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#FranklySpeaking: The Audacity Of Eye Service.

So it was friday night in Kigali and my best friend Jekwu was taking me out after several business meetings. Jekwu is one of those guys who can actually walk and chew gum. After remotely picking up my team and I from the airport and setting up meetings with the Rwanda Development Board and several business groups , it wasn't until evening when we met and decided to unwind. 

So, my guy is driving this SUV, a big man car on a pot hole free well asphalted road and he is almost annoyingly crawling with no vehicle in front of him. What is going on ? Is this guy trying to reduce my PPB time or what? 

So I asked him, Bros, does this car not move faster than this ? He burst out laughing and told me Rwanda has speed limit. But I can't see any check point on the road I insisted, then he explained that the police are often on the sides of the road with speed lasers and they'd measure your speed even before you get to them. Haba! Speed laser? In Rwanda kwa. Even though I've noticed kigali was a very organized city, extremely clean with a capital C, called the safest city in Africa , but these are stories for another day. So I asked Jekwu what happens if they stop you and you find them something . "Haba, Bros, they go show you for national TV oo" was his reply . 

This event brought to my mind the news about fighting corruption quietly. It's obvious that GEJ fought corruption systematically .The IPPS and the e-wallet system removed ghost workers from MDAs and rent seekers from the fertilizer supply chain. But I still think he made a mistake by fighting corruption quitely. 

Love him or hate him, PMB is getting international recognition as a fighter against corruption. Irrespective of the impunity of disobeying court orders, he is gradually building on that reputation. Imagine the arch-bishop of Canterbury defending him in a private discussion and the AU nominating him to lead the fight against corruption in Africa. The man has actually built a brand no matter what we think . 

Last year I asked a friend who works with ICPC what they've been doing. He argued they've been fighting corruption 'quietly'. I told him that corruption doesn't need to be fought alone, but must also be seen to be fought. He said that was eye service. I said it's not eye service but a deterrence strategy. Deterrence is the easiest strategy in crime fighting . 

With this small eye service done on judges, I can bet you that if you approach any judge with bribe this period, he'd either run four-forty or set up a camera to record you if you tell him Oga is angry. 

But all this will wear out if those judges are not arraigned in court and prosecuted. If that is not done ASAP, we might return to status quo. 

Today news reports that the director of ICPC has been sent on compulsory leave. I wasn't surprised because they've been fighting corruption quietly.

I wish the President finds a passionate Nigerian that can fight corruption in the civil service, MDAs and make so much noise about it. 

We want to see sting operations on Police officers who take bribe along the road and in their offices . 

How can your major law enforcement agency be collecting bribe openly and brazenly yet you want to fight corruption? At least NTA news should show police officers who were caught taking bribe on the road. 

We want to see senior customs officers and senior civil servants busted in the night and shown on national TV. We want the search light on FIRS where I learnt they have suspended auditing . We want see a new bill calling for the independence of the efcc and ICPC . We want to see more eye service . This is what deters corruption in the first instance so that even if you and I want to discuss corruption, we'd discuss it in hush tunes in the dark of the night. 

Corruption might begin by fighting your opposition members ,but a king might come who knows no Joseph and the tables will turn. So I think everyone should shape up and gird their loins.


#FranklySpeaking is a friend of the blog who occasionally contributes to the blog under the pseudonym, #FranklySpeaking. 



  1. I like this guy frankly speaking but thelma is there something two of you want to tell us? Its like you two travelled together?

    1. Investigative journalist association of Nigeria, ngwanu clap for yourself as okonkwo quest that you is now. πŸ‘ πŸ‘
      A Girl

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ okonkwo quest right??? Hahaha

    3. I so laughed at the okonkwo

    4. Hmmmmmmmmmm, frankly speaking, Thelma thinks. Is anything loading in Kigali ? T, I see you oo. Brilliant article though. I don't know why this is the first comment , hope it doesn't take away the message and focus on other things .

    5. @anon 4:26... they've mentioned he's a friend of the blog, meaning he's equally ur friend!
      what else do u wanna know...

    6. Lmao! Omo no be small thing...
      The thunder!!!! *flings wig*

  2. Eye service works ooo. Cant deny.

    Even in the office. Its the people that do eye service that get promotion. Me Im there forming gangster and facing my work. Promotion and recognition no go come. Eye service is the way mehn!

    Doesnt look like GEJ did anything on corruption because he was doing it silently. Forming that he is working. PMB and EFCC are making noise with it and getting small recognition.

    I just need them to back it up with action. Lock somebody up!!!!


    1. "Even in the office. Its the people that do eye service that get promotion. Me Im there forming gangster and facing my work. Promotion and recognition no go come. Eye service is the way mehn!"

      I concur....


  3. if you've worked in any organization you will understand the importance of eye service. Eye service and zero action will get you farther that silent work and action. Yes work but do it visibly for people to know and see. Frankly speaking Pls answer the first Anon.

  4. "How can your major law enforcement agency be collecting bribe openly and brazenly yet you want to fight corruption?". Exactly. Buhari is a sham. Corruption fighter yet he pretends not to notice that his police force are the dirtiest, most corrupt people in the world. Corruption my feet.

    1. I do agree with you, these days all you hear is how someone died because the police was chasing them for a certain amount of money(bribe),eye service actually does work but for me, I don't SEE PMB fighting corruption.

    2. I share a different perspectives on some issues you've raised. I'd elaborate below:

      1) I doubt Jonathan fought corruption: The prominent examples of Stella Oduah and the bulletproof vehicles, Diezani Maduekwe and the mismanagement in NNPC were prime examples of his weak will in fighting corruption. Yes, he did make some largely unknown improvements with removing ghost workers, but I doubt fighting corruption was the motivation for this step.

      2) I strongly believe Buhari is doing nothing new with respect to the fight against corruption. President Buhari is largely taking steps his predecessors have taken...the arrests, the media trial, the prolonged court cases and then....nothing.

      One key concept with corruption - perhaps, Nigeria's biggest challenge - is creating sustainable systems that encourage a sense of honesty and ensuring that public officers understand the ill-effects of misappropriating public funds. Buhari has taken all the wrong steps in trying to solve the persistent corruption issue and worse still, hasn't reflected the true sense of integrity many Nigerians held him up to. Also, his cabinet reeks of corruption. The problem with using inappropriate methods (gestapo raid of judges, locking up Dasuki despite court's judgement to the contrary, etc) is that whatever perceived success one attains would be short-lived. His efforts as head of state with KAI and other noticeable positive improvements in the Nigerian society were short-lived, and in the larger scheme of things do not make a meaningful contribution to the development of Nigeria. He is making this same mistake.

      When it comes to the nitty-gritty, law enforcement agencies are made up of men and women, men and women just like you and me. Men and women that probably earn less than N 50,000/month and on some months aren't paid. Men and Women that can't serve effectively when their sometimes unavailable salaries can't meet their basic needs and would look for ways - sometimes, bribery - to meet these needs. Fighting corruption by squarely fighting these guys as one's first move is an ineffective move especially when we have those politicians/public officers, yes those ones that can afford to have a decent life with their legitimate earnings yet siphon public monies.

      I strongly feel that media outlets praising President Buhari's war against corruption are majorly sourcing their news from the expectations of Nigeria and not the reality of what his war truly is...possibly nothing more than a witch-hunt.

    3. Are you for real?? Buhari's police force?? Are we doomed?
      Dude or babe, please get up and join in; your video recording of a police man/woman collecting bribe will go a long way in the fight. Why is everybody waiting on Buhari for what we have control over?? What are the citizens responsibilities in Nigeria? Yet, all the blogs are quick to report and show videos of people fighting on the street!

      What people call eye service is really not eye service, my first key job task is to make sure my boss does not suffer any embarrassment, I need to make him look good as much as possible. About the same thing we do for our women so we can benefit from their happiness; I spend more than 50% of my time on the job, I better have peace at work.
      People should change their mindset about this.

    4. I really don't understand what chrisyinks is trying to say.

      "...the arrests, the media trial, the prolonged court cases and then....nothing...".

      Please what is the meaning of "media trial"? That word just managed to creep up into our system since we decided not to be "silent" in corruption fight but I would love a detailed explanation on that phrase. While at that, please tell us who's largely responsible for the prolonged court cases because last I checked, Buhari (or any past leader) isn't responsible, as a prosecutor, for deciding court adjournment...or am I missing something?

      "...Nigeria's biggest challenge - is creating sustainable systems that encourage a sense of honesty and ensuring that public officers understand the ill-effects of misappropriating public funds...".

      And I'm here wondering why the NOA was formed and why they get mantra from all administrations to sensitize the public on the benefits of having a "sense of honesty".

      "...I strongly feel that media outlets praising President Buhari's war against corruption are majorly sourcing their news from the expectations of Nigeria and not the reality of what his war truly is...possibly nothing more than a witch-hunt...".

      Is the expectation of Nigerians a "witch hunt"? And when you say "witch-hunt", are you implying that the president's party members aren't also investigated and prosecuted? Majority of the cases in court today, which you've tagged as "witch-hunt", has to do with the misappropriation of arms funds. In case you've forgotten, some of the culprits have gone for plea bargain and some have even returned millions. Metuh seeks N400 million to refund and Obanikoro, who also echoed the witch-hunt sentiment a few months ago, has been singing like a degenerate canary much to the chagrin of Fayose, his alleged accomplice.

      If this is what you've tagged "media trial" and "witch-hunt" and in the same vein, forgotten the mandate of NOA, then I'm really surprised at your observations.

    5. Memphis , the anti corruption war is purely witch hunting the presidents opponents while people like. Amaechi and Co are covered. A petition has been sent severally from my state concerning Amaechi and the Efcc has simply looked away. The writer might be right that people in the judiciary might become afraid of bribe for now, but very soon it will end and we will return to business as usual .

      Ihunwo Chris

    6. @ Memphis

      According to Wikipedia, 'Trial by media is a phrase popular in the late 20th century and early 21st century to describe the impact of television and newspaper coverage on a person's reputation by creating a widespread perception of guilt or innocence before, or after, a verdict in a court of law.' Although, media trial in itself isn't a bad thing, much of Buhari's war against corruption has been that and nothing more. We may argue that the judiciary is an independent and equally-ranked arm of government but in reality, Nigeria's democracy in practice has the executive at the helm of affairs - above both the legislative and judiciary arms. There hasn't been a visionary reform to ensure that our judiciary is more effective in meeting its responsibilities. The code of conduct trial has been nothing more than a sham. The gestapo raids on allegedly guilty judges is an inappropriate use of power to achieve a noble end.

      Per creating sustainable systems in solving and preventing corruption, it isn't something left to an agency to do...It is something that has to be reinforced from the top itself...Buhari's utterances, his actions, his appointments, his policies etc.

      In my last paragraph, I meant that Buhari's war against corruption appears to me as no more than a witch-hunt...exactly what previous presidents have done and these actions haven't solved the corruption challenge in Nigeria. Yeah, the famous arms though that is the only corruption instance in Nigeria. Besides, with all the return of these funds, one can see that there is no deterrent to corruption. I steal, I return back only when I get caught, no jail sentences or fines....what's to stop me from stealing when I can't make a 'loss'.

    7. OGA Chrisyinks, I remember vividly mid last year when Buhari wasn't doing much arrest, you were quite disappointed that much has been done as regards what you're terming as 'media trials' now. Did I miss something then or now, about your perception of what you really want as a Nigerian?

    8. Ihunwo Chris, the ONLY petition I've seen on Amaechi is the one from a group called "The Integrity Group" and it has been established that they aren't registered with the CAC, hence their petition isn't valid under the law. Wike on the other hand has indicted Amaechi in his famous "white paper" yet he hasn't gone to petition EFCC nor filed a suit in court, even after being challenged by Amaechi. So give us an adequate example.

      Christinks I'm still surprised though, you defined "media trial" and said:

      "...Although, media trial in itself isn't a bad thing, much of Buhari's war against corruption has been that and nothing more...".

      It isn't bad, yet for someone who's performing his executive action against allegedly corrupt individuals, you're complaining. And to further create more confusion you said:

      "...There hasn't been a visionary reform to ensure that our judiciary is more effective in meeting its responsibilities...".

      This is after giving the impression that our democracy is designed in such a way that the executive overrules other arms of government, thereby making them culpable for the poor performance of the Judiciary and the Legislative arm? And also, apart from the impression that the executive is to be blamed for the the excesses of the other arms of government you further say the NOA isn't enough to sensitize citizens but from the actions of the president?

      "...Buhari's utterances, his actions, his appointments, his policies etc...".

      Remind me of what impression the Poster said Buhari has created in the international community?

      All I've seen from you and Mr. Ihunwo is the usual Nigerian complaints. Before you conclude that I'm defending PMB (because that always seems to be the impression here), let me remind you that GEJ (like PMB) also had judicial and electoral reforms in his era, as well as some other agencies reforms. The legislative, for the past 15 months, have submitted bills for agency reforms. Buhari has initiated Judiciary, Customs, and Electoral reforms. So if all you do here is not notice the efforts of the Executive in reforms and prosecution of corrupt individuals but give the impression that they *control* other arms and aren't sure whether "media trial" is bad or good for our democracy, yet fail to even give examples on how the Executive can tow a different path from the norm, then I think you're just wasting time. If you criticize, do so and proffer solutions. Don't neglect the efforts made by the Executive for the past 17 years of our democracy.

    9. Memphis, so the security agencies have no right to investigate an allegation since the whistle blowers are not registered with CAC. Terrible country . With mindsets like this , the country has no future .

    10. Dear Anon, even the security agencies CANNOT sue the group to court if they're involved in certain excesses because they're not registered. It works both ways. They can only arrest and prosecute individuals from that group, or ban the group from operations, but neither the group nor the security agencies can sue each other.

      If a group decides to petition, they should register with the CAC. Ain't no rocket science...

    11. @ Uyi and Memphis

      Let's agree to disagree...It's clear we have differing views about governance in Nigeria.

    12. SMH at Memphis.

      It's amazing how you're quick to condemn people that have been "accused" of corruption even without concrete evidence and when petitions are written against people like Amaechi, you begin to say things like no proof, the people writing the pettition are not registered. And of course, that is enough reason to not look into the accusations. As if Amaechi will not sing too if he was In Koro's shoes. Smh....
      Let's keep deceiving ourselves that it is not a witchhunt and Buhari's one sided corruption war is what would curb or put a stop to corruption in Nigeria. Rada rada. If you've not realized that this government is one of the many scams that we Nigerians have successfully fallen for... all the best to you.... *Back to work*

  5. I totally agree. Corruption must be seen to be fought so that people will be afraid of the consequences. Jonathan looked like he was pampering it so much. People are actually afraid now even though I still don't think PMB is the best choice since his economic policies are rubbish .

  6. I am unsure Nigerians are ready for a corruption-free Police Force. They collect bribes openly and brazenly because a lot of Nigerians are lawless - driving without license/with a fake license, without vehicles papers; driving wrongfully on a one-way lane, always looking for short-cuts etc.

    When we as citizens are ready to be lawful, Police corruption may not be erased but it would be drastically reduced.


    1. F, your excuse is actually warped . The police is created for those who are lawless and not for the lawfull. How can you say the police collect bribe because citizens are lawless?

    2. "When we as citizens are ready to be lawful, Police corruption may not be erased but it would be drastically reduced."

      This is the summary of everything...

    3. I echo anon's view... Totally true. What is the police for... The lawful?

    4. You'd still don't get it. The police has the duty to make us lawful . No society decides to get lawful on its own. They are often whipped into line by law and order. The reason why we are lawless is simply because you can bribe the police after breaking the law and walk away. We must sanitize the police to sanitize the society . No society decides on its own to obey laws. People obey laws just because there are consequence


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