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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Gender Equality? Yes. An Alpha Male? Lord, Yes!

The bile was right there in my throat when I read that Kendu Blige (yes since he wants Mary J Blige to pay him 6 figures in divorce settlements then he must answer her surname) is asking his soon to be ex wife Mary J Blige for six figures in divorce settlement because he has GROWN ACCUSTOMED to the life of luxury in which he lived when they were married, especially as she was the sole breadwinner during their 12 year marriage. 

Even before I heard anyone's reaction I already knew that many men and anti-feminists will scream Yes it's good, Gender Equality, abi? And stick their tongues out saying Where are all you Chimamanda followers?


Truth be told this is gender equality. 

Greater truth be told only a weak ass man would ask a woman for that amount of money, in a divorce settlement. Especially one who couldn't come up with a better reason than "I'm now used to the good life and it's your fault", and yeah "You shouldn't have been the breadwinner for that long, you've made me useless".😒😰😡

So yes, while I strongly advocate gender equality, I pray for a man who's too much of a man to shamelessly dabble in such shenanigans. One who's too much of an alpha male to allow me to shoulder the financial burdens of the home alone, no matter how wealthy or successful I am. A man who's naturally averse of  all forms of pettiness. 

I pray for a MAN. 

I also pray that you dissipate the anger in my spirit I feel towards this Kendu individual and persons like him.

And on that day I bid you all a splendid day!

Ok... Rant over. What are your thoughts on the Kendu-Mary situation? Do you think she should be made to pay him alimony, and why?



  1. Is his name really Kendu-Mary? No wonder he's acting like a
    Yes,hes entitled to divorce settlement but the reason for the settlement figures is just cheap (and I wld say the same thing too if a woman uses the same divorce lines).

    As Kanye wld say,"if you ain't no punk, holla we want prenup (we want prenup...yeah!)

  2. My own is that he signed a prenup and he still wants alimony reason being that he signed the prenup in the absence of a lawyer. Presence of a lawyer is not a prerequisite to a valid contract. If that prenup was not signed then he is entitled to his alimony, my only vex would have been be why Mary J Blige entered into the without thinking of a prenup. I felt the same way when I heard Johnny Depp did not have a prenup. If you let "love" overcome common sense then you deserve whatever you get. J

  3. what a life we now live in.
    l read something last week and l felt for the men of this generation.
    mama has a daughter and son. both attend the same school. the girl takes first in class while the boy takes any other position from 10 downward. They stay in the same house. The girl enters kitchen to help mum. cleans the room for parents after school. the boy watch TV or play games. They entered university the same month. girl goes to learn skill after classes. The boy stays in his hostel chatting or playing games with phone. Both graduate same day. No job. girl opens shop. starts practicing the extra skill she learn while in school . hmmmm the thing too long abeg
    check most marriages in Nigeria today. 60% women are breadwinners. either in their marriage or fathers house. God dey heaven sha

    If its the woman that is proposing the divorce, let her pay the man and move on with her life. Watch how that money she gave him will finish without a short while cos he does not know how to struggle and turn wealth around.

    1. "If its the woman that is proposing the divorce, let her pay the man and move on with her life. Watch how that money she gave him will finish without a short while cos he does not know how to struggle and turn wealth around."

      What more can I say?


    2. 60% of women are bread winners?? Where did this information come from? How did you get it? I think its false. Not that it matters. I just dont like it when false numbers are thrown around to make a point. Somebody can pick this information and carry it around like its fact.


  4. Gender equality period.
    😂 😂 😂 😂
    A Girl

  5. What is the rant about? This is happening in America and it's ok.
    Legit scamming is allowed in the US.

  6. Why did she settle for a broke ass . When you are a celeb and female you dont find cheap love. Cos it will be hard to tell how genuine it is.

    It is always a recipe for disaster. From witney n Bobbi, to the many holly wood break ups.

    Anyway while i am megally pissed st the kenduski guy. Who is also a cheating ass.
    She should hv known better n gotten s tight ass lawyer.

    How does she respect a man who sits on his sorry n broke arse for 12 good year s.

  7. He wasn't sitting on his ass all those years, he was her manager. But yeah,thats some weak ass move asking for that amount of money.


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