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Saturday, 13 August 2016

TTB Write Right Challenge.

Good evening people. Someone just mailed and said "You've been so busy, it tells on the blog" and I smiled, albeit sadly. Yes I have, and I never intend not to be but I never planned for it to tell on the blog. I want activity on this blog dammit! LOL. 

So I've decided to engage my guests and readers. I want as many people writing for Thelma Thinks blog as possible, and I've decided that we should have a challenge. Don't worry, it's really simple and anyone can join in. 

Write on any of the following; fiction, opinion pieces, true life stories, politics, an open letter, a challenge you deal with or have dealt with and overcame, love/heartbreak/marriage/sex/work... ANYTHING. Just write! At the end of each month the writer of the post with the highest reactions (read: comments) gets N10,000 cash (and possibly a surprise gift from me). You're free to send in as many posts as you like but in order to have them posted, they must be of good quality and have an ability to engage TTB blog readers. Also, posters should try to avoid overly lengthy posts, you know many people really don't like to read loooooong posts/articles, right? 

This challenge starts now and although August is already underway, it's ok! Send your posts to and they should be titled with your desired title for the post and "Write Right" in brackets. The winners would be selected at the last day of each month and the prize would be won instantly.

If we've got any blog readers feeling generous, please feel free to pledge something for our monthly TTB Write Right winner in addition to the N10,000 prize money. You can do this now or at anytime during the period of the TTB Write Right Challenge. 



  1. That's a very good one!

  2. Lol... did you sub Chrisyinks with that

    I've had something weighing on my mind for the past couple of months now so, when I get around to putting my thoughts down, I'll send it in and hope to win the prize... *shines teeth".

    1. Still won't stop me with my long articles hehehe.... Looking forward to reading your article Sunshine.

      PS: (@ Thelma) May I suggest that you stipulate a number of days after an article is published to measure count/reaction. A post on the first of any month has a higher and possibly unfair chance of having a higher reaction than an equallly good post published on the twenty-fifth of the same month. It might also be a good time to enact like buttons.

  3. So we who don't write can't get gifts?
    Thelma o gini?

  4. Challenge accepted!



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