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Monday, 12 September 2016

Blog Reader Cries Out: Help, My Father Is Selling Off Everything To "Sow Seed"!

I'm sorry but I just need a place to rant. My father has an addiction and a strange one at that. Things have not been going smoothly in his life for some years, he lost his job, lost his businesses, all his friends ran away and the last time he paid our school fees was when I was in js1. Ever since my mother took over everything and has been the breadwinner till now. Now we are all graduates and we are doing ok even though things can be better. My parents are still married and they are ok but my father has not made a single kobo ever since all those years. He is a good husband and a good father and we all love him dearly because when he had money he did not spare a dime to make us comfortable. The issue started when he started meeting pastors telling him that there are people after his life. We are Anglicans but when my father started listening to all these pastors he left the Anglican Church for mountain on fire. That where things started getting worse with him. Before then he was still trying to hustle for contracts and business or another job but ever since my father joined mfm in 1999 he has never tried to pursue any job or contract. They told him that his mother is a witch and that there are people in his family trying to finish him, they told him that they have tied his hands and legs and he will never make it in life again. Tha is how my father started constant prayer and fasting and midnight prayers. He was in MFM for one year then moved on to other churches. It has been about 20 years now and my father is still going from church to church, prophet to prophet, mountain to mountain. We usually just allow him to do what it wants as long as it makes him happy but the issue is that most of these people are scammers.
      Last year my elder brother sent him 300,000 to use for some repairs in our village house. The very next day my father went for a service where they were asked to sow seed of 250k if they want their prayer to be answered. My father immediately gave them 250 and sent the balance to a female pastor in Osun state who said she saw some vision about my brother and I so she needs to pray for us. Unknown to us every money that we give him for personal upkeep or to tidy some things in the house, this man takes to give one pastor or the other. The last rent that we gave him for their house rent disappeared as he said that he was feeling sick and smelling corpses in his room so he called some of his pastors in different churches and he had to send all of them money to pray for him. This is someone that at over 60 years still fasts every week, does midnight prayers every night, prays for at least one hour when he wakes up in the morning and does not miss church service and vigil. Yet he is still paying people hundreds of thousands to pray for him and his family. We have tried all that we can and we all stopped giving him any money, giving our Mum instead. 
     Now my father has taken to selling his things, electronics in the house and even some of my mum's things just to sow seed or give one prophet or the other to pray for him. These people immediately sense his fear n desperation and take advantage of him terribly. At this point my siblings and I don't know what to do, if we talk he will tell us that he is doing all this for us. Please has anyone else had a similar experience? I need all the advise I can get. Thank you. 


  1. Ooown ds one is strong o. 20years is enough time for him to be free of d spell, if it's one.
    There's only one thing I can say, which is u guys as a family should pray for him.
    Like you rightly said, dey've noticed & so take advantage of his vulnerability,stop sending him d moni & if it's possible to keep d family's valuables away from him pls do.
    God's grace to u guys in ur trying time.

  2. A typical case of my people perish for lack of knowledge.

    Please introduce an elderly person into this issue to help him study the word of God and seek for answers in the word.
    It is so sad that so called men of God sell salvation and healing thay shoukd be free of charge.

    Even more painful is the way they "steal" from the poor in the bame of God.

    I came across a number of undergraduates back then whem i was in University that would sow their schools fees, feeding money and all in church in the name of wanting to buy gift for pastor. It was very common with Christ Embassy members.

    I hope in all of this your father truly truly seeks salvation and is at peace with his creator. At least all these won't be for noting.

    Keeo praying for him my dear.

    1. I echo Clare's opinion of introducing an elderly person to speak to him and also help him understand Christianity better. 20 years is a long time so don't expect any quick fix. Hence the need for your to restrict his access to monies and other valuable possessions as a short-term solution.

      All the very best!

  3. O ma gaaa oooo!!! This is a serious matter.

    Fear combined with ignorance is a terrible thing. If he doesn't overcome it... There's nothing you can do about it O. It works like a spell or an enchantment.

  4. Kudos to ur mum... she's such a patient woman!! Y'all need to keep praying...

  5. As in eh. Your mum is strong. Very strong.
    All these prophets and pastors sef. That's how I read of the girl that gave her 7 million naira school fees as seed.
    End time prophets.

  6. No offense but the man need to see a psychiatrist and quickly too. Smelling corpses sound like some kind of psychotic issue, he should get help so it doesn't get worse.

    1. I honestly believe this.

      Meanwhile, "if we talk he will tell us that he is doing all this for us", this is very true. But is he really 'doing' anything? His fixations just need to be channeled to a more favourable. That's where a psychiatrist AND a psychologist is needed.

  7. While I echo Adah's advice on PRAYER, I think you guys should be more practical here. Start by not giving him funds and tell him straight up why. Try getting a hold of his phone and get the numbers of his *prophets* and *brethren*, call them and warn them seriously that if your dad keeps going to their temple, the cops will soon be part of their brotherhood. Any defense they give you, tell them such defense will only be heard at Panti, so they should back off. You can use alot of things like extortion or tax evasion to threaten them with. If they tell you that you'll die in 2 weeks, tell them El Rufai was dancing at Edo political rally recently. Y'all will be fine.

    Stay blessed.

    1. Only be heard in pantiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      This is absolutely funny in a serious note. 😁😁😁

    2. Lol @ El Rufai was dancing...

  8. This is serious o. But the truth is these things are happening daily. I know a lady who is tired of hearing the word 'pastor' cos she has seen pepper in their hands. You name anything in this life she has sown it in the name of praying for a husband. Some will tell her by this month your husband would come and up till now she is still single at age 46. She has sown cars, cash, paying pastor's kids school fees, expensive cloths & jewelries for these so called pastors. Which church hasn't she visited?
    I would suggest huge sum of money should not be in his possession since it would end up in the pastors account.
    May God help us all

  9. *Sigh...Sometimes it seems like there is a thin line between these religious activities and insanity. Its hard for me to comment on these kind of things. What the man sees is not what we are seeing.

    What about if its his prayers that has kept the family all the while. The man knows what is making him jump from Church to Church. From the story he is not only praying for money but for the family. Mehn I really dont know...All ill say is let him be. Continue to take care of him, allow him sell all his possession till he has nothing. Time will reveal things to him. Just continue to monitor him closely to ensure he isnt doing anything crazy.


    1. Kon, watch him closely? Wats that supposed to mean?
      To ensure he doesn't do anything crazy? Pman is just 60. πŸ˜‚


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