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#WriteRight. Angelique: Just Like a Movie

I have become accustomed to the regular sound of gun shots in my vicinity. One good thing Mom taught me was to take cover immediately most preferably by lying flat on the ground (according to her it's *almost* impossible for a stray bullet to hit something lying flat on a floor except if the gun was aimed at it). Many cases of armed robbery attacks to homes, banks and business establishments became the talk of the day; it was on the news, musicians sang about it to warn possible victims and the armed robbers as well of the verdict awaiting them if caught, it was topic of discussions and even sermons. 

I once overheard some older people during their so called *adult conversations*(which were strictly not for children and woe betide any child caught eavesdropping) saying that armed robbers rarely spare any familiar person they see during their operations to avoid implications. That became glued to my memory and made me wary of most of my male friends especially those from kindergarten class that seem to remember you all of a sudden after a long time and start calling tirelessly and you'll notice from their manner of speech that they've made money😰 how come? I'm totally clueless.

   One fine afternoon, I went to the bank to make deposit for a friend since it was few hours past midday, the queue was long so I waited patiently for my turn while killing time with my phone, I raised my head to move further, just three people more before me (i thought). Almost immediately I bent my head to focus on my phone again when, I heard gun shots but I thought they were illusory, I locked my phone and placed it in my bag with the aim of focusing properly. Then I heard it again,
now repeatedly typical of that seen/heard in the popular Commando movie, the sound seemed to be drawing closer, I had little time to move away a little from the banking hall before taking cover like Mom taught me. Then I heard the resonating sound of the door as it was being shot to pieces in a bid to create passage and I prayed God to save people from stray bullets. Everywhere was in tumult as people scampered for safety, I felt several feet climb on me occasionally but I was transfixed by shock to move  and I also had so much faith in Mom's advice. 

Then I heard a hoarse voice shout in a commanding tone; Everybody lie down and face the ground! If I see you look up, I'll blow your brains out! Not long after that, every where became quiet except for the series of gun shots outside that sounded like that in Commando movie. I wished for sleep to overtake me, that kind that would have me waking up after the whole operation was over but my heart was thumping too much and my brain was thinking gazillion thoughts at the same time. Then I noticed that the sound of gun shots outside has reduced and was seeming distant as well as the movements inside the banking hall. The silence made me uneasy so I decided to daringly take an insignificant peek or so I thought and that was when I saw three guys standing close to the door, probably the robbers. Two had their backs to me from where I was lying and the one who seemed to be facing me looked a bit familiar but I couldn't get a better view since the other two were partially blocking him. 

I quickly and quietly laid back down trying to avoid obvious body movements but my heart was thumping too loud that I feared they would hear and I was struggling to catch my breath that my breathing came out in hums and when it was seeming uncontrollable, I was sure I'd draw their attention this time and I sure did. 

As I heard their footsteps approach, I also heard one of them say something though indistinctly about knowing me from somewhere, probably the one who looked familiar and they were drawing closer I guess to satisfy their curiosity (you know what happens when robbers encounter someone they're familiar with?). I said all the prayers I knew how to say and as I was praying, I was distracted by their arguments on whether to shoot or not to, I guess the one who claimed to know me from somewhere was against the decision of the other two but as their voices increased, I knew that the argument was heating up and was going to have a tragic end.  

Before I had the time to block the noise from their argument in my head and make sensible words out of my prayers, I heard a gun shot and jerked and as I tried to raise my head a bit to get a view of what happened, I felt a tingling sensation in my butt and traced my finger to the point, I felt the round swelling on my butt and began to massage it lightly in a bid to minimize the swelling and a *supposed* blood and that was when I awoke fully to the round tiny swelling on my butt probably from a mosquito bite. I noticed my heart was beating fast, though not too fast and I was sweating profusely... I felt my lips tilt up in a smile at the realisation that it was only a mosquito bite that gave me such a swelling...


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  1. Lol. You have such a vivid mind. I actually thought it was real o....until I realized it was just a dream. Hehehehe. I'm glad I've never experienced a robbery in my life ever before. Thank God for little mercies.

  2. Wow, what a very imaginative mind. Praise God it wasnt real

  3. lol who knew 10,000 could bring out all the writers on this blog(this is not a yab o).good job

    1. Lol. It's a motivation o. Trust me, many people won't get anything done unless given a push. I am one of them.
      Thanks Thelms!😊

  4. Wow. This is awesome. The writer aptly captured the traumatic experience of a typical bank robbery operation. The scenario was so real, until I read the last paragraph and realized that it was just a mosquito "attack".lol

  5. Captivating, mind blowing piece u got here dear... reach for the sky

  6. Replies
    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ Naizewon!

  7. Okay ohhh... All ye writers that were hiding ehhn, God is watching you in 5D. See my heart palpitating while reading the post hoping it didn't have a tragic end. Beautiful piece! Chrisyinks

  8. I had Mom and lil Sister listening to this the first time with so much enthusiasm and trust Igbo mother's with their 'eiya's' and 'eeew nwanne mo' when Listening to such stories. Mom abandoned her food only to sigh and say thank God when she heard the last line of the story

  9. You sure know how to write... keep it up!

  10. I don't know if it's my phone but I've just been unable to reply to comments let alone comment.@Dominique my love, thanks dear,@teerexmusings, you sound just like my Mom, @Anon4:16pm *tongue out* thanks,@Memphis the great, thanks, @veni vidi Vivi, thanks, @ Vivian and chrisyinks and other Anons, thanks

  11. Truly, a wrattle-good read! Thumbs up

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Wow, I truly enjoyed this piece dear. Can't wait to read more

  14. Wow, you got me here, beautiful piece, you need to feel my heart beat while I was reap, hoping you weren't shot. Lol. Nice one

  15. Keep it up dear.

  16. Nice write-up @Angelique but Pls go and treat malaria Oji gi aka πŸ˜‚

    I cant think of any better write up,,
    proud of u

  18. Hahahahahahah!!! Angelique ifacatchuthereehn! Wat sort of hypertension is ds? Lol
    Nice imagination jare

  19. Wow, beautiful masterpiece, thumbs up, very captivating, My heart beat more than normal. Please keep it up

  20. Wow.. You really got me. Initially I thought you are making a real story but a time I figured it's a fiction only for it to end as a joke. That's really something.. This girl, you keep surprising me. Nice one Som. Keep up like this and we might get a book from you.

  21. I don't know if it's my phone but I've just been unable to reply to comments let alone comment.@Dominique my love, thanks dear,@teerexmusings, you sound just like my Mom, @Anon4:16pm *tongue out* thanks,@Memphis the great, thanks, @veni vidi Vivi, thanks, @ Vivian and chrisyinks and other Anons, thanks. -Angelique

  22. Wowwww, this story really got me arrested both the presentation and the story line is well organized. My heart was beating so fast when i got to the gun shot part, you really did a great job Sommi and please keep it up

  23. What a story I have to read the story twice for me to understand the story and I bet there is a hidden puzzle in this story nice one dear keep it up

  24. This piece is impressively interesting.. The unhampered rise of the plot is most commendable. Thumbs up!

  25. Very interesting piece.... Be encouraged to do more dear.


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