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The Encounter.

Last week I boarded a plane out of Lagos. While waiting to get my boarding pass I listened to an argument that was going on beside me. So this very pretty woman, early 40s maybe, was being told that she couldn't travel with one of her bags that had some breakables in it. They were pretty stern about that and the woman was adamant about getting on the plane and with all her stuff. 

I left to board my plane and after a very bumpy flight we sha landed safely. Walking towards arrivals I heard something fall and break behind me, I turned back to see it was that same woman at the airport. Her stuff had fallen because she was carrying too many things, and so I offered to help her carry some of her bags. We immediately got talking. 

Less than two minutes after meeting, I'd already learnt that she moved out of Lagos a year ago because her husband was transferred, she's been married for 15yrs with 4 kids, and she's a lawyer. When I told her I'm her learned colleague she laughed and said "no wonder, like minds attract". 

She was still travelling to her state of residence, an hour away from town so I told her to join my taxi into town and I would drop her at the park where she would get a car going her way. 

The airport is quite far from town and with the traffic, it was a long ride. We got talking. For some reason it was so easy for me to talk to her and I told her I had/have a suitor where she lives but one major reason I've refused to consider him seriously is because I just don't see myself living there, and he in turn doesnt see himself ever not living there. 

It was then she told me that she's a pastor and has her own ministry, and the things she had at the airport were gifts from her 'flock'. She said she has a church in Lagos and has to go to Lagos twice a month to join her congregation, do ministrations and counseling. Yes, counseling, as in in the seeing visions sense. She said she has prophetic powers, was born with them and had been born again since she was 12 and has run her ministry for eight years. Then she started to talk. 

She said I needed to pray about certain things, especially my career and that she can sense that I'm really good at planning and organizing (funny, I actually am), she said she sees me being very successful at a particular business, that it might take some time, but that I will eventually make it. (Funnier because my boo has been telling me the same thing for over a year). 

Then she began to talk about this suitor. She said even though she can sense that I'm in love with someone else right now, I should come home with her and stay a couple of days. She said, rightly, that the suitor in question has been on my case long before I met the guy I'm presently seeing and that it seems he really loves me so I should give both options a chance. She said I should tell him I'm in town and ask him to come over. She would like to see him for herself and know what kind of spirit he has. She would like to know what he's spiritual life is like. She would like to see him and me together and see (spiritually) if we are meant to be husband and wife. 

I told her I couldn't come home with her but I could come into town at another time. She smiled and said "You still want to play. You still want to have fun. Ok, go and have fun. You came into town to groove, i know, I won't stop you. Have all the fun but come back and lets talk when you've finished. I'm hearing so many things about you in my spirit". 

And then she started to tell me things about my past, and they were actually true. And she started to tell me things about my future and then she stopped short, laughed and said "Oya I don't want to say too much so that you won't run away from me". I laughed too but I didn't urge her on. She added again that she's seeing many things and there's so much she needs to talk to me about. She was rather very excited and was visibly struggling to restrain herself from saying the things she wanted to. 

When I dropped her off she told me to try to come to her town and I'm welcome to stay in her house as long as I want. She said to chat her up on whatsapp so that we can talk more and continue our conversation. 

It's been five days and I've neither called nor messaged her, and I don't think I will. 

I don't know why but I think I like my life the way it is and I see these prophecies as some kind of interference. I want things to happen naturally and I want to be surprised! 

I met the lady, we instantly hit it up and liked each other and she's welcoming me, a stranger, to stay with her family. She said she senses that I have a good spirit so she's not worried, and would gladly prepare a room for me in her home for the weekend. It was a heartwarming thought but not one I'm willing to entertain. 

Yet, a part of me is wondering. Did we meet for a reason? Should I go and see her? What am I afraid of? 

In my shoes, would you go and see her, or call her at least... Would you be curious, would you want to know?


  1. Wow. They've started already? September, October, November, Yuletide. Oh ok...

  2. In your shoes....I would go. For curiosity sake.
    These type of people (the seers) exist. But a part of me wants to trust them while another part doesn't. It's usually scary especially when what they say is true but then I also know some prophets aren't true prophets.

    I'm just here blabbing. What do I know?

  3. I don't listen to talk about prophetic stuffs, not interested in telling about the future as I am very glad walking through the minefield of life. It is called adventure, I get burnt in the journey but my days of laughter are more than that of tears. I wake up every morning with a heart of gratitude, trusting God to order my steps and help me get up when I fall.
    Any extra is pure distraction, the kind I pray to God to shield me from.

    Happy Sunday folks, have a beautiful week ahead.

  4. I'd definitely call/text her. can't guarantee I would take it any further.

  5. If what you want is not in line with what you think she has to offer, in any regard, then let it go.

    The fact you are writing this means you want to be convinced not to... Seeing as something is telling you to go.

    On the flip side, all these prophets and prophetess everywhere, you don't want to be wrap up in a surreal world they'd create for your innocent soul. Before you know, you are stuck and unprepared for an uncertain reality ahead.

    Make a decision about yourself and know what you want, stand firm and it will happen as you want it. Prophet(ess) or not.

  6. Yes please, honour her invitation, you never can tell!!!

  7. I'm here wondering..."Y don't I ever meet such people? And y don't I ever get prophecies about me" don't be a coward her...sbhm

  8. I won't go...Like you said,I like the surprises that come with life...And should I say these people always have one prophesy after the other...TNHW

  9. T, please I sent you a mail

  10. Do u watch Hollywood Medium? Tyler,the Hollywood psychic and clairvoyance (sounds cool and badass...)

    Biko,lemme have her number. Maybe I can invite her to my home instead so she can do for me what Tyler does for them in

  11. I shall not go but i shall 'sha call or at least text. Nthing more.

  12. My dear, go. Ur paths crossed for a reason. These days people dont "walk blindly". U need to be prayerful and seek councelling. At the end of the day, she will advice u. And ask you to pray. But if she mentions money, run! And oh be careful so it doesnt get addictive.

  13. Will i go to her house and stay, No! But my curiosity will not allow me not call or at least text her to hear small I absolutely believe that there are things that can't always be explained logically but i'll definitely ask God for the spirit of discernment too.

    1. Lol. Exactly. Curiousity wee not kill me. I agree with this 100%.

    2. Lol. Exactly. Curiousity wee not kill me. I agree with this 100%.

    3. Yes - the discernment. I read this yesterday, and walked to the kitchen, confused at what I'd do in a situation like that. And then I realised that the Holy Spirit's discernment would guide me on by whose spirit she operates. If it is the Spirit of God, then there is no fear.

  14. If I were u, I'd have pestered her to tell me all she wants to there and then, but I won't go to her house not to think of sleeping over.. but do as ur spirit leads. These days there are too many false prophets operating by d lead of the devil, so u need to be very careful dear!

  15. Thelma. You have an amazing blog! Just finished reading most of your articles. Where have you been all my life???

  16. Thelma. You have an amazing blog! Just finished reading most of your articles. Where have you been all my life???

  17. When we talk about 'DISCERNMENT', do you really believe that we all have the same ability to 'hear' from God? What if some people can see/hear/perceive more than others can? What if this 'gift' of thiers is tapped into? It would be really nice to skip the pitfalls of life most of the time. We may all have the discerning spirit but I'm very certain some people are higher up the spiritual food chain.

  18. I won't go, neither will i call anymore sef. I'm a christian and in as much as i believe in the gift of prophecies and prophets, i also know the devil can manipulate things to suit him. So I'd sit in my lane and pray about my future. God will never take you to where his grace isn't sufficient. The one she has told you is enough, just pray about the rest.

  19. It's tempting to be curious about such things. Yes indeed there are seers . After all in the bible God spoke through prophets.
    The problem our generation has now is discerning who is real and who isn't.

    I have had strangersome I never knew before tell me certain things. I didn't go seeking, our paths just crossed.

    I was amazed but didn't have the need to follow up lest I fall into a trap.

    There was one stupid one who said I won't be able to conceive. God put him to shame , but those words hunted me for along time and kept me from any how Waka.

    I honestly try to avoid such, just as Wales opined above.

    I'd only say keep in touch but don't go the extra trying to seek for anything further. Just keep her as a friend.

  20. I actually would go see her. Though I might not sleep over. I think u met her for a reason.

  21. I actually would go see her. Though I might not sleep over. I think u met her for a reason.

  22. I am always sceptical about prophets and vision seeing pple. God speaks to everyone, many of us are just too busy to listen. Whatever it is she has told you, God must have had a reason, he also had a reason for stopping her from saying more. I'd say take the things that she has said to God in prayer, tell him that if they are truly in line with his plan for your life then he should bring them to fruition in his own time. Pray about your future and trust God to handle it.

    There's no need to call the lady, I wouldn't. Not because I'm sure she's shady but because you really can't be too sure so I'd rather take my chances with God.

  23. Since she did not mention that you have a blog, I think you should not go! True.

  24. "Everybody wants to know their future, until they know their future" does not always apply.

    Go. I will only counsel caution. In this life, nothing happens in isolation.

    All the best.

  25. The primary reason why I wouldn't go see her is Shakespeare's story of MacBeth. Basically she could be true but her vision could cause me to derail.

    Also I don't like things clouding my head space too much, a reason why I don't keep somethings on my head, why I make lists a lot let alone being told about me in years to come! Too much mehn!

    I know some seers are not by God and I'm not sure how to always differentiate, so I'll pass.

    Thelma, about your not dreaming of relocating to a state, lol. If I told you a story, you might not believe.


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