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Monday, 29 August 2016

#WriteRight. Leana: Questions I'll Like Answered.

A couple of days ago, my husband of two months and I made out, and it was amazing. Truth be told, the only orgasm I’ve ever gotten was from myself and I’ve given up masturbation since I got married. I’m guessing you must be curious as to how the make out session was amazing if I didn’t even get an orgasm once yeah?

The thing is I know how to drive him crazy. I know how to press all his buttons and the fact that I’m capable of bringing my man to such heights is what makes the experience amazing for me. The fact that I can give myself out till I’m almost empty.

Afterwards he asked me how the head he gave me was, as he had been praising my skill all evening but I hadn’t praised his and I answered quite honestly that it was just there. You guys have to note that all my experience with great sex/make out involve fantasy and imagination seeing as my husband is my first real lover. 

Anyways his mood changed a little afterwards and I think it was because of my honesty. So I have a few questions for you guys.

1. Do you guys think I should have been less blunt? Even if I had still spoken honestly, do you think I should have spoken my mind in a much nicer way while still finding a way to praise him considering as he so wanted to please me?

2. Let’s assume my guy was an average guy, do you guys think he will cheat on me? With a different girl who praises his sexual skills? I’ve heard that guys love their ego fed.

3. Do you guys think if I had not concentrated so much on how he was not doing what I wanted, I would have enjoyed the experience more?

4. In everyday live, how much do we allow others the pleasures of giving to us? And how much do we appreciate it? I think some of us have become the perfect martyrs, giving and giving but not knowing how to receive.

5. Biko ladies in the house, how do you fake an orgasm? I’ve heard its quite common practice.

6. Now the last and totally unrelated question, how could I have improved my English, punctuations and paragraphs to have made this a better story?

P.S: This story is part fiction, part reality and a pen name was used.

Also, Thelma I want to say that this WriteRight initiative is a very sound idea. That’s what motivates me to write even though I might not win. And I’m sure that’s what motivates a lot of other people. The blog is a lot more fun these days. I still enjoy your personal stories though.

Thanks so much for this awesome feedback Leana. 

I'd like to attempt answering your questions.

1. You should have definitely been less blunt. In telling people something that could hurt their ego, one must learn to use euphemisms or at least be subtle, unless they actually intend for their words to hurt. A better response would have been "I loved it! But I would have loved it more it you had eg applied more pressure here/used a bit tongue more/gone slower/gone faster/used less pressure/etc". 

2. Guys do love their egos fed and if you make a habit out of bruising his ego then you're likely to drive him into the bed of a more "adoring" lover. Yet this in itself should not drive a man to cheat. 

3. Of course you would have enjoyed him more. One of the first steps to enjoying sex is relaxing and surrendering yourself to the moment. And when you find that you truly can't enjoy it, guide him. While he's at it tell him what you want, if he's doing something you like let him know you like that (that would really help him improve). If he's doing something you don't like there are also non-verbal ways you can communicate this (don't want to write too many details biko) so he instinctively senses that he should try something else. 

4. You might be right. I find that with general things in life I'd much rather give than receive. But in line with the context of your post, it should be 50/50 or 100/100 even. LOL 

5. Just google how to fake an orgasm. It's pretty easy really! 

6. The paragraphing was ok but you did not use your commas in particular, appropriately. I was tempted to edit and make some corrections until I saw your last question

Ok TTB Fam, over to you. Have you got answers to some of Leana's question? Then share with us. 

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  1. 1. This brings the dilemma in relationships of #BitterTruth or #SweetLie. Only wisdome can help here. But I say when it comes to sex and man. Always adopt #SweetLie
    2. Yes. Apart from praising him after sex, how good is your soundtrack? How loud are you during sex? Are you like a Picanto or a monster truck. P.S Men love women that are loud and responsive during sex. It helps with the ginger.
    3. Hmm. Thats why its good to be vocal during sex. While he was putting pressure on the wrong spot you could have just said something like "ohh ahhh move to the left a lil" or "yes! yes! yes! Thats it! now try from the top!" Something like that.
    4. Life is short. Sometimes you have to demand the pleasure like its your right. Boldly walk into the room and say "Oga you are fucking me tonight. You will be on top and Ill just be here with my ass backed up" Its your right!
    5. Errrrr. Im not so sure that faking it is a good idea. Why would you wanna?
    6. Think you did okay.


  2. Kai! Thelma babe... See your example @no.1 sha... 😆😆😆😆😆 Pressure there pressure here and it's good to go.😍😍😍😍

    1. 😃😃😃😃 it was only 1 'pressure' that she mentioned ooo! Kai! you want to join Kabuoy to be 'ameboing' Thelma abi.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 me I don't amebo oooo!!!

    4. Don't mind Thelma. "pressure" "pressure", in this cold weather.

  3. If you claim to really love your partner i feel its best you let him know how you feel about certain stuffs even in the bedroom. Communication is key in every aspect of a relationship, i would tell/teach him how to make me speak in tongues in the bedroom o (I can't shout biko) and vice versa.
    If your hubby knows your g-spot trust me you won't have to fake an orgasm.

    Dear lord please bring le hubbs fast ooo,

  4. Learn to tell him sweet lies and please learn to fake orgasm and learn to moan sexy moans while you are at it. Yea being blunt can send him into the arms of another


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