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Thursday, 8 September 2016

#WriteRight. Genevieve E : The Day She Lost Her Childhood.

She calls him ‘uncle’. He really isn’t her uncle. He is a tenant in her mother’s compound. He lives alone in the boys’ quarters and drives a commercial motorcycle. His real name is Fredric but she has never called him that. It is disrespectful to call elders by their names, mummy has said. And so, he is just ‘uncle’. 

She is just five years old. 

Mummy likes Fredric. She usually says, “Oh Fred, you are heaven sent.” But she doesn’t think uncle is from heaven at all. She thinks he is a bad bad person. Usually, mommy says, “Fred dear, could you help me mind this brat. She is so noisy and I need to work.”

“Of course, madam,” uncle replies, “Is she not my wife again?”

He has that oily smile on his face again. She doesn’t like that smile. It creeps her out. But Mommy laughs and shakes her head complacently.

Her heart sinks. She doesn’t like uncle. And she doesn’t like it when he calls her his wife either, even though she doesn’t know why, really. Or maybe she knows. Maybe, it’s because of the way he lifts her and places her on his legs. She doesn’t like that she feels that bulge, that movement while she sits on his legs. She doesn’t like the way he rubs her shoulders when she comes back from school and greets him good afternoon. she doesn’t like that he pinches her underdeveloped breasts when he thinks nobody is looking. And she really really doesn’t like that movie of naked people doing bad things that he put for her in his VCD when she had only asked him to put Barney and Friends. 

She thinks he is thinking of something bad. But she cannot tell mommy because mommy will not listen. Whenever she tries to tell her mommy anything, she says, “Please go away and play I need to work”, in that sweet voice of hers. And daddy is never at home.

“Clarisse is such a sweet sweet child,” uncle continues, “I don’t mind watching her.”

He leads her by the hand like the proverbial ram to the slaughter. She looks back at mommy. Mommy is not looking. She is standing there and talking on the phone. Her heart beats fast. Maybe, mommy will call me back. Maybe mommy will tell uncle to bring me back, maybe…. She looks back again. Mommy is no more there. She has gone back into the house. She sighs and follows uncle into his one room quarters.

Even before she entered his room she knew a phase of her life is over. She knew even before he told her to remove her panties. Even before he inserted his hands into her tiny vagina and made her wince with pain. Even before he pulled down his briefs and revealed his huge organ. Even before he inserted his organ into her and made her tear the silence of the afternoon with her piercing screams. Even as she screamed, she knew her mother would not hear her. She had never counted on her to protect her, anyway. When he was through, he took her to his bathroom and washed the all blood away.
Then came the warning, “If you ever tell anybody about this, you will die in your sleep!” 

She doesn’t want to die in her sleep so she keeps quiet. It’s a scary thought; one dying in her sleep. She is always relieved whenever she wakes up in the morning. It has been two months since that day. Mommy hasn’t noticed. She still calls uncle 'heaven sent.' She still tells uncle to mind her. And uncle still does it. She doesn’t know yet that her childhood is gone. She doesn’t care anymore, anyway. She only knows that she suffers. But she will be brave. She will wait it out. One day, when she is all grown up, she will run away and never come back, or maybe, she will kill uncle. 

Or maybe…maybe…

                                                      THE END


There's one prevalent factor in most child molestation cases, both in works of fiction and in reality, and that's the complacency and outright stupidity of some mothers. I cannot begin to tell you how many people people I know who were sexually abused as kids that were put in those situations by their mothers. In most cases it's mummy actually taking them by hand to the slaughter house. 
      And even if some mothers are stupid or naive enough to think their kids are safe left alone with a man, I wonder why they never see the telltale signs of abuse in their daughters, those signs are always 
      Worse yet, some daughters actually speak up! But these "strange" mothers will beat them and ask them to shut up, tell them that they're imagining things or trying to make trouble. And so these daughters continue to suffer in silence and most of them end of being damaged individuals. 

My friend *Bibian is a prime example. Raped by her father's brother at the age of 4. She reported to her Mum and mum beat her silly. This rape continued until she turned 8, and on a few occasions uncle would bring a couple of friends to join in the fun. When we were 17 Bibian used to tell me that she's satan's child. She literally used to pray to satan. She said if she was God's child he wouldn't have allowed those things happen to her. In our late teens she started doing hard drugs and sleeping around. In our early 20s she was still bedwetting as a result of the trauma. I'm glad she's gotten help and is now in a good place. 

Thanks so much Genevieve E for this piece. 


  1. Wow! What a wonderful, well-told story.

    I like the part where she said she will kill Uncle. He deserves it. I would do it should I be in her shoes. And I'll do it in the most painful way ever.

    And as for my mum, when she gets very old, I'll put her away in a Nigerian home so she will know how it feels like to be neglected by the one who is supposed to give you all the time in the world. Some mothers are outright stupid. So she doesn't have toys to play with or a room of her own, she had to hand her over to a God-sent devil.

    I hate molestation....of any sort. And though I'm very Christain, I'll make Karma happen...and I will make it happen cold and quick.

    1. I sense some serial killer tendencies


    2. Hehehehe 😊
      I'm a good person o

    3. she can only get angry with the pen o.

    4. Kene ooooo
      you want to cast me here ba😈

  2. Soon as I noticed it had to do with child molestation, I couldn't read any further. Can't deal.

    My heart goes out to all victims. I can only imagine a fraction of what you went's horrible. May The LORD's Peace be with you. Amen.

    1. Same here, cant deal. I dont wanna spoil my mood n have a bad day, so i just couldnt read any further...

    2. Me too... After first two paragraphs, Abeg Abeg Abeg I've heard too much.

      Anyways lovely write up, my reservations are that you were sometimes being 'supreme judge' as to what kind of emotions little girl was feeling at a given point in time. You don't have to paint the scenario 'bad' or put her in a position to 'hate'. I would have suggested leaving all that to the imaginations of the readers. Be holistic with the write up and leave the emotions to us.
      We know what's up.
      Let me give you some few examples.

      'she's JUST five years old', no need for the 'just'.

      'she doesn’t like it when he calls her his wife either'. At that age, her innocence is really in her not even knowing what she likes it hate.

      'She thinks he is thinking of something bad'
      Knowing what's bad or good.

      Most times, their innocence being trampled on is why these cases are Severe. I think we should stick to that.

    3. Hard to read, good God.
      A girl.

  3. **Maybe, mommy will call me back. Maybe mommy will tell uncle to bring me back, maybe***see goose pimples all over me. My body is visibly shivering as I type this. What?. I wanted to stop reading but could not. How I wish this is fiction. He leads her by the hand like the proverbial ram to the slaughter. OMG

  4. Great article!

    Hope it brings some form of awareness to mothers and caretakers of younger ones on the need to be wary of possible sexual molestation of those in their care.

  5. When I read stories like this,I cringe and look at my daughter just to imagine what the little ones go through..I have vowed not to let my girl out of my sight as she grows up,God help me.With the rate this bastards are on the prowl,nobody is to be trusted..TNHW

  6. Thanks for this beautifully written story. This touched me in ways you can't imagine. Each time I see a headline about child molestation, my heart breaks.

    Parental negligence is bad enough, beating the child for speaking out is just insane and such a parent should be locked up and sent to jail. Why would a 4 year old make up that kind of thing... Just why?!!!! I'm happy she found help. This brought tears to my eyes.

    My heart goes out to all the children going through this very horrible experience... I ask that the Lord in his infinite mercies would deliver them and send help their way. This really breaks my heart... And I still ask God why he'll let such a thing happen to children..

    If any one knows any center where they help kids or women who have been abused Or are being abused... Kindly send a mail to Thelma. Thank you.

  7. Na, didnt read to the end. Female child molestation stories hurt - real or fiction...

  8. old evil that dwells as @ now....paedophilia!,...mothers' negligence!!.....can't even begin to imagine!!!...GOD HELP

  9. May the Almighty Lord protect our daughters

  10. old evil that dwells as @ now......paedophilia!....mothers' negligence!!...... can't even begin to imagine.... GOD HELP

  11. Ur literary device is superb shaa

  12. A well articulated but pessimistic write up. Your literary finesse is unprecedented

  13. Child molestation is more common than we care to admit. It s so sad

  14. OMG! Finished ds wt tears welled up in ma eyes cos I cud feel ds child's pain, even more painful is her mother's 'innocent' negligence.
    Ds is one aspect of child upbringing dat makes me shiver each time I think of it,I've a lot of questions abt, especially to mothers.

    Just aw do u protect ur baby(ies) from all ds 'uncles', uncles, neighbors, etc?
    Just aw do u watch out to know wen ur baby is being molested,wat am I even saying, aw do u prevent d occurrence, not seeking for solutions wen it's happened already? Wen u're @work & dey're @home or elsewhere..wat precautionary measures do u put in place to prevent ds, apart from praying &early sex education???
    Ds is becoming so common, alot of people are victims, alot of mothers still ignorant.
    I so cover & protect my future babies in Jesus'name from ds devil incarnates.
    Pls anyone wt answers... Help pls

    1. There are always signs one of which could be too much or unusual closeness of the child to the culprit or the child running away from him/her. The child may become moody. Also, there would be physical manifestations if the parents pay close attention.

      The roles of awareness creation through sex education cannot be over-emphasized. There is a need to warn children ahead and spell out the do's and don't's. Tell them where no one should touch on their body. Be close to them; pay close attention and watch out for any tell tale signs e.g. mood change, fear (of a or in the presence of a particular person), injuries/open wounds etc. Create time for them, sit, dine, gist with them. Make them feel as comfortable with you as can be. Share the stories of sexual assault victims even if they are too young to understand. Encourage them to always tell you 'things'.


      May God protect our children from demons but we as parents must play our part.


  15. Tnx a great deal!
    Creating dar friendly relationship wt dem so dey can comfortably tell u tins,dar got me. Tnx ma'am.

  16. Thanks everyone for the feed back. I am aware that this is a troubling piece, but it happens everywhere. I hope this helps somebody somewhere. By the way, it is fiction, so...


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