. How did you know about JESUS, Christianity, HOLY SPIRIT, etc? I'm guessing it's not from Google..and even they won't give you that information without reference to The Bible.

      #1. You can be a follower of CHRIST but making light of The Scriptures won't even be acceptable to HIM. Read your Bible to find out why.

      #2 Christianity is all about living GOD's Word, it cannot be separated from the scriptures.

      #3 You are extremely wrong here. That's all I can say as far as that statement is concerned.

      Uyi, read you Bible more. Stay blessed bro.

    5. @memphis, to buttress what Uyi said, Jesus Christ is the word of God! John 1:1,14. All the writings in the bible are just letters and if read outside of Christ would kill us. The letters killeth, but the spirit gives live. Jesus was a Jew like you said, yet his people still found faults in him. Have you wondered why? 1st Corin 3:7 talks about a ministry of death. The bible will always be important and relevant but if read outside Christ becomes immediately useless. Which is why based on my understanding of English, Christianity will always be above the bible. Gracias.

    6. Memphis, the problem here is that you are confined to the walls of the Bible and not Christ.

      For the record, your new testament was created 300years after the death of Jesus Christ. Read Constantine. I'm sure you know they compiled the Bible and then let some accounts 'worthy' of the same Bible go. Apparently they knew better what information is best served to the children of God. And you think they(i mean Constantine) didn't do that in retrospect to their Era?
      Bros let's leave story Abeg... Want to be a Christian, Be a Christian. The Bible is your guide...

      There's this movie The Flight by Daniel Washington, the plane was going to crash land. After he succeeded in saving 96+% lives, by turning the plane upside down, the authorities decided to simulate the crash landing with other pilots given the same situations 'going by the books' or should I say 'guide', they all failed.

      Hope this hit home!

    7. UYI OOO!!!! Damn...

      The bible is the WORD OF GOD. The bible isnt a textbook or a random book or novel you find lying around.
      Yes, its hardcover copies are made from the same material but No,they arent on the same pedestal. The constitution of your country remains supreme for the citizens and the WORD OF GOD remains supreme for the beliebers,sorry

      You know what? replace the word 'bible' with 'The word of God' (cos truthfully,that's what it is actually) and tell me if you still think the Christian is above the Word of God.

    8. Kia!!...Uyi! I throw hat for you ooo, you made me come out of my usual just reading to commenting. I see your point and although I don't fully agree with some, you backed them up with reasoning. It's sooo refreshing seeing someone thinking for themselves and asking questions and not just taking it as they have you. Why religion has had a strong hold on people till this day is because of fear!. The Catholic Church instilled so much fear that people were scared to speak out of turn. Now that there's more freedom they changed their tactic to love. Da Vinci invented a lot of things in he's time, but because of the fear of the Catholic Church he hid them and even went as far writing in mirror image so when they see it they wouldn't understand.

    9. Kia!!...Uyi! I throw hat for you ooo, you made me come out of my usual just reading to commenting. I see your point and although I don't fully agree with some, you backed them up with reasoning. It's sooo refreshing seeing someone thinking for themselves and asking questions and not just taking it as they have you. Why religion has had a strong hold on people till this day is because of fear!. The Catholic Church instilled so much fear that people were scared to speak out of turn. Now that there's more freedom they changed their tactic to love. Da Vinci invented a lot of things in he's time, but because of the fear of the Catholic Church he hid them and even went as far writing in mirror image so when they see it they wouldn't understand.

    10. Dear anon and Uyi and everyone with a similar opinion,the laws in the bible were written to the Jews (not the Gentiles,or Asians,or Caucasians, or Africans). When Jesus came,he explained that the greatest law is love (which shld be preached and practiced irrespective of ur religion or denomination). Love isn't limited to Christianity. If it is,then I truly truly truly wonder what others preach and practice. Hate?
      Indifference? Pray tell...

      And,pls dont hate on the early church. Nothing in its infancy is ever perfect. Paul (aka Saul) hated Christians but ended up writing most of the books in the new testament.
      The days of the early church clashed with the rise of science and art but today things are different.
      (yh,I've read Angeles and Demons by Dan

    11. So what are we now saying in Clear Essence now, Sasha?

      Christianity is Universal, it's not a religion. That why I believe even other religions can practice christianity and still be fine. Whatever you do, just have Christ's utmost principles in mind. Atleast we all know what that is...

      Ps: see what I did there in the first paragraph? 😁😁😁

  8. Truth is this article echoes my present thoughts. Truly. Can't my religion be love? Do I honestly have to pick a side? Some forms even go ahead to ask you to pick a denomination. What the heck is that? I thought we all were supposed to be one body. It's confusing....really

  9. I love you Thelma kudos

  10. Jesus was a Jew. He identified with a religion. He didn't renounce the laws or teachings of his religion. The Love ur referring to isn't a religion but a fruit of the Holy Spirit. I understand the urge to wanna judge a religion by the actions of people who practice the religion but in Christianity, all u have to do is keep ur focus on Christ and do right by him while u remain an ambassador of Christ, exhibiting the real and true Christ-like behavior expected of you.

    1. 'I understand the urge to wanna judge a religion by the actions of people who practice the religion...' should we judge it by the plants or nonliving things around them? Aunty...

      "Religion /rəˈlijən/ NOUN: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal deity or deities."- Memphis' dictionary definition.
      'the belief... ' by who?
      Animal, place or things?

      Moving in circles won't solve the problem. We can't run away from it.

    2. Uncle,do u knw what stereotype is? Wld u want people to judge Edo people with the "actions" of Edo people? I didn't think so...

    3. What makes Edo People? Lol... Seems you are comprehending this from another-world perspective.

      You better start judging Edo people by their actions and they should be proud of it. I'm proud to be an Edo man and when he/she speaks I will surely know that's my kindred.

    4. Noted. I'll remember this wherever something similar comes up (cos it always does...)

    5. "...You better start judging Edo people by their actions...", and YET we should, as regards Christianity, be "...Judging by the reality of our socio-cultural space...".

      Judge Christianity by human actions but don't Judge Edo people by human actions. See how you always contradict yourself? Bros eeeee...

      Peace (in Kon's voice).

    6. Oga Memphis, hian. You have pretty much misconstrued me. Read your comment again. I want you to know Edo people by their actions. Thanks


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