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Here's How I'm Surviving The Recession...

A friend sent me a broadcast that says in order to stay sane in this financial recession, you need to cut down on the following;

*Generator usage*
It’s bad enough the economy is crumbling faster than a cookie but how many Nigerians can recall a lengthy spell of uninterrupted power supply.
Our standby household generators have for years, been doing what the government cannot do for us.

Now that the situation is getting dire, generator usage should be restricted to specific hours and to take care of necessities.
Comfort can wait till recession is over and we are out of troubled waters.

*Eating out*
Anyone who actually cooks will know that restaurants serve overpriced, often unsatisfying food.
So instead of taking your hard earned money to pay for ‘fancy’ food, go to the market, buy raw food and head to the kitchen.
You’ll save so much money.

*Driving walkable distances*
The cost of fuel is higher than it has ever been in Nigeria’s history, so why not kill two birds with one stone while going for short errands.
Take a walk or go for a run while running your errand. Your body and pockets will thank you.

*Bulk buying of groceries*
Constant grocery shopping can be such a chore so we tend to buy in bulk.
However, a disadvantage of bulk buying is that some goods may expire or spoil before you get 
around to using them, hence cut your grocery shopping list down to necessities.
Get what you need and not what you think you will need.

*New clothes and shoes*
Your old clothes are perfectly fine!
Oh you think people have noticed you’ve had that shirt for a while? Frankly, it’s nobody’s business.
As long as your clothes are not obviously tattered, there is no use going cloth shopping every week to impress people and depress your bank account.

*Hanging out*
We all love spending quality time with friends and family but instead of going someplace where you’ll spend more than you budgeted for (more often than not), invite them to your house and plan activities everyone can participate in.
You’ll create a stronger bond and more lasting activities while saving money.

*Vacations abroad*
Also known as “the king of excesses”, vacationing abroad is officially a luxury at this point in time.
Why go and spend your hard earned ‘naira’ in a foreign country contributing to the growth of their 
economy while leaving yours in the backseat.
Stay at home!

*DSTV subscription*
You don’t need to pay for all the channels. It’s not a competition.
You hardly ever watch more than 15 of the channels on the premium package, so why the bother?
The smallest bouquet has news channels for the grown-ups and cartoons for the kids.

*Water as opposed to juice and sodas*
Some people think there is an award for living lavish. News flash: there isn’t.
Most of these processed drinks you desire to gulp down your throat with every meal are not even good for your health and they definitely cost more than water. Drink water, you’ll live longer.

*Unnecessary phone calls*
Restrict your airtime to calls with purpose (work, business).
There’s no need to ask your friend what he/she is eating or staying on a call for an hour discussing what nail polish color to wear to an event.


Me, I find this list very depressing o! Why will I drink water when I want to drink juice? Even if rapture has taken place and I was left behind sef... But the reality is that the economy is in recession and that is what is depressing. So many of us, some without even knowing, have had to make adjustments. 

What adjustments have you had to make to cope with the current financial situation (for those who are feeling the pinch o! 'Cause I know not everyone is...). 

I'll share a few of mine with you. I didn't even make any conscious decision but I notice I 
- Shop less. Actually I'm still shopping but now I buy from VERY affordable outlets. 
- Eat out less, coming from someone who LOVES to eat out, that's a HUGE adjustment. 
- Give less... I'm someone who can give for Africa and now I've had to give MYSELF brain and close my hands small...
That's about it. As for the things above, I can't deal! Nna mehn life is for the living and I intend to enjoy mine regardless of whatever situation! But that's just me. 

Now, what about you? What do you think about the poster's suggestions? More importantly, what adjustments have YOU had to make?



  1. I eat out less and stay in when there's nothing important to do out.

    I disagree with giving less. Don't ever think giving will reduce your pocket. It can only increase it. No matter the recession.

    1. My sister, being someone who has always had difficulty saying no, trust me when I say it's neither sensible nor viable for me to give as I normally would. When people, from family & friends to strangers from the Internet ask and I'd never say no...

      My sister I will give o! But very very sensibly.

      Oh btw, I have mastered the art of NO. At least that's one good thing about this recession.
      No, sorry I can't afford to send you money right now.
      No, I won't buy your asoebi but I'll attend your wedding.
      No, I can't lend you that amount, it won't be convenient..

      And saying no can be soooo liberating! How come nobody ever told me so?

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ "no being so liberating" lol. At least one recession lesson.

  2. The recession already took away my means of livelihood so where do i even begin to count my adjustments. It's a miracle that i'm surrounded by 'less affected' people, hence the subscription to even be on TTB commenting.

  3. I think I'm pregnant, we only had sex once and it was a mistake. I'm so confused

    1. Carry ur cross my dear. children are a blessing, dont think its a mistake, hope u have told the Mr.. let him know and u guys work it out!

    2. Calm down, buy a pregnancy test and take it

    3. Yeah, confirm it first. And next time, please use protection if you must have sex.

  4. Thelma, quite funny! Everything you wrote up there are what people should be doing even without recession.

    My lifestyle hasn't really changed, just trying to refocus to make life more meaningful.

  5. Me Im not in a recession. My economy is not in a recession. WTF is a recession?

    I can only admit to 2 things

    1) Exchange rate na die! Cant shop anymore. Pounds is over N500
    2) Petrol is expensive. Thank God for inverter. Running generator is not an interesting thing.


  6. What I did about the recession was quit my job, that way I don't ve to buy clothes, fuel or eat out. I am learning a vocational skill close to home and I intend to work from home when am done. Sounds crazy but am so excited about it.

  7. *Less bulk buying (in fact, no bulk buying in the last 2 months)
    *No family vacation
    *Run Generator for fewer hours (I started this since fuel price jumped to N145/litre
    *More affordable items (affordability matters more than quality now o, in a lot of cases)


    That said, one lesson I have learned in life is that, regardless of the state of an economy, some people will still make it while some won't. In this recession, some would become multi-millionaires, while some would be economically wrecked. I know people who are at the verge of completing their buildings, some who are planning society weddings (of course they can afford it), a guy just got a very fantastic job with a major telco and some who are out of job.

    Such is life.


    1. Yeah yeah. As they say "this world na pot of beans"....whatever that means

  8. hmmmming. Just passing. Imagine what is happening to those without generator, that don't eat out, buy food in cups or mudu, never bought cloths for the past 5 years. Does poor people have friends talk less of hanging out. inshort. what will the person cut down on. This Buhari, na God Almighty go judge you.

  9. Recession is just a word. Donno what you talking about...

    1. Hehehehe.
      Multi millionaire SashaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. So says our Finance Minister.

  10. Apart from my rent that was increased (and as a result Landlord and a neighbor were exchanging blows 2 days ago), I've not had the need to make any adjustments.

  11. I now:-
    Run gen for 2hrs only if no light in the night. Do all in that time frame and climb bed begin sleep.

    Wear my hair for longer time instead of 2weeks.

    No unnecessary cloth,shoe,bag etc buying.

    I cook and store in the fridge to kp the freshness for continuous eating.

    No hanging out. I no kuku like am before.

    I go with specific buying list to market and refrain from going to areas where i am tempted to suddenly see what i have bn looking to buy all my life.

    I dont kuku call as much unless it's necessary. I have most friends on bbm so i just ping

    Dstv does not interest me with their repeated programmes so i just leave it on the free chinese news channel and learn Chinese. Until oga coms and pays.

    I dumped my smile moderm. Mobile data plan is actually working for me.

    I do little repairs myself around the house,than calling Abuja workmen that dont charge anything less than 2k no matter how little the thing is. Smh

    Infact ehnnn a lot i am having to restructure. And i actually am loving it......

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  12. ...change.

    I just try to save more.
    And buy stuff only based on necessity.

    Its really going to be a long one, people shoukd start thinking of ways to bring in additional income.


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