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#UsainBolt. After You've Called Him Your "KING!"

The previous post is about feminism and girl power and how women are powerful and maybe even superior and to be underestimated at your own detriment. Yet despite all that battle chant there's one irrefutable fact and that's that it's a man's world, for now at least. 

So multiple gold medalist, Usain Bolt, whose pictures are splattered all over the Internet today for his infidelity; cheating on his "First Lady" (in his own words... But maybe that was a double entendre, an innuendo, a message; first among other ladies? Oh well....) with a 20yr old he saw at his celebratory party and immediately took to his bed and was foolish enough to snap photos with... His girlfriend of two years was also all over social media during the Olympics praising her man, calling him her King, posting adoring photos of him, publicizing their love and her unshakable support...

The public now knows what a cheating little scumbag he is! 

But guess what

He will go Unscathed. 

He will be praised for being an Alpha male. 

His endorsements are not going to be affected. 

He will only get more endorsements. 

He may or may not show any remorse. 

He is not going to change. 

His girlfriend is not going anywhere!

Anyways so I got into a conversation about it with a few of my girlfriends and it's popular opinion that it's hard, almost to the point of impossility for a hugely successful (and wealthy) man to stay faithful to one woman. That most women with such men know that there's no way their men are faithful to them but they look the other way. That all men cheat anyways, so... (The eternal clichΓ©). 

Is this true?

So ladies I'm asking you and please be very honest with me, will leave your man if you caught him cheating on you? 

And the other hand ladies, you see that there's really nothing you can do about a man who's gon cheat anyways? You can kill yourself at the gym waist training and getting that flat tummy, doing squats to keep that booty tight and big, cook like Martha Stewart and shag him like Jada Fire. The peepee of a man with a wandering peepee will always wander. Usain's chic is a thousand times hotter than this groupie, yet...
Men, what exactly would it take for you to be faithful to one woman?! 😏


  1. Hahahhahahaha laffing in spanish, shebi its this my boo boo that i found out he slept with some lady some months ago. To think that i called him the said evening and he picked my call in her presence and even used the pet name. i am still with him ooh. I never even tell am sef, not to talk of raising the issue. Infact my male cousin says i should let sleeping dogs lie. What is a small girl suppose to do now? And when i ask him 'baby are u cheating on me?' He goes ...never, i mean why should i? .lol

    I hope this is just one of those post he doesnt bother to open. But just incase he does, ogbeni call me let me treat ur fuck up. I still ruv u sha.

    1. 1) How did you find out he slept with somebody else?
      2) Are you 101% sure?
      3) Your fellow women are the real devils. She probably had his D in her mouth and heard him talking to his GF, but she didnt mind.
      4) By not addressing it you have made it acceptable. Im not saying if you address the matter that he will stop cheating. But still...always speak against what you dont want.


    2. You are well done ma. 😊 Continue
      "ruving" ☺️ More pawa! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    3. I feel Kon's fourth point is apt for your situation.

  2. Kon, please come and answer the last question. For Bolt and his girlfriend, it's just sad really

    1. Counter question - What will it take for women to respect other women's relationships and just stay away? Did you see the video of that girl grinding her ass on Bolt's D? Common... Bolt na #HumanBeing

    2. Really Kon? Seriously? 😑

  3. I'll definitely leave if my man cheats on me. I already knocked it into his head that I'll leave if he ever cheats on me. And I know he believes me. So if he still goes ahead to cheat, knowing that I'll definitely leave, that tells me that he doesn't care if I leave, and I can't and won't stay where I'm not wanted.

    I do believe that not all men cheat, and I know that I deserve to be with one that doesn't, so I won't sell myself short.

    1. Not all men cheat. But good luck to finding a man that wont cheat.

      I tell all women - Cheating is not a good enough reason to leave a good relationship.


    2. I have already found him, but thanks.

      It's a very good reason for me to leave a relationship.

    3. Kon, please tell men that too....


  4. He was also pictured kissing a different girl that same night. I'm not putting any man on social media that isn't my husband. At least people will crucify a husband more than a boyfriend. I hope he used protection if not the Thunder that will fire him will come with one packet of postinor 2 and two pampers just in case.
    A girl

  5. Why is being 'faithful' an ultimate trophy to brag about? Why?
    Being 'faithful' shouldn't be gender biased.

    What will it take a jhene aiko to be faithful? No, let's just quickly come to the conclusion that it's evidently a man's world cos the demographics shows unfaithfulness inclining towards the male gender. But seriously, does the gender of an unfaithful person matter in the scheme of things? Why are we so quick to judge the situation from a gender-biased point of view.

    Point is, unfaithfulness is what it is, unfaithfulness...that, I can assure you won't change as far as sex is still an important part of living.
    Both men and women can be victims. #life. Let's not use this to rub off on which gender is supreme or not, cos we can raise other valid points still, from both sides of the coin.

    1. If it was his woman who create what do you think the media would have said? Would she even have the eerrr 'balls' to take such pictures? Please let's call a cutlass a cutlass, hian! Society condones such behaviour from men, period.
      A girl

    2. You just wanted to talk.
      A whole lot of words used, off point words, sense made? Zero.

    3. Apparently, you haven't been in the news, anon.
      My 2nd paragraph talks about Jhene aiko, do you know who she is? Let me fill you in, shes a music star, got married to man(who happens to be of Nigerian descent), guess what, she's left him and was kissing Big Sean (live on stage), another musician.
      Google is your friend eh!

      I am 200% percent sure both anon are females... So continue to wallow in the ignorance of the society you are in.

    4. Your powers of perception amaze me Uyi, of course it's easy to say both anons are female when one signed off with 'A Girl' DUH! Since we are throwing slurs like 'wallowing in ignorance' it is very obvious your I.Q IS MUCH LOWER THAN YOUR SHOE Size. You didn't have to sound that way, or can't you debate in good faith? What's with the feistiness E.J Johnson? Both sexes cheat no doubt, but it's obvious men are easily forgiven for it, and you are the one wallowing in ignorance if you don't know it's societally more acceptable when it's the male that cheats. Men tend to give excuses like women are their own worst enemies and men are naturally polygamous or body no be firewood, KONtinu and since you people are spontaneous combustion Ignis gas cookers and not firewood.
      A (passed off) Girl.

    5. What i know for sure is that i'm going to use that "your I.Q IS MUCH LOWER THAN YOUR SHOE Size" yab in the future. lol

    6. Sigh* Apparently you have been looking for an opportunity to use That insult... Lol

      My dear, this topic has nothing to do with Intelligent Quotient. Things of the heart can never be defined by the capabilities of being male or female. When the heart wants somethin, it tends to to get it,
      Including sex(cheating in the context). You better get used to the fact that both men and women are victims, UNFAITHFULNESS WILL REMAIN UNFAITHFULNESS whether you like it or not.
      It is not unique to a Sex, and I'm not here to argue for a particular and I believe no one should argue against or for a particular. Stay with the point of the cheating leave the Sex of the individual out of it.

      "Both sexes cheat no doubt, but it's obvious men are easily forgiven for it"
      Err... Are you looking for who would easily forgive you when you cheat just because you are a female? Lol SMH. You have cheated, you have cheated, simple.

    7. If that's your conclusion then I misjudged you, I underestimated your capacity for senseless comments. You're obviously not over burdened with common sense but that's okay, the world needs court jesters like you.
      A Girl.

    8. Wetin dey pain you? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    9. Lol I like this A Girl chick.

  6. He has money so she will probably look the other way plus the fame that comes with dating Bolt. If he was broke the girl will leave his cheating ass. Money changes the equation.

  7. This year started with a lot of good news for me and my family. In short most times i'm on the phone with my mum or sibling it's one good news after the other. In a space of 24hrs sometime last month, my biggest nightmare happened and two weeks after another event happened to further complicate matters. I know in all things i'm to give is hard. The series of good news anyway continued for my family.Long story short, please take out 15 seconds of your time today to pray for me. J

    1. Trust in the Lord. Commit everything to him. All will be fine. Amen.

    2. You have 15 seconds and more dear. Whatever it is, please remain strong. GOD bless.

    3. Oooooh J! I have missed you. I'm really sorry about whatever happened.
      I ask that whatever it is that you're going through, the Lord would glorify himself and turn it around for Joy and testimony.
      He will make a way where there seems to be no way!
      He is your anchor and your strength. *hugs*

      All will be well in Jesus name!

    4. It is well J, stay strong!

    5. God's blessings and grace shall be with you through the day n night. In Jesus name

    6. May the Lord show Himself faithful to you and your family. All shall end in praise.


    7. My prayers are with you.

    8. Whatever it is, trust God who knows best. He's working it out for your good. You're in my prayers.

    9. I just said a prayer for you!

    10. May the Lord be with you and family.

    11. May God perfect that which concerns you.

      It is well with you.


    12. Be strong, dear. It can't rain forever, the sun is going to come out soon. This too shall pass. God's got you and He'll come through for you. You're in my prayers. Hold on....

  8. Human beings were not created to be faithful, it's OK to sleep with other people once in a while, what matters is that you are loyal and stay with whoever u ve chosen as ur wife or husband. What I mean by loyalty here is being thr for the person whenever they need you, loving and caring for them always. Why do we ve double standards, we preach that sex is not love, so why r we bothered when a spouse has sex with someone else, it's obviously not love, it's just sex. I personally don't think I can be with only one man for the rest of my life, why would I even subject myself to such. Hian! P.s I am married with two kids

    1. Errrr.....okayyyyy. But lets not take it that far. If you married please stay with your hband.


    2. You are just as complicated as what you speak about...

    3. You are well done too ma!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    4. @ Anon 11:31

      It is hard to define or accurately describe loyalty without faithfulness or fidelity in a relationship - most ladies tend to understand this better than guys. I'd agree with you that sex is not love. But, I'd further say that sex is an integral part of love, hence love, especially romantic love between matured people is expressed in many ways including sexual intimacy. Corrupting sexual intimacy between two partners in a relationship doesn't necessary void love, but it does void a part of love in the relationship and for some it voids the totality of the relationship.

      Per your resolution on sexual matters, it is yours to decide and bear the consequences. I just feel that your reasons for such decision is weak.

      @ Kabuoy

      lol at your comment.

    5. AnonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'M DONE ... I have final exams to attend to biko. I'm already confused as it is with numerous handouts and now this!

    6. LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Kene go and read joor. Funny AnonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. My prayers are with you J, everything will turn to your favour

  10. I've been doing alot of #MemphisThinks lately, mostly about life, and I've come to the conclusion that we are losing more of what's supposed to be our purpose on Earth. The world is scary right now I marvel at people who just started raising kids. I saw comment from Anon 11:31am and immediately felt some kind of way. We will NEVER stop validating our obscene ways till the End of Time but there's something ironic about that comment.

    Fornication is a crime against GOD but isn't it ironic that those of us who fornicate will readily feel betrayed when our partners cheat? Four years ago my ex cheated on me with several other guys, repeatedly. I was so heart broken I opened the book of Psalms to lay a curse on her. Buhahahaha. Me that was fornicating upandan, I'm looking for the worst calamity to befall her, because...

    Usain Bolt isn't married and as far as I'm concerned, he can do whatever he wants with any girl he desires and no girl in his life has any reason to complain (unless said girl isn't sexually active with him). It only becomes a problem when he eventually gets married, then adultery/fornication becomes a no no. So if you ain't married and are sexually active, please don't complain when your partner cheats. You have no reasons to do so. If fornication is valid, then cheating is also valid. You can't be offending GOD and at the same time shedding tears because Bae has suddenly turned to eranko.

    1. Loool. your ex cheated with several guyssss?? lol. Damn!

      Im interested in the story of how you found out.


    2. She must have really broken your heart...wouldn't have picked you for one to be laying a curse.

    3. @Kon, Lol. Tori for another day.

      @Christyinks, I didn't pick me for one to be laying curse either until that moment. Haha.

    4. @kon.. it's easy to know wen a guy is cheating.. the signs are always there. A lady can be cheating and u will never know, but guys have a way of giving themselves out!

  11. J

    You are in my prayers

    All is well

  12. Have been preaching "don't get married" but folks won't listen. Ok oh

    1. Mr Wale..You are not married ko?TNHW

    2. Auntie Yetunde TNHW, I am oh! It is a different and interesting time now.
      As we are both Ibadan people (or you moved?), buy me a drink and I will explain myself better.

      Memphis, I am serious!

  13. The only thing I find hurtful is not hiding it. It clearly shows he lacks respect for his so called "First Lady". Cheating is bad enough, why celebrate it?


    1. The fact that he hides it from me and respects me to as much as take my call in her presence and said all the sweet nothing made me not confront him. And yes she said he asked her to hush her mouth that his gf was calling. She also confirmed he had the pics of his gf on his dp. Lol

      To think she met him before me. Hehe.
      @kon this one no be shoot bird him mama fly story ooh. Naybe i should download the gist to u sef.

    2. F,like they they say''it's a man's world ''..TNHW

  14. Hmmmm, I hardly comment on all the blogs I read. when it comes to cheating, it seems the men usually get away with that. Hubs cheated on me for a long time while denying right to my face n even threatening me to do it sef becos to him I was accusing him even though the signs were dre. and when he eventually got caught he turns round to say we both hurt each other (na wa o). well I m still in the marriage body wise cos even with d smiles and all, the hurt n betrayal is still dre. if not for anything d mere fact dat he had d heart to maltreat me n justify his cheating. but dn u begin to hear things like d woman builds d home n at least he is not beating u or performing his fatherly responsibilities. if it was dating years God knows I for don waka cos I was crazy like dat lol. Marriage calmed me as I think for me n ma kids. if he has changed I don't know but what I do know is not to be trusting, dependent on him n most importantly plan for my kids n my future cos such a man can never be trusted like before. I still pray for him though, maybe dat will help me forgive him completely cos if not that I were a staunch Christian, I may have gone diabolical. But in all some women see dse before marriage n still enter dat marriage. Unfortunate le boo was d direct opposite and even unfriended a friend who womanized lmao.


  15. The second question is - What exactly would it take for women to respect other women and free married/in-relationship men? Then. I disagree that its impossible for a wealthy man to be faithful. Its not about wealth, its about decision. If a nigga wants to cheat, he will cheat. Simple. Rich or poor. Ah ahhh!!! How can you expect his endorsements to be affected? Has he done anything illegal or professionally unethical? He is not married. If he was married then maybe....just maybe. But he is an unmarried free man. His GF wont leave na. Maybe he hits the spot as fast as he runs. You think its beans? Peace.

  16. Thanks everyone for your prayers.J


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